77Bet | Why Should You Choose It? Dive In Our Reviews To Know

77Bet | Why Should You Choose It? Dive In Our Reviews To Know

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We are sure that each bettor has different criteria for choosing a casino. Some people choose the casino based on the odds, while others choose a casino with a variety of betting games?

However, no matter which criteria you choose, players will always be interested in the actual reviews from the previous players.

And if you are one of those people who are constantly searching for reviews related to the 77Bet , then congratulations! This review is for you.

Read on!

Why 77bet?

Currently, there are many different online bookmakers participating in the online gambling market. However, due to information interference, it becomes more difficult for players to choose a quality bookmaker.

Whether you are a new player entering this market or an established player looking to try something new, 77Bet is the perfect choice for the following reasons.

77Bet is a well-known betting site in Singapore and always operates under the strict supervision of the country’s government.

Bookmakers offer customers many of today’s most popular excellent products, including sports betting, esports betting, live casino, slot machines, and many more attractive odds.

With the advice of a team of experienced professionals, 77Bet is committed to always offering its customers great games in a modern and protected environment with the most modern technological platforms.

When playing here, customers will have the opportunity to experience many promotions worth hundreds of millions of rupiahs. Thanks to this, players can easily challenge countless games at the online casino with only a basic bankroll.

In addition to computer play, they also provide mobile entertainment for members to place bets anytime, anywhere. 77Bet’s online support system is active 24/7 and can quickly deal with any issues customers have at any time, whether it’s a holiday.

Homepage casino 77Bet


(1) Sports betting

To meet the entertainment needs of players in Singapore, 77Bet offers sports betting with high odds and is constantly updated to create something new and unique.

On average, more than 100 events will take place at bookmakers in a month, with around 700 different transactions per day.

In addition to the usual way of playing, there is a live football 77Bet feature that allows customers to place bets while the game is in progress, thereby increasing their odds of winning.

They offer a wide range of sports games and events with a wide range of betting options and high odds. Players can choose to bet on football and many other sports such as basketball, tennis, golf, rugby, racing, and more.

At the same time, all information and bets are always available. They are updated regularly every day, right on the main interface of the casino. Therefore, players do not have to wait and always have a bet that they can place at any time.

Football betting is a must for professional sports bettors. Understanding this need, 77Bet offers a bookmaker section on its official website to help customers have more information to refer to before starting their bets.

Depending on the situation of the game, players can choose appropriate bets such as Over/Under, 1st Half Score, Handicap, Total Goals, etc. They are considered a service provider website. Top professional swings (ie live betting while the game is in progress).

Every month, 77Bet offers so many games as well as global tournaments of different levels. In addition, another advantage of 77Bet is that it allows players to place bets, monitor the progress of the game, and change the odds at the same time.

77Bet sports betting stadium includes quality products from reputable suppliers, which are  S-Sports, QTech, M8 Sports and CMD 368.

Moreover, 77Bet‘s e-sports competition is also a product that some players should not miss. A diverse and rich game list, more than 1,000 e-sports bets that are broadcast live every day, and attractive bets with high payout rates make 77Bet‘s e-sports casino exciting and attracting guests at all times.

Of course, popular video games such as League of Legends, FIFA, CSGO, DOTA2, NBA 2K, and Rocket League cannot be absent. You can play esports betting here through CMD368 and QTech. 

 Sports betting
The bookie offers a wide range of sports games and events

(2) Live Casino

Currently, 77Bet offers its customers a number of live casino gaming halls. Each arcade will have its own unique differences to suit the needs of each client.

The gaming company adopts the most advanced technical equipment and cooperates with an extremely professional technical support team to help the stable operation of the platform, allowing players to have an immersive and real experience.

They provide Baccarat, Speed ​​Baccarat, Gongmi Baccarat, Colorful Baccarat, Dragon Tiger and other excellent live video games, fully supporting PC, H5, APP and other versions.

Under the leadership of a professional, beautiful and smart dealer team, it will surely bring the perfect moment of entertainment to the members.

Live Casino
This bookie provides many casino games

(3) Fishing games

There are 5 fishing games providers at 77Bet, which are SimplePlay fishing, Spadegaming fishing, QTech fishing, Jili fishing, and CQ9 fishing. If you want to win big when playing casino games, you should choose this section.

They have a lot of options fr you to choose from and we think that you should consider the right game to play. These games have high betting odds and amazing designs.  Therefore, it would be a good step to start playing fishing slot games at 77Bet site. 

Fishing games
There are 5 fishing games providers

(4) Online Slots

Many players often ask if 77Bet is reputable when it comes to challenging random products like slot machines.

However, when they first put up the stakes here, they were completely overwhelmed. The fun, modernity and variety of each product helps each game capture the interest of members.

77Bet‘s slot machines are divided into Spadegaming slot, Endorphina slot, Mega888 slot, 918Kiss slot, SimplePlay slot, TopTrendGaming slot, NextSpin slot, PlayNgo slot, QTech slot, Jili slot, No Limit City slot, and CQ9 slot..

Each option has its own characteristics, allowing customers to freely refer to and always find the most suitable entertainment product for them.

Especially the large number of customers were impressed with the Jackpot. If you’re lucky, 77Bet members can become millionaires in just one night.

Online Slots
Slots game very varity

(5) Lottery

There are a number of lotteries games that you can enjoy when participating 77Bet. This online casino has a wide range of features, including online lotteries. You can play ​​4D Malaysia Singapore lottery, and QTech lottery.

How to play is so simple. You just need to choose the lucky numbers and then, if you win, the money will be yours. The more you bet, the more you can win. So, think clearly about the numbers that you want and start betting.

There are a number of lotteries games

Design interface

77Bet‘s interface design is modern, sophisticated and harmonious. Products are clearly categorized, making it easy for players to find the right game and find relevant information when placing a bet.

Plus, the website or mobile app loads quickly, smoothly, and stably with little to no stuttering.

Design interface
Design interface logics and nice


Developed by a team of experienced professionals in the field of online gaming, 77Bet‘s interface leaves a special impression on customers. Using the typical bright tones, the casino aims to be close to the customer from the first use and to throw away the idea that 77Bet is a scam with a very friendly layout.

Functions and titles are conveniently arranged on the screen for your convenience. This makes it easier for customers to sign up or make deposit/withdrawal transactions to start participating in the casino’s challenges.

Mobile casino

To best support players in their sports betting and online casino experience, they have also developed the 77Bet mobile betting application. Players can immerse themselves in this world of entertainment on mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

In particular, the mobile app is designed to be compatible with all three platforms: computer, Android operating system and iOS operating system.

Therefore, any player can download the app to their device and experience 77Bet‘s products easily and conveniently.

Mobile casino
Play casino on mobile quickly

Payment transaction

77Bet cooperates with a number of banks and other financial service providers to provide players with diverse, fast and secure ways to trade.

You can transfer funds to your account from any bank in Singapore via Internet Banking or ATM. In addition, customers can also make payment transactions through e-wallets or make deposits using prepaid cards.

Customer support

They have a team of staff, support consultants, professional customer service who are attentive, well-trained and ready to support players 24/7, including holidays.

When there is any question, players can contact 77Bet directly by calling the hotline, Skype, Viber, Facebook, etc.

Security and Safety

77Bet operates a wide range of activities in many countries, always putting safety first. With a large and highly qualified IT professional team, the security of customers’ personal information and transaction information is always absolutely confidential.

In particular, the brand has applied 1024 BIT RSA and 448 BIT Bloefish firewall system features, which have strong information protection capabilities.

This system is considered to have higher security features than other security systems such as SSL which are often used by other online bookmakers.

In addition, they also undertake not to disclose or provide customer information to any third party. Therefore, players can rest assured of the safety and security of their information when participating.

Bonuses and Promotions

Overall, it can be seen that any player will receive a worthy and appropriate reward when participating and experiencing 77Bet‘s products.

As mentioned above, they regularly launch attractive promotions to capture the attention of customers and maximally support players during the product experience.

Promotional activities are applied and updated from time to time, and the system will notify each customer’s personal mailbox so that customers can keep abreast of and register for participation.

Therefore, members should regularly update 77Bet‘s announcements by email to avoid missing out on offers.

In addition to the rich quantity, 77Bet‘s promotional forms and objects are also very diverse, such as free betting, welcome bonus, scratch card deposit bonus, first/second deposit bonus, birthday bonus and other promotional activities to suit different customer groups.

77Bet‘s promotions are also spread across all product categories, from sports betting, eSports, live casino to online slots, and more. You can update their promotions on their official website. 

Promotional activities
Promotional activities

How to Register

It is not difficult to sign up for a betting account at the bookie if you follow our share steps. As follows:

Step 1: Visit 77Bet‘s homepage.

Step 2: Fill in all the information in the required form of the bookie, including:

  • Username: Choose an instant name without accents
  • Full Name: Enter your first and last name.
  • Password/Re-enter Password: Enter any number or sequence of numbers, at least 6 characters (the password also needs to be written immediately and without accents).
  • Email: Email should be used regularly so that the casino system can easily send notices and confirmations when required.
  • Phone number: Enter the phone number you are using.
  • Choose your lucky number: Choose any number from 0 to 9 that you love. The reason for this section is because if you lose your bet for the whole week, you will be refunded 30% when the lucky number coincides with the last one digit in the Special prize of the Northern Lottery on Sunday afternoon every week.

After completing the above information, players should check it again to ensure accuracy.

Step 3: Click “Register” to complete.

 Sign up bookie
It is not difficult to sign up

How to Deposit

After logging in to 77Bet, to be able to experience the attractive games here, you need to complete the top-up steps as follows:

Step 1: Click on the “Account” tab.

Step 2: Select the “Deposit” box on the casino’s interface. Here, please fill in the required information:

  • Deposit method
  • The number of the account where the money was deposited
  • Name of depositor
  • Fill in the exact amount of the deposit
  • Corresponding transaction code

Step 3: Move your mouse to the “Deposit” section at the bottom of the information panel to complete the deposit process.

It is best to check the information you have filled in before clicking the “Deposit” button. The system will process the deposit order in a few minutes. For more peace of mind, players can check the status in the “Transaction history” section.

How to Withdraw

Those who win the bet will continue to make withdrawals. This is one of the most anticipated actions by players. How to withdraw this money is extremely simple. Players just need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Log in to your account, select “Withdrawal”.
  • Step 2: Fill in the basic information as required by the bookie.
  • Step 3: Click the “Withdrawal” button. The system will process within a few minutes, so you can also check the Withdrawal Order in the “Transaction history” section.

Frequently asked questions

(1) How to access when the 77Bet website says it is under maintenance?

In order to improve and upgrade features, 77Bet frequently conducts regular maintenance on its website. Maintenance will have a clear time and be communicated to members.

Therefore, you will need to wait for the maintenance period to expire in order to continue accessing the website.

(2) Why is withdrawal from 77Bet slow?

If you make your first withdrawal, the processing time will be long as the system needs to verify your information and link it to your bank account. From the second time onwards, transactions will be processed quickly, up to a maximum of 30 minutes.

(3) Does 77Bet have the right to refuse you?

The answer is yes.

77Bet is a bookmaker whose motto is always the credibility and interests of its customers. Therefore, when any player commits mistakes, dishonesty, affects the reputation, and honor, damages the interests of other customers, the company will immediately ban luck.

As long as any form of entertainment is profitable, players will immediately find ways to circumvent the law, and even unscrupulously seek personal gain. Online sports betting is also inevitable. While it’s a novelty in Singapore, its benefits are compelling.

This is why so many people are doing wrong with 77Bet in the name of players and customers. In many cases, customers have turned to slander and discredit for losing money while participating in betting to bring down 77Bet’s reputation.

At this point, 77Bet will immediately show a decisive and decisive attitude, closing the door on these topics in order to maximize the interests of other customers and the company’s honor and reputation.

Wrapping Up

As an experienced bookmaker in the field of online betting, 77Bet has made a serious investment in image, service, and product quality. Since then, they have affirmed their position and advantages in the midst of a fiercely competitive market.

This bookie always tries to improve and perfect to satisfy even the most demanding customers. So join the experience and be sure 77Bet will not let you down.

77Bet | Why Should You Choose It? Dive In Our Reviews To Know Details

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