Nowadays, many people are looking for hobbies to earn money and relax. That’s why online betting websites have become very popular and chosen by many people.

How to Sign in/register the Nova88 account

The steps to register an account at Nova88 are very easy, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Access the app and select “Log in” if you already have an account, otherwise select “Register” 
  • Step 2: Fill in all the information the website requires
  • Step 3: Double-check again and click “Register” to finish

So you already have your official account at the Nova88 betting website. Please join the game and enjoy the fun moments at the website with us.

Register NOVA88
Easier to NOVA88

How to Deposit Nova88’s Account

  • Step 1: At the homepage of the website, click “Deposit”
  • Step 2: Then, the website will display the necessary information such as bank name, bank account name, bank account number, and some other necessary information. You will have to fill in all that information.
  • Step 3: Again, double-check the information entered (because the money won’t go to your account if you enter it wrong) and click “Finish” to end the session.

Finally, you will not have to worry if you wait a long time, because the system has a lot of transactions to process. You just need to wait for 1-3 minutes for the system to process and the money will deposit into your account. 

Payment Options

To give you flexibility and convenience when depositing and withdrawing money, BK8 offers several payment alternatives. Here are a few of the payment options:

  • Bank transfer: Make direct deposits to BK8’s secure banking portal from your bank account.
  • Credit/Debit cards: Pay with Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and other major cards.
  • E-wallets: Make quick payments with PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Trustly, AstroPay and more.
  • Crypto: Send payments using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other digital currencies.

Whatever mode of payment you select, you can be confident that all transactions at BK8 are secure and safe. Every payment you make is processed securely and with encryption, providing you peace of mind.

How to withdraw money at Nova88

If you are a good player and win in betting games, surely how to withdraw money is something that you are very interested in, right? So, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Just like deposit, at the homepage of the website you click “Withdraw”
  • Step 2: Fill in all the information required by the website. (This you need to do exactly so that the money can be returned to your account quickly.)
  • Step 3: Finally click ‘Finish’

What is Nova88?

Nova88 was established in Malaysia and has become reputable online betting website in this country’s online betting market. Moreover, just a few years after its establishment, Nova88 has also grown strong and become the major website in Asia. 

Many people will wonder why Nova88  has grown so fast and so strong? The answer is that because it is not only a website established in a developed country – Malaysia, the government also grants a license, allowing Nova88 to operate officially and independently. 

Besides, when participating in playing at Nova88, this website also provides players with top-notch and attractive betting games. Therefore, Nova88 is a top choice for playing betting games with exciting games, absolute security, and safety.

What is NOVA88
Big brand NOVA88 in Malaysia market

Nova88’s License

Nova88 was founded and is operated under the Curacao E-gaming, a company registered and controlled under the laws of Curacao.

Their management team is made up of a diverse mix of specialists with renowned expertise in software and information creation, mobile computing solutions, game development, and new technologies.

They specialize in tailoring solutions to their clients’ needs, delivering the finest quality goods and services, and cultivating long-term business relationships with the end aim of maximizing their clients’ company success.

NOVA88 License
Trusted license verified

Nova88 Website with User-Friendly Interface, and Impressive Design

The professional website is clearly visible in the interface. As soon as you visit the homepage, you will evaluate this element honestly and customers. Simple page design, user-friendly. The layout is harmonious, and the main pages of the section are visible from the very beginning. The color is luxurious, and elegant, both ensuring highlights and avoiding discomfort for users.

Moreover, the web guides the interface to simplicity, even if you are a novice, the operation is not difficult. Register, recharge, contact customer service staff, etc. Just glance at the interface to be able to select the item you are interested in.

Attractive games at Nova88

This is the part that most players are most interested in, right? Without keeping players waiting long, we will introduce interesting games at Nova88 right now:

Nova88’s Live Casino Games

No doubt this is the main game that makes Nova88 famous as it is today.  Nova88 offers you an extremely authentic experience like you are sitting at a real casino.

If you enjoy playing Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Sic Bo, and other live betting games, you must not miss this exceptional casino at Nova88.

Not only is it a casual game that brings laughter and enjoyment, but when players participate in this game, they also earn real money. This is something that any player wants. 

Besides the live casinos, players can try out the slots on the Nova88 website. This is an easy game that you can play whenever you want and you can earn easy money as long as you play it the right way. 

If you are worried about how to play, you can simply sign up for a Nova88 account and watch others play. When you understand and want to participate, then the game will be yours.

NOVA88 Game
You can choose demo or real play on each game

NOVA88’s Sports Games

The first is online sports betting. At Nova88 many sports betting games give players high chances of winning. The high-class betting platform at Nova88 will bring you great experiences that no other website can bring. 

With over 20 years experience in the Online Sports Betting industry Nova88 is the most recognized and trusted brand in Asia, covering more than 100 soccer leagues and offering more than 5,000 in-play events and 13,000 in-play markets per month. Fans of sports betting also enjoy a wide variety of sports coverage other than soccer, offering more than 2,500 in-play events and 15,000 in-play markets on a monthly basis on sports such as Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, and etc.

In addition, the fishing game is also equally attractive. Is a game that gives players a very new feeling and space that is the underwater environment. You will have a very enjoyable experience.

This is also a game that requires intelligence, calculation in the choice of weapons, and how to play so as not to lose. So if players love games with beautiful designs and require calculation, then register to play this game right now.

NOVA88’s Slots game

One thing is for sure. These slots games at Nova88 will be a game that will not disappoint players. And if you are wondering, do not know which website to choose, Nova88 will be the best choice for you. In addition to bringing fun and excitement, the slots games at Nova88 will give players a high chance of winning, so the winnings that players receive are not small.

Some of the top slot games at Nova88: SimplePlay, Mega888, NextSpin, PlayOut, Qtech, Spadegaming, 918Kiss, TopTrendingGaming, and so on.

NOVA88’s Live TV sport

If you are a fan of playing games on the big TV screen, join and register at Nova88 now. Players can choose from a wide variety of games from the comfort of their own home with extremely full HD screen quality.

 In addition, live TV also offers VIP programs on five different levels: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Signature. Many other benefits at different levels, the higher the level, the more attractive offers such as discount codes, exclusive offers, and so on.

NOVA88’s Keno & Lottery Betting

Nova88 offer Keno, Lottery, Number Game and Table Game that are fast, fun and easy to play. Each draw last only a few minutes and settlement is fast.

Above is a summary of a range of games at Nova88. The games are easily accessible with the smartphone that players usually carry. This makes it easy for you to play games at Nova88 anytime and anywhere if you want.

Reasons to Play at Nova88 Website

  • Reliability level

Nova88 online betting website is fully licensed to operate and do business by the government. Therefore, you can safely bet on this website. In addition, having an operating origin in a developed country has made Nova88’s brand stronger.

Another plus point, Nova88 is also a strategic partner of many companies providing products. It has received countless “praises” from its partners. Therefore, it is only natural that their brand is quite famous.

  • Security level

All-access links to Nova88 are encrypted, secure, and safe. Because the SSL encryption platform ensures that all data is protected and safe, no hacker can hack it. The information security part of this house is also considered to be quite good, helping players feel secure about their personal information. Feel free to chat with customer care whenever you need help. During betting games, you will no longer suspect fraud on the outcome and score of the match because Nova88’s security system will handle all. Nova88 wants to give customers a website completely safe, transparent in the game, and fair for players.

  • Variety of games

As mentioned in the Best Games section, the variety of game genres as well as the variety of ways to play has increased the popularity of the Nova88 betting website. When playing games here, players will be able to play the most attractive games, the speed of updating the prevailing trends is extremely fast. New players will be able to learn and observe that every player can easily join the game without missing the top matches at Nova88.

  • Various promotions

To support and keep players from getting bored, Nova88 has a lot of bonuses and promotions. One thing that makes that website attractive to players is thanks to attractive promotions. On Nova88’s website, there are promotions for new customers, loyal customers, and dedicated players. There are many great opportunities to get bonuses. This can only be obtained when players participate in the game at Nova88. These things have made Nova88 one of the top choices for players in Malaysia and Asia.

NOVA88 Promotion
Attractive promotion
  • VIP customers

If you join the game at Nova88 and become a loyal customer, this VIP package will definitely belong to you. The VIP package for customers includes a lot of attractive features such as casinos, sports betting, bonuses, and so on. If you are lucky to own this VIP package, it will increase the chances of collecting higher money for players. Both help players can comfortably participate in gambling and earn a lot of money. This will make players more excited when playing at Nova88 online betting website. Therefore, this has turned the site into an online betting platform that many people choose to participate in.

NOVA88’s Customer Service

Regarding customer care, the staff at Nova88 always show professionalism, enthusiasm, and courtesy, making customers very satisfied.

According to customer reviews, when asked about customer service at Nova88, they gave it a very high rating. When customers ask about external issues, the staff is also completely supportive with a polite attitude.

In addition, the customer care staff of the house Nova88 also chat with players in a close, caring manner with a warm attitude. In general, the customer care department of this website is relatively enthusiastic and professional.

Truly a website with the style of a leading Asian country – Malaysia.

Customers can contact Nova88’s customer care system through means such as live chat, hotline, direct message on fanpage, WeChat, email, and so on. Nova88’s website is always open 24/7 whether it’s a weekend or a holiday.

The website is ready to serve and answer customers’ questions anytime, anywhere. In any situation, Nova88 will also offer the most appropriate solutions for customers. So, if you have any difficulties when participating in the game at Nova88, players should quickly contact us.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions when playing at Nova88.

The customer system is always ready to serve customers. If players encounter any difficulties or have any questions, the customer care system at Nova88 will enthusiastically support them.

Because the system does not handle automatically, the Nova88 system is the staff that listens and solves problems well.

The answer is no. Nova88 is committed not to collecting any other fees from services such as money transfer, withdrawal, account registration, and so on. Therefore, players are completely assured.

In any betting game, players must be 18 years or older to participate. This is the regulation of betting organizations around the world. Therefore, Nova88 also follows these rules so that players who are 18 years old can participate in betting games.

If players have any difficulties or have any questions about issues related to the Nova88 online betting website, you can immediately contact customer service. Nova88 will quickly solve and give you the best plan.

NOVA88’s Conclusion

It can be said that although the website is new to the world betting market, Nova88 has a solid position in the Asian market. This is an achievement that not all online betting platforms can have. The advantages we mentioned above also partly help players understand and know why Nova88 is so successful. 

Nova88 will continue to develop and improve further to create a leading online betting platform in the world.


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