Bombing Fishing | Offers A One-of-a-kind Experience In Fishing Slot

Bombing Fishing | Offers A One-of-a-kind Experience In Fishing Slot

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Bombing Fishing is currently a fish shooting game with many unique features, seriously invested with many unforgettable events for users.

The successful Bombing Fishing game attracts many players because of its special features and professional image care in all aspects.

What is Bombing Fishing?

It can be said that currently, Bombing Fishing is a game of shooting fish to change rewards meticulously invested in every detail.

Along with the realistic and eye-catching graphic design, the game has created an unforgettable impression for users right from the first experience.

Currently, on the fish shooting market, there are many different games such as monster hunter, royal fish shooting, Zombie Party… but to successfully attract many users who are interested and love the product, the developer of the game.

This game has spent a lot of brainpower on the service’s unique features.

Not only possessing an impressive 3D design, bringing a realistic feeling when experiencing, but the unique effects in the game also help players get new feelings, unlike other mass-market games.

The publisher also developed this bonus game with many features of shooting fish and robust weapons, giving users many opportunities to exchange rewards quickly and without being boring.

The events in the game are also meticulously cared for with impressive bonuses, which are constantly changed and help the game always bring a new look to users’ eyes.

Therefore, you can completely trust and choose to experience the game among the countless fish shooting products and services.

Bombing Fishing ensures that it can be eaten in terms of design, content, and the rate of exchange that players can receive.

Funny game
This is a funny game

How to play Bombing Fishing

(1) Specific rules of the game

Similar to many other fish shooting games on the market, to receive many impressive bonuses, you must try your best to defeat and destroy the fish and monsters in the game.

Each creature will have a different value, so if you research deeply enough and know the characteristics of each fish, the value of the bonus you receive will be even more impressive.

Currently, the game will also have many unique events held throughout, so if you fully participate, you will have the opportunity to receive exclusive rewards from the parallel system along with an impressive bonus when shooting fish here.

Specific rules
Specific rules of the game

(2) Game Modes

Currently, the game will provide players with three shooting modes as follows:

Normal shooting mode

When you want to aim and shoot yourself and choose your prey, you just need to click on the interface and shoot. At this point, the system will automatically fire at the place you have selected.

Autofire mode

When you are too busy or need time to rest but still want to receive rewards, activate the auto-fire mode. The game portal will allow you to choose which targets (types of creatures).

When activating it, the system will automatically find those animals and shoot, no need for you to interact with the mouse to activate.

Sight shooting mode

If you want to aim at any creature whose aiming ability is not very good, activate this shooting mode. When started, you just need to click on the fish you want to destroy.

Then the system will automatically follow the firing line to shoot that animal until it leaves the interface or is destroyed.

(3) Features – Weapons

The variety in the design of weapons in the game Bombing fishing gives players many opportunities to experience exceptional and equally eye-catching items as follows:

Golden Bomb

To buy this item, you need to spend 60 gold. The thing will cause a solid injury for the animals in the area where you use the Bomb when activating it.

Golden Bomb
Golden Bomb need to spend 60 gold


This item type requires 30 gold to be purchased successfully. When activated, the item will cause all creatures in the game interface to stand still as if frozen.

At this point, you don’t need to worry about the fish escaping or deviating from the bullet when shooting.


This type of Bomb will trigger a series of small bombs that appear randomly on the game interface. With his extreme power, killing all the fish in the interface is entirely possible.

Torpedo will trigger a series of small bombs

Nuclear bullets

When you experience the game long enough to a certain extent, the system will automatically activate a Nuclear Bullet mode.

At this point, the item can deal a considerable amount of damage to all creatures in the game, giving you a special bonus rate.

Nuclear bullets
Nuclear bullets

(4) Instructions on how to play Bombing Fishing

To help you understand and manipulate it quickly the first time you access the game, here are some of the most basic instructions that you can refer to.

  • Step 1: Log in to the game portal

To experience the Bombing fish shooting game to the fullest, choosing a safe and quality game portal is a significant factor that you need to pay attention to and spend time learning.

Therefore, choose a game portal to safely enjoy the game with the advanced features and support that this betting portal offers.

  • Step 2: Choose a game room

The game room system in the game is quite diverse, divided into many levels, suitable for different audiences, including:

You can join the game with low bets in this betting room, ranging from 0.1 to 10. Low stakes can help you comfortably enjoy the game features without worrying too much about economic problems when experienced.

In this game room, you will start with a bet ranging from 1 to 80. Because the margin of the chance is relatively high, players will quickly receive higher bonus rates when experiencing the new room player.

In addition, here, you are also supported by the game to attend some more special features, helping you get more exciting and unique experiences.

The game room
The game room system in the game has many levels

When choosing this game room, you will easily enjoy the best benefits with a bonus of up to x1200 if you are lucky.

You need to spend from 10 to 100 stakes for a single shot to bet. Thanks to the high bet level, the user’s bonus rate will also be impressive, and the speed of receiving rewards and payback will also be faster than usual.

The game room system in the game is quite diverse, divided into many levels

  • Step 3: Select shooting mode

Understand the needs of players in different situations, and the system has designed three separate shooting modes, including:

In this mode, the player needs to automatically find the direction of the shot and determine the correct object to fire.

The default shooting mode is suitable for those who have experience shooting fish, know the direction well, and want to optimize the amount of money they can pay for the shot.

When activating the automatic fire mode, the system will allow you to select the groups of objects you want to destroy. After that, the game will automatically search for fish in the group of things you have chosen and defeat it.

The advantage of this shooting mode is that it can save time and effort for players. The main disadvantage is that it can cause users to lose their skills if they abuse it for too long.

  • Target shooting mode

In this shooting mode, you will be able to select any object so that the system fires continuously at that target until it fades or leaves the system.

When that animal is out of sight, the automatic lock shooting mode is disabled, and you need to choose another object if you want to reactivate it.

Target shooting fishing
Pay table fishing in game
  • Step 4: Choose a bet level and experience the game.

After selecting the appropriate model, you can quickly adjust the bet level according to the (+); (-) icon.

Finally, you may be ready to conquer the vast ocean world that the system has to offer. Don’t forget to participate in more promotions and outstanding events to increase your reward rate and receive gifts when you experience the game.


Attractive offers and unique in-game events are some of the most substantial advantages of this game.

Let’s take a look at three unforgettable events, give you a unique reward rate and the most valuable gifts:

(1) Special bonus chest event

From 21:00 to 1:00 every day, the treasure reward program will appear. When you experience the game at this time frame, you will have a unique chance of receiving a gift chest with a bonus value of up to x200.

(2) TOP racing offer

The more aggressive and better you shoot, the more you will have the opportunity to be on the list of excellent snipers of the system. The higher the rank, the more impressive rewards you will receive.

(3) Bonus Game

While experiencing the game and successfully defeating the boss Crab, you will be shaken by the system to determine the reward you can receive.

The gifts in this event are unique, have many exceptional items, and can get x1200 extra stake quickly.

Catch special fishes
Catch special fishes and get huge rewards

Bombing Fishing Shooting Tips

To optimize the number of bonuses you can get in the game, you can refer to some tips from the masters as follows:

(1) Don’t play auto fire too much.

The auto-fire mode will cause your gaming skills to wear out gradually. At the same time, it can’t even help you optimize the amount of money you can spend on a game.

Therefore, if you want to receive a high bonus rate when playing the game, never depend on automatic fire mode.

(2) Actively shoot corners when needed.

The four corners of the game’s interface are locations that can earn rewards at a high rate. In addition to the number of fish constantly appearing at these four positions, the four corners also support the bounce feature, allowing players to shoot one time and enjoy two times.

(3) Understand each feature in the game

This game is meticulous in developing and expanding outstanding events. Therefore, understanding the rules of participation and receiving in-game rewards can help you receive impressive bonuses that many players do not know.

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