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We appreciate your regular and continued access and are committed to respecting your privacy by taking all necessary steps and measures to protect your personal information safely and securely.

For this reason, we have created this Privacy Policy to inform you of how we collect, manage and use your personal information as part of the regular operation of this website.

This Privacy Policy is governed by our Terms of Use, either of which may be periodically updated. As any changes to this Policy are effective immediately, it is the responsibility of the user to review these documents thoroughly and regularly to stay informed of the current content and controls of these policies.

Important note about minors

This website (Online Casino Singapore) is not marketed to or intended for minors or anyone who lacks legal capacity to engage in online gambling activities.

Anyone under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited from using this website or the services it provides.

Accordingly, such age-identifying information is not collected on this website, nor do we knowingly collect any personal information from visitors under the age of 18.

You need to read the privacy policy carefully before joining
You need to read the privacy policy carefully before joining

Types of Personal Information Collected and Why

Data collected from users accessing and using this website may be classified as non-personal information or personal information.

(1) Non-Personal Information and Usage

General information automatically collected about you and your activities that cannot identify you personally through your visit or use of this website may include:

  • The type of computer you are using to access the internet.
  • The capabilities, features, and functions of that computer.
  • The general geographical location where the computer is located.
  • Unique server or domain identifier for internet connection.
  • The specific date and time you are accessing the website.
  • Your changes and sequence of activities on the website.
  • Various other non-personally relevant technical information.

User actions and activities within the website, including viewed pages, time spent on specific pages, general browsing habits, typical traffic trends, click or select preferences picks, bounce rates, etc., are collected and stored primarily for further research, analysis, and development.

This particular data collection is all information that is regularly communicated by your web browser or software to the hosting website whenever you are connected to the internet. 

It is unidentifiable and unidentifiable, which means that the user cannot be identified from any of the information listed above.

Its basic purpose is to collect statistics and generate reports on users’ usage whenever they visit us for internal use, supporting our tireless efforts while continuously designing and redesigning the website to improve functionality and user experience.

Non-personal information and use
Non-personal information and use

(2) Personal Information and Usage

While non-personal information is collected and used to make visiting this website more attractive and useful to users, personal information is collected to focus on meeting your needs. It is data that reveals various aspects of your unique personal identity, voluntarily provided to us.

Information retrieved and maintained discloses your personal identity or identifies your characteristics and contact information, including but not limited to:

  • Your birth name and username.
  • Your email and website address.
  • Your physical home address.
  • Your mobile number and home phone number.
  • Other personal information and preferences that you voluntarily provide.

Personal information may be collected through various means, including subscribing to newsletters, sports selections, or other periodic information or features; post comments on the site; direct contact forms; live chat forums; as well as records collected by our affiliate partners who share information with us depending on the extent of the data you provide and the nature of your requests.

Personal user data may be securely stored and used for various reasons and in the following manner but will not be sold or disclosed in any way, at any time, to any third party. Permissible reasons for which this personal information may be used include legitimate interests such as:

  • Contact you – communicate with/or respond to users to update information about the appropriate website, to fulfill registration obligations, to advise on affiliate products/partners or service transactions /rewards or other information, or respond to user-submitted queries or requests for support.
  • Publishing – used in cases where the user has given consent to allow the website to use their name or likeness in a previous agreement.
  • Record keeping – any recordable user-site interaction is necessarily recorded and archived, including all corresponding media.
  • User preferences – information provided directly by the user’s displayed expressions regarding interests in certain gaming, sports, and entertainment preferences, as well as website activities.
  • Internal tracking – through the use of IP addresses, cookies, and other standard technologies.

An IP address may be considered personal information when an automatically generated string of numbers assigned to your computer is linked with other personally identifiable information.

Similarly, cookies are a common and generally accepted method used to collect, track, and store information on a user’s hard drive through small text strings sent through browsers as well can be associated with personal identifiers.

Should take precautions to protect their personal information
Should take precautions to protect their personal information

About Our Security

One of the most concerning issues while betting online is the issue of safety and information security for players. We know that very well and work hard to perfect the privacy policy of the website and the services we provide.

Security is the top factor that we want to commit to users. You can rest assured when you come to us. We commit that all player information will be completely secure with today’s most advanced policies and technology. Besides, a certain team of experienced technical experts will ensure the safety of all your data.

Virtually all personal information of customers is transferred by secure software according to the standard of “128-bit SSL” and is kept securely so that no one can intrude. The strict internal access, limited to internal data, is absolutely secure.

Also, OCS will not disclose any information to third parties unless required by law enforcement agencies and regulations or court orders.

Our mission is to give the betting community the best experience and protect users in the best way possible. So, rest assured that your data and privacy will be fully protected by us.

With OCS, you only need to care about how to win as many wins as possible. Please don’t waste time with other problems because we’re here to help.

Use extended cookies

Cookies are meant to be a minimally invasive form of a compilation of website statistical data visited by users – pages visited, documents downloaded, and other website activities, as well as separate web pages that are accessed before and after this website, etc., allowing us to better tailor our services to specific users in terms of performing overall visits and navigational trends from the site page after page, is more personalized, purposeful, and satisfying. 

The underlying aim here is to make user access and goals more efficient and streamlined and to enable instant activation of the most applicable user features through identification and calling visitor interactions based on cookies.

Accept, amend and update the Policy

Accessing or using this website in any way constitutes the user’s acceptance of this Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to change, modify or update this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice and, once published, such changes, modifications and updates will be directly applicable and takes effect immediately.

Therefore, the user’s responsibility is to check and review this Policy for updated information periodically.

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