UEA8 | Offer More Than What You Can Expect

UEA8 | Offer More Than What You Can Expect

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The year 2018 marks a pivotal milestone when one of the most charismatic bookmakers is born. Since its debut in today’s world online betting community, UEA8 has never disappointed its players.

The UAE8 bookie comes from Thailand with a high reputation and many outstanding game products that attract players on a global scale. If you are a fan of online betting Singapore, then UEA8 is the best playground for you. 

Flick through our review to see whether this bookie is worth your trust!

About UEA8

UEA8, also known as UEABET, registers itself on the world betting market as one of the leading online casinos in Southeast Asia.

Thailand is a fertile land that conceived the formation of this bookie, and in 2018, the birth of UEA8 caught the eyes of the world in the field of betting games and became one of the online casinos with a top reputation in Thailand. 

The following years saw the geographical expansion of the UEA8 as the bookie “crossed the sea” to other parts of Southeast Asia.

Since then, UEA8 has gradually become the household name of players and has gained the trust of online gambling players all over Southeast Asia, especially Singapore.

The unremitting efforts of the UEA8 developers are worthy of recognition as they continuously upgrade their services to devote their best efforts to serve the players. 

Coming to UEA8, you will have the opportunity to be offered a wide variety of games from live casinos, e-sports, sports, arcade games, slots, fishing, 4D lottery, and more.

The beauty representing the brand for UEA8
The beauty representing the brand for UEA8


If a bookie wants to significantly progress and make an impression in the hearts of players, the investment in the product is very important.

Therefore, in order to attract players, UEA8 has not stopped developing products for its website. Now, join us to discover the special products available at UEA8.

(1) Live Casino

A live casino is a form of online betting through game simulation software (similar to offline card games).

The traditional type of casino is gradually losing the credibility of some players because they think that the results at the above physical casinos are not the most accurate because of the intervention of the dealers.

Gradually, this form is no longer popular. Until now, traditional casino rooms have been replaced by live casinos, also known as online casinos.

For Live casinos, players will be able to place bets and observe live dealers dealing the cards like in a real casino, through which players will place bets according to the respective selections displayed on the website or on the application provided by the dealers.

Results will be made public directly afterward and players will be paid their winnings immediately.

UEA8 Live Casino takes pride in the service they offer. The virtual casino at UEA8 comes with real-life dealers, promising you the most authentic live casino gaming experiences from the comfort of your own home.

Live dealer games are always an unforgettable highlight when players come to UEA8. Players fully enjoy direct interactions with the dealers, which bring them the real experience.

UEA8 integrates live dealer casino games, including Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Hold’em Poker, Sic Bo, Fight Bull, Dragon Tiger, and Hi-Lo.

In addition, UEA8 is also confident with the excellent quality that supply partners bring. Some of the names that UEA8 cooperates with include Asia Gaming, Dream Gaming, Sexy Baccarat, Evolution Gaming, etc.

The beauty representing the brand for UEA8
The beauty representing the brand for UEA8

Slot games

The slot game is the name of the real money casino machines that have been around since the 1890s. These slot machines were invented by Charles August Fey in the US in 1894.

Initially, the machines with symbols were quite simple but gradually became more sophisticated and eye-catching over time.

Currently, slot games have reached out further in the information technology age. With the explosion of online casino sites, slot games have been integrated extremely diverse. At UEA8, there are thousands of slot games available to players.

These slot games are very popular because they have exciting features, featured symbols as well as interactive bonus spins that attract players.

Moreover, the easy-to-play and easy-to-learn nature are also some of the characteristics that make slot games stand out from other games.

UEA8 brings players to the world of online slot games with beautifully crafted graphics. It is worth noting that the jackpot bonus is very high, and the RTP is as high as 99.7%.

Thanks to the partnership with leading slot game providers such as Mega888, 918kiss, SpadeGaming, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, and many more.

UEA8 is gradually improving itself to provide excellent slots gaming experiences to satisfy the needs of its players.

Slots of UEA8 variety of games
Slots of UEA8 variety of games

(2) Esports

Esports, also known as electronic sports games, was created as a sport with the nature of confrontation and competition between players to upgrade and bring to the highest positions of the game.

After many years of development, Esport is no longer considered an unhealthy game but has gradually been recognized as a professional sport.

Currently, there are many competitions about Esport; There are many professional gamers here, and there are prizes worth up to hundreds of thousands and even hundreds of millions of dollars.

UEA8, with the companion of the IM-Esports provider, promises to provide you with the best site to bet on your team.

Very attractive Esports
Very attractive Esports

(3) Poker

Poker originated in European countries and has gradually become one of the most popular intellectual sports games using attractive cards.

Poker, also known as Texas Hold’s em, is a game genre that is widely popular in international casinos, and even domestic online casinos. 

This is another adaptation of the 52 playing cards. Today, the game of poker is widely popular around the world and developed into international games such as APPT, APR, or WSOP.

Therefore, more and more people love and find this Poker game, and the birth of online Poker games is inevitable.

If you aspire to experience a real money online poker site, UEA8 will realize your dream.

The partnership between UEA8 and IDNPoker in providing online PvP poker games has led to the formation of world-class games, with realistic and engaging interfaces.

If you are into poker games, participate in UEA8 now and experience with players from all over the world for winning moments.

Very attractive Esports
Very attractive Esports

(4) Fish shooting game

Introduced to Southeast Asia for a long time and flourished in recent years, shooting fish games have become a new entertainment trend for both children and the elderly.

Not only stopping at the entertainment fish shooting machines in amusement centers or commercial centers, but this game series also hit the shelves, becoming one of the hottest online games today. 

Game publishers not only follow the hot fish shooting movement in the market but also constantly innovate the game so that players never get bored with the fish shooting game.

Not only that, but the bookmakers also turn the shooting game into a way to make money for many people from online betting sites. And this fact applies very well to the case of UEA8.

When it comes to shooting fish games, Spadegaming comes out as a prominent provider of UEA8, and the fame of this provider is undisputed.

Poker enthusiast area
Poker enthusiast area

(5) Online Lottery

Online lottery is not only safer and faster than traditional methods, but the payout level is also highly worth trying.

If you are a big fan of lottery-like gambling games, the good news for you is that UEA8 has partnered with QQKeno and T7 to create attractive online lottery boxes with up to 80 games.

Online Lottery
Online Lottery


Currently, in the betting market, many brands all use many formats on different devices. This is a must for the bookie to be compatible across display sizes.

As we all know, according to the current report of Google, more than 85% of the visitors to a website come from smart mobile devices, aka smartphones. So it can be said that the mobile interface accounts for the majority of the customer experience.

Currently, all bookies have different interfaces on different devices. It also forces customers to trace back the actions they’ve taken on a mobile device.

If you’re bored with the look and feel of your laptop and are using a mobile device, UEA8 won’t disappoint as its website and apps are mobile-friendly with great interactions and fast responses.

It is difficult for you to find any errors or bugs when using your smartphone.


With its presence in the Southeast Asian market, UEA8 is proud to be one of the playgrounds that have been licensed to operate and have undergone many stages of testing.

You can completely feel secure when experiencing here about transparency, legality, and fairness. The publisher guarantees no fraud and uses the latest technology to prevent this.

To build credibility and brand loyalty, UEA8 establishes itself as one of the trusted online casinos. With UEA8, you are always free to choose instant withdrawal of all qualified winnings.

There will never be a scam from online casino sites happening here, but UEA8 is the most trustworthy site you can look for. 

Instant withdrawals and deposits on the provided website and you can always bet and gamble at your leisure. All banking transactions and personal data will be kept confidential.

Any transaction made on our website will be logged where players can always check their previous transaction at any time.


UEA8 offers many promotional bonuses to encourage players and it gives you the thrills of offering a spectacular bonus selection on your first deposit. 

We know you will be surprised but the information we provide is all true. That’s right, you don’t have only 1 welcome bonus option. Instead, you are allowed to choose 1 of 3 packages that best suits your needs at UEA8.

When participating in bets at bookies with high bonuses, you will get a decent amount of initial capital more than other bookies.

Take advantage of these offers when you are just starting to play football and casino betting at reputable bookmakers.

Welcome, Bonus Package includes:

  • Get 100% welcome bonus up to SGD800
  • Claim 150% welcome bonus up to SGD1,100
  • 100 FREE 50 with low win-win withdrawal

Such a bargain!

Bookmakers' bonus programs
Bookmakers’ bonus programs

Promotion And Awards

In order to create a fair betting playground and distribute fairly in earning a win for players, UEA8 constantly launches promotions to maximize benefits for its customers.

At UEA8, special promotions are held on a weekly and monthly basis. Players have the opportunity to be immersed in countless attractive offers such as:

  • 20% daily bonus;
  • 10% unlimited bonus;
  • Daily 50% cashback;
  • SGD600 Weekly Rescue Bonus;
  • 10% + SGD900 Referral Bonus and more.

In addition to promotions, bonuses, and discounts, attractive events are also regularly held at UEA8. You will catch sight of many events like redemption, lucky wheel, to name but a few, to maximize your excitement and experience.


Today, in addition to the traditional way of playing, bettors can participate in online betting through a reputable bookmaker like UEA8 to ensure fairness and prestige. 

However, online betting is still not legally recognized in many countries, so the payment process also faces many difficulties.

In addition, many betting players still have doubts about the payment method of online betting websites, whether the payments are clear, will they lose money or not.

Many players wonder if these betting sites support payment methods such as payment via a local bank or phone card.

At UEA8, you will be able to deposit and withdraw money with ease and in a fast form without any hassle. Những phương thức thanh toán available up to date includes:

  • Online Banking / ATM Transfer (UOB, POSB, OCBC, Standard Chartered, CIMB)
  • Quick Payment / Payment Gateway
  • CryptoPay


With the appearance of more and more bookies on the market today, one point that makes players choose the house is good customer service.

Providing betting products is not simply an online betting service, but along with that, the bookie should understand that their betting product is only a part of retaining players.

Great games should always come with the best customer service, and this is also the motto of UEA8.

Professional 24/7 customer care service is something that UEA8 is extremely proud of. The publisher always tries to ensure all the needs and interests of players. This is also one of the factors used to evaluate the professionalism of this bookie.

When playing the game, if you encounter any problems, you can contact this department for answers. UEA8 comes with well-trained staff who always respond to customers accurately immediately. Anytime you need UEA8 will show up in time.

The employees here had to pass many rounds of selection. The bookie regularly has periodic situation tests for staff to handle and check knowledge.

Customers will get their problems solved quickly. The people selected are all the best talents. Surely customers will be satisfied when sticking with UEA8 for a long time.

Beautiful interface
Beautiful interface


(1) Is UEA8 a place to place my trust?

A complete YES. 

Online betting has now gradually become popular in the worldwide betting market because of its many conveniences.

In addition to the superior priority that players experience, attractive promotions that make bettors crazy to participate, there are also many cases that disappoint players.

Some scam bookies often offer bets or betting tips that are 80%, 90% sure to win to attract players to deposit money into accounts that do not pay players’ winnings.

These scenarios would never take place when you experience UEA8 since credibility is their top priority.

(2) How to become a VIP member on UEA8?

UEA8 has an edge over the competition thanks to the most lucrative VIP programs in the online casino market. You can benefit from specialized services, perks, and benefits that are not available to ordinary users.

Conditions to become a VIP member on UEA8 are very simple since you only have a minimum deposit of 50,000 SGD per month.

(3) What does a VIP member get?

In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, businesses have to be more creative in their services to attract and retain customers.

In addition to promotions, seasonal discounts, and events, one of the forms that many businesses apply today is the VIP card to help get many perks.

At UEA8, you can receive attractive special promotions and many service privileges. Besides, surprise gifts will also be sent to you occasionally and you also have high cash rebates.

Wrapping Up

Safe – prestigious – quality is 3 words to most generally describe the UAE8 bookie. These are also reviews from players who have personally experienced the services and products at this bookie.

Here, players will be provided with the most prestigious and high-class services of a world-class bookmaker. 

The bookie is still going strong, with a solid foundation that has depth in both content and form, this will definitely be a bookie that we would highly recommend to our readers.

Do not hesitate any longer without trying to register and experience the attractive online betting services at UEA8. Hope everyone has a memorable experience!

Thank you for your time!

UEA8 | Offer More Than What You Can Expect Details

Welcome Bonus:
Up To SGD 800
** Please Check Out Bonus Play Conditions
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5.8 Overall Rating

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