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Gambling is for over 18s only Read More Responsible Gambling If you think you have a problem you should get help

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Gambling is for over 18s only Read More Responsible Gambling If you think you have a problem you should get help

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Sports betting and table games are the main attraction of online casinos on the market today. The houses always try to satisfy the passions of most players, whether professional or amateur.

Whoever you are, you can experience the table games to the fullest at these bookies.

So what is a table game? And what are the popular games at Singapore online casinos?

Today, we will summarize the top most popular and multiplayer online table games for you. The characteristics of these games are that they are easy to play, easy to win, and the rewards are quite high.

What is table Games

Table games originated many centuries ago. However, today due to the continuous development of technology.

Online casino games are available online all over the world. You can experiment with dice and virtual cards anywhere you want. Experience now and win big with an online casino.

Table games are games where players sit around a table specifically designed for placing bets. Casinos have many games; even today’s online casinos have traditional and classic casinos, with players sitting around the table playing with real dealers.

The popular games are Craps and Roulette. However, Blackjack and Poker are also very popular in Table games. For more games experience, come and join the Online Casino.

Common Table Game in Singapore

(1) Baccarat

The first thing in all the indispensable games that everyone must know is how to win. In baccarat, as long as you have the highest total score of the cards of 9 points, you will be the winner when you own that number of points when playing.

In the rules of baccarat, your odds with the online casino are equal when you bet at Player or Banker. The online casino, of course, will get a 5% commission if you bet on the Banker, and in addition, they have an extra win rate when you place a bet on the Tie section.

When playing baccarat, you have three cells to choose from to bet on:

  • Player box: This is the best box for Baccarat players with a ratio of 1 to 1.
  • Banker box: This is the betting box for the online casino to win in baccarat. You are also placed, and the odds are also 1 to 1, but when you place in this box when you win, the online casino will take your 5% commission.
  • Tie: This is the square where you place the player and the Dealer to tie. In this box, the ratio is 1 to 8, higher than the other two boxes, but it is not easy to win.


There will be 1 roulette wheel and 1 number table for players to bet on in this roulette game. In this table, there will be a total of 37 numbers numbered from 0 to 36 and different bet types.

First, bettors will have a short time to choose the type of bet they want to place. The roulette operator, also known as the Dealer, will start the dial by tossing a small ball onto the spinning Roulette.

As a rule, the small ball needs to spin at least 3 times before it lands on a certain number. When the ball lands on a certain number, players will compare that number to match the type of bet they place to win or lose.

Types of bets in Roulette:

  • Red Black bet: this bet is based on the color of the number in the wheel, and there are only 2 colors, Red and Black. The rate of eating is 50 50, so it will be easy to make money.
  • Even – Odd: Counted from 1 – 36. If the ball falls on an even or odd number, use that result to determine the winning or losing result. Note that zero will not be counted.
  • Half table bet: In this bet, the player will have 2 choices, from 1 to 18 and 19 to 36. If the ball falls on any number, then take that number to determine the winning or losing result.
  • Group bet 12 numbers: There are a total of 6 groups of 12 numbers on the table. Players will determine the group they want to place on the table to bet on. The number of balls rolled in will be used to determine the group of numbers that the player bet has a win or loss result. Bet 1 to 2.
  • Bet on zero: This type of bet is 1 to 35. But the odds are very low. There are also types of double bets, single bets, group bets of 4 numbers. But most bettors often bet on the above categories because the odds of 50 50 are very easy to win.

In general, how to play Roulette is quite simple. New players just need to read through the instructions above to be able to grasp the rules of the game easily. Very simple, easy to play, easy to win.


Blackjack is one of the most popular games in casinos around the world. If you have the opportunity to visit casinos in the Philippines, Macau, Singapore, Las Vegas, you will find that the Blackjack tables are always the place that attracts the most players. Even in online casinos, Blackjack is always at the top of the list of indispensable games.

Blackjack is a card game that compares players to the Dealer. Blackjack is also known as a 21-point game because in which players try to draw cards so that their total is as close to or equal to 21 as possible but must not exceed that number.

Among casino games, Blackjack is said to be beatable thanks to card counting techniques. Because of that, it has become the most attractive card game in casinos.

Blackjack uses a standard 52-card deck. In the beginning, each player and Dealer is dealt 2 cards. Players have the right to draw more cards to improve their scores if they want. In short, the way to play Blackjack is: the player needs to beat the Dealer with a higher score but not exceeding 21.

You need to base on the current score as well as the Dealer’s face-up card to decide how to choose. The task of Blackjack players is to know when to draw when to stop, when to double and when to take out insurance.

Here are some strategy tips for newbies to Blackjack:

  • Stop when your total is 12-16, and the Dealer’s face-up card is 2-6.
  • Draw more when your total is 12-16, and the Dealer’s face-up card is 7-A.
  • Always separate pair A and pair 8.
  • Double when there are 11 points, and the Dealer’s face-up card is 2-10.
  • Draw more or double on A-6.

(1) Poker

Poker is a card game in which players play cards directly against each other to become the ultimate winner. The winner will get all the rewards that other players bet.

Poker has been around for a long time, but before 2000 it was only popular in Western countries. Later it has gradually become an international game and is available in nearly every country.

The poker table has from 2 to 10 players. When playing Poker online, people often play at tables of 9 people, 6 people, and 2 people.

There is always a round symbol on the poker table with the letter D (Dealer). It rotates from player to player clockwise after each hand. Based on that, to determine the player’s position on the poker table.

Each player is dealt 2 separate cards (trumps). There will be 5 community cards turned face up in the middle of the table. A full poker hand consists of 4 betting rounds. In the end, the player with the strongest hand (combined with the trump card and community card on the table) will be the winner. However, the game can also end at any time. When there is a bettor, and all others discard their cards, then the Dealer is the winner.

After each betting round, all bets are pooled in one place, called the pot. In principle, a betting round only ends when everyone’s stakes are even, and no one raises a bet.

The winner will eat everyone’s bet (pot). In case you have bet all money before everyone (all-in), you can only eat the amount in the pot up to the time of all hands.

Currently, there are many versions of Poker at online casinos. The most popular are Texas hold’em, Five-card draw, Omaha hold’em.

(2) Craps

Craps, also known as dice, is one of the online casino games based on the results of dice rolling to place bets. This game is said to have originated in Europe, with the first name Hazard appearing in the 1700s. It was very popular, then spread to New Orleans casinos in 1831, and gradually became popular with a simpler version of Craps.

This game is currently played in many casinos around the world, including many Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the Philippines. In addition, it also appears as an online Craps game at online bookies to help players participate in betting conveniently right on their computer or phone.

In the game of Craps, the rules of the game revolve around rolling 2 dice (6-sided dice). The person who rolls the dice is the Dealer of the online casino called Shooter. Players can place bets on bets on the table. Compared to the Big and Small bet, the special feature of this game is that the players can bet in 2 rounds with many different betting doors.

In addition, the table also has a variety of bet boxes for players to place bets. This table is usually large, with two completely identical areas symmetrical about each other. Along with that are special betting boxes located in the center of the table.

According to the rules of Craps, the Shooter or the dice roller first rolls the first two dice. Players can now place bets in two main areas of the table. Then, depending on the total result of the two dice, a game can end immediately in the first round or move to the second round.

If the game goes through the second round, the Shooter continues to roll the dice (dice) once or many times, depending on the rolled dice. At this table, Shooter rolls the dice to appear 2 numbers 7 or one of the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10. Based on the number appearing on the dice, it is possible to determine the person. Which player wins or loses bets in the Craps game.

How to play table games

First, players need to create a personal account and deposit money into that account. Then there is the choice of games and types of bets to participate in. The bookie will provide all information about the type of bet and the odds. You update the full information of the match as well as the team to place the bet correctly to ensure the victory. 

Here are the steps to play table games at any bookie:

  • Step 1: Choose a reputable bookie
  • Step 2: Create an account at the bookie.
  • Step 3: Log in to the online casino.
  • Step 4: Deposit money into your account.
  • Step 5: Choose your favorite game table and bet.
  • Step 5: Withdraw your winnings.

FAQs – Table Games

Q1: Do you need luck when playing table games?

You must understand that the table game is a casino game, that is, something that belongs to the red and black world.

The cards are dealt with randomly, and there is no way to guarantee the final outcome of a hand. Smart choices and sensible playing strategies only increase your chances of winning and reduce the online casino edge.

After all, you still need a little luck when playing table games.

Q2: Where to play Blackjack online?

To play online table games in particular and casino games in general, you should look to the famous international online casinos introduced by us on this website.

Those are all leading reputable bookmakers, certified to deal randomly, and are always supervised by neutral organizations. That will help you reduce the possibility of risk and improve the odds of winning.

Wrapping Up

Above are the Top 5 most popular table games today at online casinos that you should play. Each game has a different attraction and payout ratio.

The common point is that it is easy to play, easy to win, and has attractive rewards. Therefore, to experience the above games, quickly register for one of the online casinos on our website.