Alien Hunter | TheAttractive Improved Slot Fish Game

Alien Hunter | TheAttractive Improved Slot Fish Game

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What is Alien Hunter?

Alien hunter is the latest generation fish shooting game. The game has similar gameplay to traditional fish shooting games like Fishing War or Fishing God, but with a completely new interface and attractive features. What makes this game so exciting? Let’s find out.

The unique shape of all planets is used for slot fish. The interface is not much different when the game has four players participating and the players will own a gunner/other support items.

This is an extremely interesting
This is an extremely interesting and novel game under the genre of shooting fish

Instructions on how to play Alien hunter

As we all know, the Alien hunter game is a new generation fishing slot, so how should players play to be effective? How to play is different from traditional fish shooting games. Let’s take a closer look.

(1) Alien hunter game rules

The rules of the new generation fish shooting game Alien hunter are very simple, still similar to the traditional game, players participate in the game based on three levels as follows, based on the ability and needs of their best friends.

  • Undertakers with bets offered to players from 0.01 to 1
  • Expert with bets offered to players from 0.1 to 5
  • God with bets offered to players from 1 to 10

These are the best levels, and players will not be “overhanded” when participating in the game, for example, accidentally increasing the bet without knowing, for example, thus minimizing the risk of losing money unjustly.

This game has 3 levels
Players participate in the game based on three levels

(2) Redemption table at Alien hunter

The reward table at the Alien hunter fish shooting game is divided into two types: random rewards and one type will be a special reward.

For the random type, the reward value is divided according to the levels corresponding to the name of the box. As for the special type, the reward value is divided according to different names.

The type of random rewards that appear after the player shoots bullets at any normal creature in the game. The player does not need to destroy the alien creature to receive the bonus, but shoot a certain number of bullets according to the game’s algorithm, the reward will appear automatically.

Example: A player who shoots 50 bullets and still doesn’t kill the creature but a platinum box appears will still get somewhere between 500 and 2500 bonus points.

Any one of three bonus boxes will drop randomly whenever the player fires a bullet at any normal creature that appears in the game.

The redemption table
The redemption table is attractive and there are many different creatures

Each level will help players multiply their bonus points with the number of bullets fired ( the number of bets) significantly. Especially with the bonus level of the Ultimax box, players will multiply up to 500 times the number of bet points.

For example, The player who fires a total of 10 bullets or 10 points at the creature and receives the Ultimax box will collect 5000 bonus points to be able to shoot again in the game or convert it into a bonus.

  • Silver box reward multiplies 2 to 10 points
  • Platinum box rewards multiply 10 to 50 points
  • Ultimax box reward multiplies 100 to multiplies 500 points

One point to note is that special creatures will not drop out of the reward box because they already carry other more special bonus values.

Thermal Blaze, Landmine and Rogue Warrior
Thermal Blaze, Landmine and Rogue Warrior appear and instantly kill the creatures for instant rewards

Particular rewards in this new generation

(1) Xeno Assassin

With this bonus, the player will receive an amount that is multiplied by the bet from 10 times to 300 times.

For example, for The player who shoots ten bullets and receives the Xeno killer reward, the number of bonus points received will range from 100 to 3000 bonus points.

Don’t forget that players need to keep shooting the Xeno assassin to receive continuous rewards.

(2) Turbo Blaster

With the Turbo Blaster bonus, players will be equipped with weapons and receive rewards from 30 to 100 free bullets with slightly greater damage than usual to help players defeat the aliens, one of the Attractive bosses of the game.

In case the game system is interrupted for any reason, such as the player’s internet connection is not stable or the player accidentally exits the game while playing, the system will reserve to help the player automatically correct the score at x30. To avoid losing money unjustly due to leaving the game.

(3) Bloodhound

For Bloodhound rewards, players will receive attractive bonuses from multiplying 40 to multiplying 80 bet points.

For this bonus, its mechanism of action will be to release a weapon called a shuriken from the toy backpack, and this weapon allows the player to use it to shoot down many other alien creatures along with it— at the same time.

Also, in case the game is interrupted while the prize is in effect, the player will receive an automatic bonus score of 40 times the bet point.

This is an automated mechanism that ensures players still receive their rewards in the event of an unexpected bug.

(4) Bio Crawler

With the special Bio Crawler bonus, players will receive rewards ranging from 40 times the bet to 100 times the stake (number of bullets fired). To win this prize, the player needs to shoot down the aliens to release the Bio Crawler.

The Bio Crawler is a biological weapon capable of releasing a poisonous gas that kills all creatures around it. However, there will also be unique creatures that are not affected by the Titan Engineer gas.

Also, in case the weapon works and destroys other creatures to bring bonus points to the player, but the system is interrupted, the player’s bonus level will be fixed at 40 times the bet.

4 types of special creatures
4 types of special creatures that bring unique bonuses

Best Boss Types at Alien Hunter

Surely anyone who has ever played shooting fish online also likes to destroy the good bosses in the game, right? Boss was born to bring players extremely large and valuable bonus points.

So what are the best bosses in the Alien hunter fish shooting game? They will return and attack all creatures on the game screen before rewarding the player with his gift and leaving.

Players only need to sit to receive the bonus, and if there is an interruption in the sending process, the system will automatically correct the bonus points by multiplying 100 bet points.

(1) Stealth Hunter

For stealth hunters, the player will receive a reward from 50 times the stake to 100 times the bet that the player spends to defeat the Stealth hunter.

Once defeated, it will acknowledge you and deactivate stealth mode. If the system goes down, the minimum bonus you get will be your stake multiplied by 50 times.

(2) Champion Hunter

Although Champion Hunter is not the final boss of this game, it gives players an impressive reward level, ranging from 100 bets to 488 times stakes. Bet 100 dong, and the player collects for himself 44,800 bonuses that can be converted into cash.

Beating Champion hunters will cause their lasers to malfunction, causing them to explode and deal damage to Champion hunters.

They will replace the player to defeat the surrounding alien creatures. In case of interruption, the system also automatically adjusts the bonus score to 100 times the stake.

(3) Fallen Hunter

It can be said that Fallen hunter is the final boss, the main boss in this monster hunter fish shooting game. With a minimum bonus of 100 times the bet and up to a maximum of 888 times the bet, dropping 100 coins, players can collect for themselves 88,800 bonuses, which is a desirable number.

When the Fallen hunter is defeated, it will explode and bring back the player’s bounty. In case the system is interrupted, players do not need to worry about losing their bonus, but the system will automatically record a bonus of 100 bet points for the player.

Special tools
Special tools to help your hunt

Tips to play Alien Hunter can not be ignored.

Fish shooting game Alien Hunter is also not without tips to help players win.

Specifically, players can use the additional features provided in the game to help destroy hunter bosses more effectively because shooting for a long time can cause hand fatigue, for example.

Players can use target lock to focus only on boss shooting, or auto fire to destroy selected targets as they appear on the game screen, or choose the double feature to switch between two single ammo types. And dual bullets to kill creatures faster.

In addition, players can also use torches by pressing and holding the screen to burn an entire area. But remember to move to destroy the target in the fire area.

Hopefully, with this Alien Hunter fish shooting game, fish shooting game players can change the wind to find a better version of the traditional gameplay with a higher reward, more diversity, and richness.

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