FB88 is a new casino that appeared recently on the market, making users interested in learning. It affirms many outstanding values ​​that make an impression on users. So is this a new online casino on the market? Let’s find out all the information related to this brand to choose the right bet.

Detailed information about FB88

Since its appearance in the Vietnamese market in 2021, FB88 has been known by many people. The number of people accessing this link is constantly increasing in a short period of time for online betting.

(1) Who is FB88?

One of the famous casino brands because of its prestige and professionalism in the Vietnamese market. With the appearance of FB88, users can easily access the fish house’s system quickly and without being overloaded.

The bookmaker system builds a backup link FB88 to create a basis for players to easily change when participating in betting. 

The introduction of the FB88 link as a way to help the house pay more attention to the player’s experience. Players accessing this link are supported quickly to experience the best betting service.

Players accessing the link of the house FB88 can be completely assured of transparency. The system of this casino was established in 2016 and is located in the UK headquarters. The casino receives a license from the British Isle of Man gambling commission, so it is extremely reputable and professional.

review fb88 house
Evaluate the quality of the house Fb88

(2) FB88 dealer contact address

Users who want to contact FB88’s care department directly can refer to the information below.

Customer Service: [email protected]
Reward Program: [email protected]
Management: [email protected]

  • Registered address: Ground Floor, St George’s Court, Upper Church Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 1EE

Outstanding advantages, attracting players at the FB88 casino

FB88 so it possesses many outstanding features. The outstanding features of the casino’s website system bring benefits to users when participating online.

(1) Eye-catching interface

FB88 has an extremely eye-catching and luxurious interface that combines striking black and orange tones. The layout of the website is presented scientifically and logically to make it easy for users to manipulate.

All important information on the system of the house FB88 is clearly displayed, full and detailed. Players do not need to spend too much time can easily access the system to participate in the products they love.

Fb88 invests in interface quality
Fb88 interface impresses players

(2) Confidentiality of customer information

FB88 applies many different measures to support the security of players’ information on the betting system. The information security system is built in combination with many modern methods. Players do not need to worry about information disclosure when betting in Vietnam.

FB88’s technical staff is available 24/7 to solve information gaps on the website and application system. This contributes to making the information security system always solid and brings the best user experience.

(3) Register an account quickly

FB88 supports users to register an account in about 3 to 5 minutes. You only need to use your personal information to create a new account.

Players who create an account do not need to pay any fees, and can receive more preferential promotions from the FB88 house when registering a new account.

(4) Many attractive promotions

FB88 owns a large investment capital, so it focuses on developing many attractive promotions. The promotion is not only for newbies but also for long-time users. It wishes to build an even and fair promotion for all betting customers on the system.

Players who register for the first-time deposit have the opportunity to receive 100% of the bonus amount into the account.

The cashback program for products such as sports is 0.38%, casino and virtual sports 0.76%, lottery 0.76%.

Players who participate in consecutive winning products on the FB88 system have the opportunity to receive an additional 1 million VND or 45 USD per day.

FB88 offers players up to 300 million VND for deep bets.

The promotion of instant deposit has the opportunity to win an iphone 13 mini 128GB right away.

Players participating in lottery casino games will have the opportunity to explode their luck up to 2.22 billion VND in prize money.

many promotions at Fb88
Some typical promotions at Fb88

(5) Super simple login

FB88 supports users to log in to the betting system of the bookmaker quickly and easily. Players after creating a betting account can immediately use it to log into the house’s system.

On the home page interface of the house, players only need to press the name and password to access the internal system.

FB88 supports users to easily change personal information or link bank accounts. You choose to link your bank account, it will be easier to make withdrawal requests later. The self-understanding house system will transfer money directly to the bank that the player has previously registered.

(6) Payment, super fast withdrawal

FB88 develops diverse deposit and withdrawal methods with many different methods. The house always wants to optimize the deposit and withdrawal time to help players do not need to do it for too long.

You can take the initiative to make withdrawals and deposits on the casino’s website or application in a simple way.

(7) Wide variety of betting games

Powerful FB88 develops diversely with many different games for users to choose from. Familiar betting products that players often choose include sports betting, online casino.

In addition, players can fully participate in products such as e-sports betting, lottery, etc.

(8) Pretty good odds

FB88 builds a high payout ratio for users 20% more than other casinos. All betting products are designed with attractive payout rates for users.

You only need to spend a small amount of capital participating in the promotion to have the opportunity to make super easy money from outstanding products.

(9) Mobile device app support

FB88 supports the development of betting platforms using Android and iOS phone applications. Users using any operating system phone can completely choose the appropriate version to download on the phone.

The way to download is as simple as scanning the QR code provided by the casino system displayed on the homepage. Or players can click on the link below to make it easier to download the application of the house FB88.

app fb88
Fb88 has an app version to better support players

(10) Fast and stable transmission speed

The casino builds extremely fast transmission speeds with leading security technology. Players when participating can receive all the transmission information without having to wait too long.

You can feel the smoothness and smoothness when participating in betting because the transmission speed is stable and fast.

(11) 24/7 customer support and care system

FB88 builds different customer care channels for users to choose from. You can completely choose from different forms of contact from calling the hotline to sending emails to interact.

The casino’s customer care department when receiving the user’s request enthusiastically advises and solves the problem thoroughly.

Featured online entertainment products at FB88

FB88 develops into an attractive betting world for users in the Vietnamese market. The betting games are all the top attractive games in the world that are played by many people.

You will not find it too difficult to choose the right betting products for you on the house’s system.

(1) Online sports betting

FB88 promotes the development of sports betting products, mainly traditional sports. The house’s sports halls are organized with a large number, the highest is up to 94 halls. Players when participating in sports betting can also learn more experience, guide how to bet from the information shared on the system.

sport games at Fb88 have outstanding quality
Fb88 stands out with its top sports betting game hall

(2) Online Casino

FB88 is not inferior to any other casino when it comes to online casino lobby. Currently, FB88 develops 6 different lobbies including the lobby, the royal lobby, the oriental lobby, the perfection lobby, the vip lobby, the king lobby.

The tables are held at the online casino in quite a lot of game genres from basic to advanced. All games are listed in a horizontal menu to make it easy for users to interact. You can actively participate in any game in the online casino system of the FB88 house.

(3) Esports Betting

FB88 separates e-sports betting products into a separate product to make it easy for users to participate. E-sports betting products are no different from traditional sports betting. This type has quite a few tables and many online game lines are selected for players to bet on.

If you are an online game enthusiast, you should not ignore the system of the house FB88. In addition to helping players choose esports betting products, the system also has a betting guide for reference.

esport at Fb88
Bet on the world’s top esport tournaments at Fb88

Deposit money at the house FB88

FB88 makes the deposit process extremely simple and easy with steps. Players can fully refer to the information on how to deposit money on the house’s system. Fast deposit processing time, helping users have an account to bet.

(1) Deposit methods available at FB88

FB88 currently only supports players to deposit via bank accounts. FB88 has links with many big banks in the Vietnam market such as Vietcombank, Techcombank, Sacombank… players can easily choose the same bank system to deposit money into the house account quickly. .

FB88 deposit method is designed in a step-by-step process to make it easy for users to follow. Here are basic and quick steps for players to be more active in depositing.

First, users need to access the homepage of the FB88 casino, log in their name and password into the internal system.

Players need to choose a bank and click deposit. You should choose a local bank transfer and enter the deposit information you want.

After entering all the requirements from the FB88 dealer, just click the agree button and submit.

The next step that you need to do is get the information of the house bank account and make a deposit using a banking application, top up at an ATM or at a bank’s counter.

You need to confirm the amount again on the FB88 dealer’s system after the deposit is complete. This ensures that the house’s system can check the deposit information and add money directly to the player’s account.

(2) Very simple withdrawal at FB88

FB88 ensures fairness and transparency for users when making withdrawals on the system. The method of withdrawing money to the bank account that the house supports is also simple and easy to do.

(3) Withdraw money with just a few basic steps

FB88 supports users to easily withdraw money with just a few steps on the house’s system. The following steps will help players to actively withdraw money on the system.

Users need to log in to the system of the house FB88. You need to select your bank and click on the withdraw button.

You choose a local bank transfer to easily withdraw money to your bank account. You just need to fill in all the information that the casino requires to withdraw money from the betting account.

Players, after filling in all the information on the system of the house FB88, need to check carefully. You click on the continue button to make a withdrawal request to your bank account.

What is the legal age to join FB88?

FB88 wishes to build a fair and transparent betting playground for all participants. For that reason, the house stipulates that the player’s age must be 7 years or older. Players must be aware of and fully meet all the elements of civil capacity behavior.

When you register an account to participate in betting on the system of the FB88 house, clicking on the button to accept betting terms means that you are 18 years old or older.

In case the house system detects that the player is under 7 years old. Your account will be locked and all winnings will be forfeited and will not be allowed to withdraw to your bank account due to a violation of regulations.

fb88 has a legal age regulation
When registering you must provide your date of birth to determine the legal age

Is the FB88 dealer reputable?

FB88 is known as originating from the Philippines. The casino is known as one of the units that have been operating for more than 7 years and providing online betting products. Not only that, the house’s system also received a license to operate by the British Isle of Man gambling commission.

FB88 is also known for its role as a sponsor for many big football clubs in the world. The casino has sponsored two leading Bundesliga such as Mainz 05. This partly proves that the casino’s system possesses strong financial potential. Players can rest assured about betting without worrying about being scammed.

==> Check Out FB88 sponsor: https://www.fb88.com/en-US/Sponsor

Is betting at FB88 legal or not?

FB88 is known as one of the Asia bookmakers with a legal business license. Players when participating in betting on the house’s system do not need to worry about fraud.

However, depending on the actual conditions of each country and betting behavior may be legal or illegal. Players participating in online betting will be many times safer than when we participate directly.

How many accounts can be registered at the FB88 casino?

FB88 supports that each individual should only register one account to participate in betting according to the information written on the identity card or citizen identification.

Individuals who register too many accounts to take advantage of promotions from the house are considered a violation of regulatory policies. This causes your account to be locked and not allowed to withdraw money from the bank.


FB88 is considered as one of the extremely quality sub-links of the 188bet house system. Players can completely access this link to create an account and participate in betting with the Philippines bookmaker.

You will feel extremely satisfied because the amount of money we spend is extremely small. In addition, players can fully take advantage of promotions from the house to enhance their benefits.

FB88 Top Prestigious Bookmaker ☑️ Official Registration Link Details

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