12Play | An Betting World That Blows Your Mind

12Play | An Betting World That Blows Your Mind

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In modern life, instead of traditional betting, many people prefer online betting. Because you only need a mobile device or computer connected to the Internet to participate in betting.

However, one of the important things when betting online is that you have to choose a really reputable bookie to bring high efficiency.

12Play is highly appreciated because it offers many betting products with attractive odds. Not only that, this casino always supports and gives players the best possible service.

12Play Overview

Since the invention of the Internet, many industries and organizations have faced major impacts. However, it is the gambling industry that has changed the most. Gambling has become a billion-dollar industry for people gambling just to enjoy it and earn a few dollars.

This change has occurred due to the advent of online gambling. Online gambling has skyrocketed recently due to a number of features that make it an extremely attractive platform for players.

Firstly, online gambling provides players with an experience where they can play their favorite games anytime and anywhere. They can play from the comfort of their home in complete comfort with players from other places.

Another attractive feature attracting online gamblers is having all the games in one place where players can choose from an infinite variety of games, which is impossible in live casinos.

Online casinos provide players with attractive promotions that help them get bonuses and a few other such benefits, too good to pass up. However, there is also a very high risk of being scammed with online gambling.

It is very important to find a reliable online gambling site that serves its players with top gaming features and benefits without trying to scam them.

One of the places where players can gamble and play online casino games without fear of being scammed is this Singapore online casino.

We will tell you why 12Play is one of the best online casinos where players should feel comfortable spending their time and energy.

12Play Reviews
12Play Interface

About 12Play

For the past nine years, 12Play Singapore has been the best online betting site in Singapore and thus attracts a large following of players. They have proven to be the most trusted gambling company providing its customers with a high-quality gaming platform.

12Play already has the most diversified game betting platform on the market. It also provides players with reliable, fun, and real-time guaranteed service.

This brand is a user-friendly gaming network. At the same time, the multitude of games on this platform delight customers. What attracts them most is the network security of 12Play. It promises players to be provided with the safest and fairest games as well as a variety of services.

Some of the basic advantages that players can experience when using their app are that it doesn’t take much time, the game is extremely easy to download, the functionality is complete, and the screen is beautiful.

12Play offers its customers a wide range of sports games. It also offers a full range of virtual games, poker games, and slots. 12Play Casino contains around 250 games to choose from, of which the three most popular are roulette, video poker, and casino slots.

You can get more chances to win special points by playing slot games and video slots which can also be found on other websites. This gives you more chances to win.

The game of roulette creates a fun and circus atmosphere for the players, and here betting starts from as low as 10 coins per spin. Players can experience the live poker table they get at the casino while playing video poker.

What is 12Play
12Play trusted online casino in Singapore

License of 12Play

Since 2017, the Swedish online casino has been well-known in both European and Asian markets. Curacao E-Gaming oversees the operation of the site.

This is a government-run institution that issues international standard business licenses to internet casinos.

As a result, when playing at the 12Play home, gamers may rest assured. With over 40 prominent online Casino & Slot game providers such as Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, SA Gaming, NetEnt, etc.

12Play has progressively become a respected betting location in many parts of the world after 5 years of operation.

Some significant advantages of the 12Play

There are a lot of outstanding characteristics regarding this Online Casino that you should be aware of before opting to join in betting:

  • A reputed bookmaker with over 5 years of operation and experience in the industry (Established in 2017)
  • Vibrant professional, and user-friendly web interface 
  • Provides a wide range of betting options as well as distinctive high winning odds.
  • Having a full formal operating license from the Curacao government, as well as a range of deposit options and quick withdrawals (deposit 3-5 minutes, withdraw money 15-30 minutes)
  • frequently available promotions, as well as substantial and appealing rewards
  • A professional customer service staff which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

(1) 12Play is a legal entity

  • 12PLAY is a Registered Trade Mark, brand and registered business 12, Church St, St Julian’s STJ 3041, Malta. Regulated & Licensed by the Government of Curacao and operates under the Master License of Gaming Services Provider. After 5 years of operation, 12Play was officially launched in neighboring markets in 2017 and quickly established itself as one of Asia’s leading casinos.

(2) Excellent promotion

  • It is unusual for a casino to offer such fantastic promotions to players as 12Play does. The casino online 12Play-group’s most generous promotional package offers a discount on the first deposit of up to 150 percent.
  • Not only that, but 12Play offers a weekly return of 0.3 percent. Furthermore, lottery games have appealing cashback promotions. Not only that, but after using the system for a certain amount of time, you will be upgraded to a VIP member with various levels and many great promotions.
Promotion 12Play
Promotions for newbie and loyal player

(3) Betting products of exceptional quality

To bring players the best quality products with leading betting technology, the house 12Play collaborates with many leading technology units such as Cube Limited, Microgaming, GD, AG, and Playtech.

12Play guarantees the number of betting games on many game segments, including online betting, casino card games, virtual sports games, and lottery games.

Lottery 12Play
Lottery for Singapore market


(1) Online slots

One of the most popular games on the 12Play website is the slot machine. There is a large variety of slot machine games available on the site. The popularity of this game becomes more and more obvious the more players visit a specific section of the site.

While it may seem that these slot games are similar to any other slot game available on any other website, they adds depth and uniqueness to the game as each player serves and/or payline bettors, their own unique charts, and bonus screens.

Players can easily choose from a wide range of slot games and play whatever interests them.

Slot Games
Slot Games Online

(2) Live Casino

Live casino is one of the coolest features of 12Play. Players can play against an actual dealer. This particular casino game has two options the user can choose from. The user can choose to play with artificial intelligence or choose to play against other live players in real-time.

This feature allows you to choose and play your favorite blackjack, baccarat, and other games using the computer or other players in your life as you with ultimate comfort.

Live Casino Online
Live Casino from many products

This makes the user experience even more enjoyable, and users can play the toy-like they are playing in a live casino with live players in the comfort of their own home. This really makes 12Play a very unique and special place for players to enjoy and invest time in.

They have been created with the Asian community in mind around the world as a Singaporean website, and it serves the Asian market very well. This clearly shows that whoever created the website has really done something unique and creative, like the unique culture of Asia.

This site has a huge selection of bookies and options that players can choose from. Users will be surprised to find many different versions of their favorite games, and they can choose and play whatever they want, depending on their mood and atmosphere.

However, this does not mean that your favorite game will have different graphics. In addition to different charts and themes, players will be pleasantly surprised to find that their favorite games have different regional variations.

This really makes the user’s favorite games more fun to play as its different variations make the game interesting and break the monotonous chain of the same game and size.

At 12Play, this is the largest and busiest Asian casino, with rooms like these:

  • 11 Baccarat rooms
  • 1 Sic Bo room
  • 2 Live Roulette rooms
  • 3 Dragon Tiger rooms
  • 1 Fantan online room
  • Casino Manila

This is a casino immediately from Manila (Myanmar), which is home to some of the world’s most famous casinos. The following are some of the attractions of the Manila Casino:

  • 12 live Baccarat rooms
  • 1 online Roulette room.
  • Casino Shanghai

It’s tough to overlook Casino Shanghai’s stunning female dealers. In addition, this location concentrates on a number of appealing game rooms, including:

  • 14 Baccarat rooms.
  • 1 Dragon Tiger room
  • 1 Roulette room
  • Casino JeJu

This is a casino that brings together some of Europe’s most beautiful dealers. Various game rooms with appealing odds. You can take part in the following activities:

  • 17 Live Baccarat rooms 
  • 6 Roulette rooms.
  • 5 Sic Bo rooms

(3) Sports betting

Sports betting is the most popular game at the prestigious bookie 12Play. There are 3 traditional sports halls, at this bookie, including CMD368, IGKBET, and M8BET.

At these halls, thousands of sports tournaments take place every month, from big and small soccer tournaments around the planet, such as basketball, volleyball, baseball, boxing, tennis, golf tournaments, etc.

Sports betting
Sports betting is the most popular game

Players can freely choose from a variety of bets, including Asian bets, European bets, Over Under, Handicap, Full Match, Half, Final, Penalty Cards, etc.

Odds at 12Play is rated as quite high compared to the market. The odds are updated quickly – soon, making it easy for those who love this subject to easily research and make betting decisions with the right odds.

Sports Betting 12Play
Sports betting for players

Through the website, you will easily know all the details about the matches that are taking place. You can choose the betting score to ensure the best win.

Everyday football analysis & predictions 

Football bettors will find it tough to overlook 12Play’s excellent football analysis and betting articles. Players will be directed, with suggestions on which team to pick, how to forecast the match result, and how to place a sensible wager.

You may put your faith in these assertions because they are up to 99 percent accurate.

Furthermore, the bookmaker constantly compiles domestic and international sports news, football match schedules, transfer markets, and other information so that players may grasp it as fast as possible.

Prediction for the English Premier League

The English Premier League’s current football odds are examined. At each match, update the schedule and lineup. In addition, gamers may keep track of their recent fitness and performance.

Prediction for the Bundesliga

The German national football championship has the world’s largest average audience. Before each match, participants can use the odds table provided by the online casino to assist them to forecast the outcome.

Prediction for the La Liga 

Each team’s performance in Spain’s most important competition is discussed. The Online Casino will outline a wise betting strategy for players, including how to accurately pick the winning side.

Prediction for the France championship 

The Online casino will offer to provide players with the best perspective of Ligue 1 matches, combining information from many sources with expert selection guidance.

(4) eSports betting

The Esport betting area includes virtual sports games that are quite popular and familiar to all of you, like LOL, Dota, CS: GO, etc.

Esports Betting
The esports betting is provided by TF Gaming and CMD368

However, players do not directly participate in the match but will predict the outcome of the ongoing matches. High odds and diverse forms help you quickly collect the expected amount.

The esports betting is provided by TF Gaming and CMD368. You can bet easily on your favorite team at the big matches at this 12Play online casino.

(5) Fishing game (ARCARE)

Playing shooting fish games at 12Play for entertainment is always chosen by many people. Because this game is both easy to play and feels relaxing. Not only that, when playing at 12Play, you also get to eat a lot of real money for yourself.

As one of the reputable bookmakers in the gaming industry in Singapore, 12Play gives you the best gaming experience and comes with a lot of benefits. And the first benefit is the ability to win huge amounts of money from this real money shooting fish game.

Fishing game
Fishing game Singapore

(6) Jackpot & Slot machine

With 1200 games, 12Play’s Slots and Jackpots is now the most diversified of the bookmakers. Many games have a free trial option to allow you to familiarize yourself with the game before wagering real money on it.

Slot game 12Play
Slot games

Money Mouse

This is a game with a very nice interface and beautifully shaped mice that give the player a sense of closeness.

With Money Mouse, players place a bet on one of the game’s eight symbols. If the player is fortunate enough to land on the high symbol box, he or she will be rewarded 10 or 20 times.

The Golden Pig

For new players making their first deposit, 12Play will immediately credit your account with up to $250. As a result, the amount of capital available to participate in this game and the opportunity to multiply the bonus increases.

Furthermore, if the player is fortunate enough to win three different types of jackpots, the amount of bonus received will be 1000 times greater than the bet amount. Alternatively, if a player is unlucky and wishes to leave the game, they can receive a cashback of up to 96 percent.

Garden of Blossoms

Blossom Garden is a game inspired by the cherry blossom garden that features bold traditional Chinese culture.

Blossom Garden is a game that players should try at least once because of the light and fun feelings it evokes.

Fire Strike 

Since its release in 2020, Fire Strike has been the most popular game among many people. Your task is to bet on the most fortunate position. The following is how the results will be computed:

– When 11 symbols appear, the player wins 150 times his or her bet.

– If there are exactly ten symbols, the bonus amount is 50 times the stake.

– With 9 symbols, you get a 25x multiplier.

– 8 symbols, 8 times the payout

– When seven symbols appear, the bonus amount is doubled.

– When 6 symbols are present, the game is tied.

Mega Reels: Wuxia Princess

Taking its plot from the Wuxia princesses, the game is extremely well-designed, with charming ancient landscapes and the appearance of ancient beauties that have drawn a large number of players.

According to predefined pay lines, basic or special symbols will appear from left to right.

Top 5 real money games can’t be missed at 12Play 

Board game 12Play
Real money games

(1) Baccarat

Blackjack is a fascinating game that is available at almost all online casinos today. It allows players to enjoy a sense of excitement and curiosity that only Blackjack can offer.

Anyone who has played Blackjack at 12Play will understand the allure of this game.

The simple reason is that Blackjack is straightforward to learn and play, and players have the opportunity to win more money. Additionally, players can play at home or anywhere there is an internet connection.

When playing Blackjack online, the only thing you need to do is get your total score as close to 21 as possible. The player with the closest total score to 21 wins. To play Blackjack, as with any other game, you must be decisive.

(2) Tiger dragon

At 12Play, the most straightforward online casino game is Dragon Tiger. The game’s rules are rather straightforward. Because each game lasts less than two minutes, this game is ideal for those with limited time but who still want to have fun and earn money.

(3) Roulette

At 12Play, roulette is a popular choice. This is the game with the most wagers accessible right now. Players at 12Play may be confident of accuracy and authenticity thanks to a vibrant and clear turntable.

Furthermore, the high payout rate among the best currently promises to provide you with a variety of surprising experiences.

It is impossible to mention Roulette without mentioning that it is one of the most popular online casino games among casino players.

Roulette is appealing due to its simple rules and high winning percentage. You can’t ignore Roulette when playing cards online at an online casino.

The unique feature is that you can play Roulette online from anywhere, as long as you have an internet-connected device, such as a phone or tablet.

In this online Roulette game, you can bet and win real money. The two most popular versions of roulette are European roulette in general and American roulette in particular. Roulette on the internet

Furthermore, 12Play offers a variety of appealing promotions such as lucky spins, preferential rewards, lottery draws, and other types of bets.

(4) Sicbo 

Sicbo’s table, like Roulette’s, is extremely diversified. It may appear difficult at first look, but at 12Play, the bets are neatly categorized and come with exact odds. 

Poker is a well-known game that is enjoyed by many people. Poker is a well-known game that first appeared in casinos and casinos in the 1970s. Poker is a type of gambling that is the most popular in the world.

The world is for those who enjoy games that require skill, have a low house edge, and have a high probability of winning.

Because poker has simple rules, it is suitable for those who are new to online casinos. You simply place 1 to 5 coins, the Dealer deals you 5 cards, you choose which cards to keep and which cards to discard, the system replaces your discarded cards and returns the corresponding coins. corresponds to the sum of your cards’ values.

(5) BlackJack

Blackjack is a fascinating game that is available at almost all online casinos today. It allows players to enjoy a sense of excitement and curiosity that only Blackjack can offer. Anyone who has played Blackjack at 12Play will understand the allure of this game.

The simple reason is that Blackjack is straightforward to learn and play, and players have the opportunity to win more money.

Additionally, players can play at home or anywhere there is an internet connection.

When playing Blackjack online, the only thing you need to do is get your total score as close to 21 as possible.

The player with the closest total score to 21 wins. To play Blackjack, as with any other game, you must be decisive.


12Play Online Casino’s website is functional, accessible, and user-friendly. It was invented to provide online casino and entertainment services in a fun way.

Browsing the entire site is easy. The layout of the website is specially designed for the lively people who frequent the casino.

No matter where you are, this Singapore online casino site will give you the feel of a real casino right on your screen. Each tab available on the website contains complete information. It’s a lightweight website that’s easy to use with phones, tabs, iPads, and other devices.

Security and privacy

Security is an extremely important factor in a player’s decision to join an online bookmaker. Players need to consent to the processing of their personal data by Online Casino to allow players to access our website. This is to allow players to participate in wagering through games offered by 12Play.

12Play will protect players’ personal information and respect customers’ privacy and security policies when playing at online casinos.

They will use customers’ personal data to help players participate in games offered by 12Play. Online casinos hold events to help players have the best experience possible.

Provide players with the best and most efficient betting services. Providers may require players to transfer their personal data from one country to another. Players need to consent to data transfers at the dealer’s request.

All calls, emails, chat conversations from players will be recorded. This is the evidence that online casinos will use in the event of property disputes between members.

Besides, all registered name and password information of members when they create an account in an online casino will never be disclosed to the public.

Members are responsible for the security of their betting account information playing.

Players need to keep their personal information bank account information confidential and not share it with any third party. This is a rule for players to protect themselves when participating in online betting with any bookmaker.

Each member needs to log in with their exact username and password for 12Play to consider them a legitimate account holder. All player transactions require the correct password to be considered valid.

The online casino is not responsible for the player’s unauthorized disclosure of personal information to any third party? Additionally, members will be penalized by 12Play when they use unauthorized information to log into someone else’s account.

Players who have lost their account, password or username need to contact 12Play’s customer service for immediate support.

Payment methods

With a change of special payment options, this can ease your life. You can choose bank transfer through EeziePay or Help2Pay when you want to deposit money into the casino e-wallet.

Don’t worry, with 12Play; the platform works perfectly with most of the major banks in Malaysia. As a result, deposits and withdrawals are always handled a lot easier. 

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

12Play online casino is a Singaporean platform, and the site is very Asian-focused, which means that the payment methods 12Play uses will be more favorable for people living in Singapore and other countries.

Some of the online payment services that players can use are Alipay transfers and online payments, which can make deposits and withdrawals easy. The site features a wide range of options that players can use to deposit and withdraw their earnings.

There is a good chance that players will find a way to settle their preferred trades. In addition, the site also took a long time if Singapore banks could help players deposit and withdraw money.

How to register, deposit, and withdraw money from 12Play?

Registration: Once you’ve learned everything you need to know, you’ll need to establish an account in order to wager at the 12Play.

Registering an account to play at the 12Play bookie is not difficult at all because you only need to fill in some required information in the Registration section, with each information that needs to be filled in clearly noted by the system. If you watch it, you will understand immediately.

And the fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory items you need to fill in completely similar to the information on your bank account.

You can see the picture below for more clarity when registering, and after successful registration, if you want to log back in, you just need to ask for your username and password and then fill in the Login section again.

  • Step 1: You go to the bookmaker’s website and click the “Register Now” button.
  • Step 2: According to the table that displays, fill in the information.
  • Step 3: To finish the account creation process, click “I agree to the terms and conditions,” then “Apply now.”
Register 12Play
3 Steps to register

Deposit: Players can deposit using a simple and quick deposit form provided by the live casino company.

  • When a player logs into their betting account, they should click the “Deposit” button.
  • In the deposit table, fill in the blanks.
  • Then, to finish, click “Confirm Deposit.”
Deposit 12Play
Quick deposit

Withdrawal: Because 12Play is a reputed bookmaker, withdrawing members’ earnings is simple and safe.

  • Players log in to their betting account and choose the “Withdraw” option.
  • Fill out the withdrawal table with your details.
  • Then, to finish, select “Withdraw.”

Bonuses and Promotions

As we mentioned before, 12Play has a lot of promotions that can benefit users. These promotions are updated daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the game and player type you choose. This really got the users excited.

This feature of id 12Play is especially beneficial for new players, as its promotions page offers exclusive offers, discounts and coupons that prevent new players from going broke and testing out before they are completely comfortable in the world of online casinos.

Proof of Play is a very user-friendly place, not only a safe place for casual users and players who are new to gambling and playing casino games, but this promotion also helps to make new players feel safe and reward them with Make sure they don’t lose a lot of money.

Also, these promotions are very easy to use because there is a separate promotions section. These promotions are also broken down and divided into categories, which makes it the perfect place for new players or those who don’t want to break the bank.

  • It is unusual for a casino to offer such fantastic promotions to players as 12Play does. The casino online 12Play-group’s most generous promotional package offers a discount on the first deposit of up to 150 percent.
  • Not only that, but 12Play offers a weekly return of 0.3 percent. Furthermore, casino games such as keno, poker, and lottery games all have appealing cashback promotions. Not only that, but after using the system for a certain amount of time, you will be upgraded to a VIP member with various levels and many great promotions.
Promotion 12Play
Promotions for newbie and loyal player

12Play: Easy-to-use interface 

The main blue backdrop of the website 12Play.mobi gives it a really fresh vibe, and the interface is current and easy to use. 12Play’s betting processes are simple to learn and become used to.

It’s also important to note that the interface is highly attentive to the harmonic blend of blue, pink, and white hues, generating a lightness and softness when players arrive.

Casino card games, sports betting, jackpot winning slots, and table card games are all vital information that you need to seek specifically.

Promotions from 12Play are prominently featured on the main menu bar and in the bottom right corner. It’s really handy and quick; with just one click or a swipe, you can get started right away without having to go through a series of complicated stages.

(1) Swift loading speed

12Play has a strong point when it comes to website loading speed. Members may simply visit the site with a poor network connection and yet enjoy uninterrupted betting thanks to a well-funded server system.

12Play betting application for mobile phones is also being developed by the online casino; simply download the app to your phone and you may join in entertainment and bet at 12Play anywhere, anytime which is highly convenient.

esports 12Play
Esports betting

(2) Odds that are favorable and diverse

12Play casino house is well-known for offering better odds than other bookmakers. The house 12Play hosts a variety of special events in which players from various fields can participate.

When it comes to football betting at 12Play, players have a variety of options.

(3) Computers and phones are easy to use and run smoothly.

12Play has perfected all platforms for use on computers and phones, such as websites, apps, and browsers such as Chrome, FireFox, and Safari…

You can use these platforms to access 12Play and place bets whenever and wherever you want. The access speed is quick, stable, and smooth. Simple operation and ease of use increase convenience and your chances of winning.

Arcade 12Play

(4) Excellent customer service

Customers who use the 12Play system receive advice from customer service staff on all system-related issues.

Players will be able to receive advice or support at any time thanks to a professional team that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Those who have become VIP members of the system will be given special treatment.

Contacting 12Play customer service is possible through a variety of channels, including online chat, a phone number, email, and so on.

Membership Program

In addition to all the great features listed above of 12Play, there is a special feature for the consistent and loyal users of online casinos. This VIP program is for players who place high bets on a regular basis.

While all the features on 12Play are pretty cool and convenient, the VIP program has served a little differently and is unique from the usual services. VIP players can get direct customer service benefits that regular players don’t have.

The support personnel at 12Play

The 12Play betting site is presently available in five languages that are compatible with five distinct countries: Singapore, Vietnamese, English, Japanese, Chinese, and Thai.

Members may get help from 12Play in a variety of methods 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Chat Now (online support).
  • Email address to contact: Support@12Play.com.
  • Social Network: 12Play 

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: Do I have to pay fees when depositing or withdrawing money?

12Play does not charge any fees associated with member deposits and withdrawals. However, banks will incur transaction fees based on different banking methods.

Q2: Can I use multiple accounts at this site?

According to the regulations of the World Gaming Association, players can only use 1 account corresponding to the bank account with the same registered name in 12Play.

Q3: What should be adhered to when betting at 12Play?

Online casinos have privacy policies in place to protect the interests of members who play at home. However, in order to be protected by an online casino, members of 12Play are subject to the following conditions.

Of course, members should only create 1 account for themselves to play only on 12Play. The information registered to play at the online casino must be the primary owner. This means the information needs to match your ID and your card budget.

Players need to use their personal information to play. Therefore, in the event of a problem with account processing, the online casino will successfully process members who provide identification documents.

Members are required to comply with all general terms and conditions provided by 12Play. Any degree will be dealt with through withdrawals, account locks, no cooperation with bookmakers.

Members who perform the following acts: gambling booths, using game hacking software, money laundering, etc. All will be banned from accessing their betting accounts at online casinos.

Wrapping Up

12Play deserves to be the leading prestigious online casino address with all the above criteria. That is clearly demonstrated with a large number of players at the online casino.

The above article also answers whether the dealer is reputable. You should research and choose for yourself a quality online casino.

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