All Online Casino Games in Singapore

Casino game is probably a word as well as a very familiar place for gamblers who are passionate about betting. With the era of information technology is extremely developed today, there are many online casinos available with casino games to serve players. So what are the popular casino games in Singapore today?

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What are Casino Games?

The games allowed to be played in most casinos are commonly referred to as casino games. In casino games, players gamble cash or casino chips based on multiple possible random outcomes or combinations of outcomes. 

Besides traditional casinos, gambling games are also available in online casinos, where permitted by law. Casino games can also be played outside the casino for entertainment purposes, such as at parties, school competitions, slot machines, or online casinos. 

Casino Games Online
Casino Games Online

Common Singapore casino games

Currently, an online Singapore casino attracts players with a huge game store. So what are the Singapore casino games that gamers appreciate? The following is a Singapore Casino games list hunted by many gamers.

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(1) Online Slots

With the explosion of online casino sites, slot games have been integrated extremely diverse. There are thousands of slot games available to players at some bookie sites.

Slot games are often designed according to interface themes such as Fruits, Chinese style, Egyptian symbols, Diamonds, etc. However, the games all follow the design principle of randomly spinning the symbols into 1 or more winning rows.

Each game has a different number of reels and rows, such as 3 rows of 5 reels, or 1 row of 3 reels. And there are usually 1, 15, 25 winning lines (Paylines) specified. Before playing, you should refer to these winning rules and the rules of the game.

Online Slots
Online Slots

(2) Table Game

Baccarat (Commission & Non-Commission)

Baccarat is a fighting game. The hand with the higher score wins. However, the right to choose which cards to bet is in the player’s hand instead of being fixed on a certainly dealt deck like other games. This optimizes fairness and is appreciated by many people. 

The rules of Baccarat are relatively complex, but the terms are relatively few because the game rules have little interaction. Players only bet on which door, and the Dealer will handle the rest.

Baccarat at a casino has 2 versions, including Commission & Non-Commission. You can refer to the difference between these two versions in our guide to playing Baccarat on our website.


Blackjack is one of the most popular games in casinos across the globe. Blackjack uses a 52-card deck of cards to play. First, the Dealer will deal 2 cards to each player.

The player then has the right to draw more to improve the score. The maximum number of cards drawn is unlimited if the score does not exceed 21. 

In short, the way to play Blackjack is: the player needs to beat the Dealer with a higher score but not more than 21. You can find out how to play specifically in our tutorial on this site.

Blackjack is loved by a lot of players
Blackjack is loved by a lot of players


Craps is a game with a winning and losing style similar to Sicbo. Craps owns a unique and new table with terms requiring players to study to understand. To conquer the dice, the player will go through a total of 2 rounds of the dice roll.

You can finish in round 1 or continue in round 2, depending on the dice result. You can optionally place your money on different bet tables in each round if you like. The number that appears on the dice decides who won and who lost the bet.


One of the most attractive Singapore Online Casino Games is the name Roulette. This game is simply understood as a small wheel with many betting options in one spin. 

Roulette has various bets to help gamers choose the right betting door. You can bet on the color of the cell, the parity box, or select a specific cell or row.

When the Dealer spins the ball to stop at the box you choose, you win. With such a simple way of playing, Roulette is loved by rookie brothers.

Roulette Online
Roulette Online

Poker (Texas hold’em, Five-card draw, Omaha hold’em)

It is indispensable for Poker games in the list of the hottest casino games today. Poker card games are considered to need to be calculated and careful when playing. The Dealer offers this game with a high payout ratio and easy-to-understand gameplay.

The winner when playing Poker is the door that combines the strongest hand. At this point, you will receive a bonus from the bet.

If you lose, of course, the original amount will be lost. Such a clear payout method makes it easy for players to consider and set the number of bets in each game.

The most popular poker games are Texas hold ’em, Five-card draw, Omaha hold’em. Poker is a pretty lively card game with many different variations to suit everyone’s preferences compared to other card games.

You can learn how to play specifically for each version of Poker in the detailed instructions on our website.

Big Six wheel

Big Six Wheel is a gamble of chance. It is also one of the favorite slots on most casinos. Players want to try their luck by placing a bet and spinning that big wheel. The spinner is the house.

Unlike the Roulette wheel, this wheel is positioned vertically and rotated by the Dealer for each turn. Usually, numbers and symbols do not appear at the same time.

The number on the spin corresponds to the number of times you will receive accordingly (the number of times multiplied by the amount). The calculation is similar if you play the lottery game at the supermarket.

Pai Gow

Pai Gow is played with a standard 52-card deck with a single joker. This Joker is valuable as an ace and is used to complete the lobby and crate.

All cards are played with 7 cards divided into 2 groups. A group of scratch cards has 5 cards and a low group of fewer than 2 cards. If you want to win, the player must have 2 cards stronger than the opponent.

Pai Gow
Pai Gow


Rummy game is a game with quite simple rules. Rummy game is played with 2 to 3 decks of cards with 52 cards (including Joker). Each game of Indian Rummy has multiplayer, from 2 to 6 players, no less and no more in this bracket.

In the game, players will be dealt 13 cards and have the task of arranging cards in a suit to win the rest. Those who, after arranging cards, still have odd cards will be penalized and may lose.


Fantan is an ancient form of Chinese gambling. The rules of this game are very simple. In the middle of the betting table in the game will be designed a square.

For easy distinction, each side is divided into 1, 2, 3, 4 for easy distinction. The Dealer will use a lid made from copper to separate a random number of buttons.

Players have the task of predicting the number of buttons left in the lid when divided equally by 4. At the same time, they will choose the betting methods displayed in the square at the table.

After all players have placed their bets, the Dealer will open the lid. Use a stick to remove 4 buttons until the number of buttons remaining is 4 or fewer.

The remaining number of buttons is also the result of this game. If the result is 4, then the player who places on the number 4 wins, and the game result is determined like that.

Fantan Live Casino
Fantan Live Casino


To play Sicbo, we will rely on three dice. These dice are square, consist of 6 faces, and the faces are marked from 1 to 6. Each symbolic value is represented by a dot rather than a regular digit. The three dice are shuffled by shaking.

Then roll out until all three cards are still on the table. At this time, people count the points of 3 heads. When added together, the final result will be obtained.

Players will have to place their bets before opening the dice. If you order later, the results will not be accepted.

Dragon Tiger

Playing card Dragon Tiger is a money-betting game where players only win when the prediction is correct. With so many betting doors, you can choose one or more different forms of play as long as it matches the results of the cards.

This game will have 2 main doors, Dragon and Tiger, to bet on. Each game usually only deals with 2 cards and calculates the win or lose based on that.

Foreign-licensed bookies are very fond of this game. The reason is that they have a fast tempo, easy to play and a large number of participants, so the profits are huge.

In addition, Dragon Tiger also has a combination of Baccarat cards, so there are many variations to attract players to participate.


Pontoon is very similar to Blackjack played with eight decks of 52 cards. The game’s object is to collect cards in one hand to get as close to 21 as possible, but no higher than this.

You and the Dealer both start with two cards. The Dealer checks the cards to see if he has a Pontoon hand, and the cards are still placed face down.

You have the choice to continue or stop playing (if your hand reaches 15 points or more), double your bet, or split (if there are two of the same cards).

Once you are comfortable with your hand, the Dealer will play the cards and continue or stop according to the rules.

Pontoon Online
Pontoon Online

Three Pictures (Non-Commission)

The Three Pictures game is also played with cards like a baccarat game. Among them, the cards with the picture (K, Q, J) and card 10 have a value of 0. The other cards have a value of their own (the A card has a value of 1).

The Three Pictures version of the game has outcomes based on the Player and Banker’s hand. Players and Bankers will be dealt 3 cards, and the result will also be based on the total score that those 3 cards bring.

If the total exceeds 10 or exceeds 20, then 10 and 20 will be respectively deducted, the point is calculated as the remainder. The game’s object is to get the highest rated rating combination possible.

Bull Bull

Bull Bull is an interesting card game originating from China. The game is based on comparing points with each other to find the winner.

Bull Bull uses the familiar 52-card poker deck, from which the scoring rules and rules are also greatly simplified. The way to play Bull Bull has many similarities with playing Poker in the casino.

If you don’t know how to play Poker, watch it now. The players also reveal their winning experience in this article. This rare card game allows players to bet on many different sets, calculating the variable results depending on each opening, which is very attractive.

Pok Deng

Pok Deng is a card game that originated in Thailand. This card game has the same gameplay as Poker, but the rules are simpler.

Pok Deng uses Western cards; each table plays 2 to 7 players. Players will be dealt cards, draw more cards and compare points. 

In Pok Deng, the player only cares about his hand with the Dealer that hand, no need to care about other players. If there is a higher score, the player wins.

The player with the higher score wins. Just play 1-2 times Pok Deng. You will very quickly grasp the rules of the game and the tips to win big.

Pok Deng in Casino Live
Pok Deng in Casino Live

(3) Gaming machines


This is an entertaining game that Japanese people love and often play for fun. The player shoots the marbles to get bonus points when playing this game.

Today, Pachinko has many different types of playing machines, but in terms of gameplay, it is the same. Currently, there are 2 popular types: Pachinko Pinball and Pachinko Sult.

They are designed almost like an ATM machine. Players will have to use coins (sult) or balls (pinball) to play. Especially now, there are even Pachinko series combined with manga and anime animation for fans of 2D characters.

Slot Machine

The slot machine rules are also encapsulated in 3 core steps: Place bets, spin the reels, and receive bonuses. If you get the right combinations, you win.

To add to the game’s appeal, the slot machine also includes many flexible variations with a set of rules that are set up depending on the type of bet you want to bet on.

Along with that are the terms specific to this game that you need to understand in playing the slot machine.

In general, slot games are often divided into the following categories: Video Slots, Bonus Slots, Progressive Jackpot Slots, and 3-reel slots.

Slot Machine Game Online
Slot Machine Game Online

(4) Fishing Slot

When participating in the game shooting fish online, you need to choose to buy the right ammunition to shoot fish. This is the object that helps you earn rewards.

You need to remember that you will be rewarded only when you shoot dead fish. Therefore, you need to know how to analyze and choose the right ammunition. This is really important that few players can understand.

To win the game shooting fish for real money, you need to determine the type of bullets that shoot with the corresponding target.

The bullets have weak destructive power. You should only shoot the small fish. The bonus is low. You can use this ammunition for sniping. They should not be used to shoot large fish because doing so is both costly and ineffective.

(5) P2P

P2P stands for Play to Play, a category of games with stakes. Players will have the opportunity to participate in real money bets with unique card games.

To help players avoid boredom, the games in P2P are all very new. Most of them are card games from many different countries.

Not too stressful and thrilling like in online casinos. At P2P, the gaming interface is designed with friendly colors and images. Bring a sense of entertainment, relaxation but still meet the needs of real money betting.

Play to Play Game
Play to Play Game

(6) Toto (Lottery)


Keno is currently one of the most popular betting games at bookies today. Because the rules of the game are not too complicated and the odds of winning are high, Keno attracts many players.

Keno consists of 80 marbles numbered in order from 1 to 80. In which the Dealer will randomly select 20 marbles. Players will bet on these 20 marbles. If the player bets with the Dealer’s number, he will win and vice versa.


The rules and how to play Bingo are very simple. The player receives a ticket on which many random numbers are arranged out of order.

There will be a dial-in bridge and someone to draw a number to call. If it matches the number on the ticket, circle it. The player with all 4 horizontal numbers wins the game.

How to play traditional Bingo and online Bingo is not too different. The only difference is using technology to call the number.

This game about rules or how to play is not too difficult. Most bookies share the same rules and game operations.

How to play Bingo are very simple
How to play Bingo are very simple


Lotto is one of the games in the Lottery section of the bookies. The way to play is based on betting on 1 of 5 numbers that will appear in the opening periods to decide whether to win or lose.

Each period of Lotto only lasts about 3 minutes, shortening the time much more.

Lotto has many ways to play, such as 5 stars, quartet, pre-tam, post-tam, pre-second, post-second, Baccarat, etc. This is an entertaining game and an attractive way to earn money for the players.

Lotto is easy to play, easy to win, so it attracts more and more people to participate.

The winning results of the Lotto game are based on the results displayed by the lottery machine. If the number you bet matches the spin result, you will win bonus points.

(7) Sports Betting

This is a very popular form of online betting. Players must rely on the rules and results of sports matches every day to predict the results. Depending on the bookmaker, there will be different odds and rules of the game.

In an online bookie and the online casino lobby, online sports betting is the place that attracts the largest number of participants. From the evolution of each sports match, players predict the outcome.

Then bet your money on the bets that the house offers. With sports betting, we can participate in football, badminton, basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc.

Sports Betting has hundreds of attractive sports
Sports Betting has hundreds of attractive sports

(8) Racing

Horse racing

Horse racing has been around for a long time and has been widely developed in Korea, Singapore, etc.

Horse racing betting is a game associated with this sport and has been around for a long time but has become increasingly famous and popular.

Play is very simple: players just need to bet on the horse they believe will win the horse racing betting match. If the horse on which the player bets wins, the player receives the bonus.

When the Internet has developed, players just need to sit in front of a computer screen and have a bank account to transfer bets. They will participate in any horse racing betting match they love wherever they are.

Horse racing
Horse racing

Greyhound racing

Dog racing is a sport that uses dogs to race to the finish line. Today it is considered a competitive industry in which dogs of the Greyhound breed are raced around a highly watched racetrack. The chasing dogs will chase fake prey until they reach the finish line.

Like horse racing, greyhound racing usually allows the public to bet on the outcome. Dog racing is part of the gambling industry, which is less profitable than horse racing.

With a simple way to play and easy to win, betting on dog racing is gradually attracting many players today. Betting on greyhound racing means choosing the dog you predict will finish first, then placing a bet.

If the dog you bet wins, you will receive a reward according to the odds offered by the house.

FAQ – Online Casino Games

(1) What are the best online Singapore casino games?

Most of the Casino games Singapore we introduce above are players at the Singapore bookies’ best rate.

However, some games are very famous in the betting community and own the largest number of players, such as BlackJack, Baccarat, Roulette, Slots games, Poker. These are games that players highly rate.

Each type represents a different play style for you to choose from. If you are passionate about mind games with great rewards, choose Poker.

Or, if you like simplicity, do not ignore Roulette. And if you want to find a game that balances wits and guesses, then Blackjack is the ideal choice. Therefore, you can freely send a choice of casino games depending on your preferences.

(2) What online casino games pay real money?

All the Casino games in Singapore that we introduce above are real money players. You can completely convert the winnings you win in the game into real money and withdraw them to your account.

However, you need to choose a reputable casino to avoid the risk of being scammed and losing money.

(3) Are there demo online casino games?

It’s great that the answer is yes. Currently, many bookies offer online casino games in Singapore that work in demo mode. Players do not need to register or deposit money into their accounts to still be able to play these games.

(4) How to play online casino games?

To be able to play online casino games, you must follow these steps:

  • Choose a reputable bookie to play
  • Register an account and top up the account
  • Select the game you want to play at the selected casino
  • Learn how to play to increase your odds of winning
  • Start playing and earn money from the game

(5) Are online casino games safe?

Online casinos will use the software provided by game manufacturers to players. In addition, the house will handle winning and losing and their bets. That’s why we can see how the relationship between the house and the game offers is correlated.

The reason why the house does not produce the game itself and provide it to the players is that the house wants to show transparency and specialization for players.

So the house has no right to interfere deeply and interfere with the game software. Therefore, the house has no control over the online casino results.

So you can trust that the games offered by the house are not scams.

Wrapping Up

Above are the popular casino Singapore games at online bookies in Singapore. So which games in Singapore casino will you play? Join us in the amazing online casino, free and exciting slot machine paradise for the ultimate experience.