Dragon Fortune | A Unique And Innovative Game For Fish Hunters

Dragon Fortune | A Unique And Innovative Game For Fish Hunters

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What is Dragon Fortune?

Inspired by many people’s childhood shooting games, the game recreates a unique experience space with the context of destroying special and creative Dragons.

Belonging to the genre of shooting fish to exchange rewards, but with a completely different way of playing, Shooting Arowana can give players the unique and impressive experience you’ve been looking for for so long.

Breakthrough but very familiar is the feeling that many users have experienced when using the service and placing bets on this game.

 Currently, Dragon Charm is one card game that receives much attention from users. With a disruptive design and a unique way of building content, the game will bring exciting experiences and great rewards that you should not miss in 2022.

Game inspired by shooting games
The game is inspired by the childhood shooting game of many people

Dragon Fortune’s innovative design interface

This dragon shooting game is inherently famous for the creativity in the experience they bring to users.

Not only that, but the design of the game is also ingenious, reasonably arranging the features to help players get unique betting feelings.

The arrangement system is especially good to facilitate changing in-game features. The game offers online players experiences across a variety of media and devices.

How to play Dragon fortune in exchange for real money

(1) Rules of the game

The game has gameplay quite similar to the shooting fish genre. The more dinosaurs you destroy, the more impressive the rewards will be.

Of course, the game has also incorporated and integrated a few unique elements and features for the user, allowing the player to shoot dragons quickly and get a stable reward ratio over time.

Unique experience
The game can give the player a unique sense of experience

(2) Game mode in the system

To create the most comfortable experience for users, in this game, you will enjoy and flexibly change three shooting modes, including:

Normal shooting

that is the default shooting mode in the game Dragon Fortune, requiring the player to accurately shoot and align the shot of the Dragon when it appears.

This mode is suitable for long-time players who aim accurately and optimize the number of bets spent.

Shoot the target lock

This mode allows you to choose a particular target to shoot, and the system will proceed to unlock and destroy the Dragon you have selected until it disappears entirely or leaves the game interface.

This mode is suitable for big boss battles. We need to shoot continuously to be able to destroy successfully. If you use the shooting mode to lock the target for tiny monsters, it will consume a bit of ammo, not optimizing capital.


This shooting mode allows you to comfortably go anywhere and still receive a specific bonus from the game.

To activate this mode, you need to select the objects you want to shoot. Then the system will automatically identify those dragons and kill those animals for you.

The downside of this type of game is that it will not optimize the amount of money that you can receive and the system also consumes a lot of ammo.

Automatic shot
Autofire is a shooting mode that allows you to be comfortable

(3) Features – Weapons

Currently, to create a more prosperous world for users, you can experience the following features and unique weapons:

With feature

  • Accumulate rewards when defeating big bosses

When seeing and destroying the Golden Giant Stone Dragon in the game, the system will automatically record and accumulate for the user a unique energy bar for this feature.

It will slowly fill this energy bar as long as you can hit it. Reaching a particular milestone that the game requires automatically activates the special chest bonus mode.

The gift in this bonus chest has a very high value, and it is randomly given to the player.

  • Glass treasure

To activate this mode, proceed to destroy three monsters in the game, including:

  1. Blue Bao
  2. Zi Bao

When the kill is successful and the accumulated amount reaches a specific in-game milestone, the glass treasure mode will activate. At this point, the opportunity to receive a bonus chest worth up to x800 stakes will appear.

  • Mini-game of fainting and fainting

To open this game, you need to find and kill four dinosaurs, including:

  1. Conqueror Dragon
  2. Giant Stone Dragon

As such, you will have the opportunity to open a unique poker game. If the game is open, you will have the task of predicting the value of the dice, whether it is empty or not.

The top will be 4 to 6 points, the bottom will be 1 to 3 points. If you are correct, you will get x2 of the bet that you used to take down the activated dinosaurs in the game.

About weapons

Weapons in the game Dragon Fortune are very diverse, designed so that users can quickly receive unique rewards from the system in many ways as follows:

  • Missile: You only need to spend x6 bet to be able to own a weapon capable of catching and destroying dragons within its operating range.
  • Electric gun: Spending x15 bet, you will own a stun gun with a powerful attack ability, quickly destroying dragons with high defense.
  • Electric Dragon: Find and destroy this electric Dragon. The system will activate a sizeable electric energy source, killing all surrounding dragons in the area.
  • Laser Dragon: Defeat this Dragon. The monster will automatically emit three high destructive laser lines, destroying the dragons in that area.
  • Sound Wave Dragon: Successfully defeating this Dragon will create sonic energy capable of stunning all dragons in the destroyed area.
The game has interesting events
The game has interesting events to attract players

(4) Promotional programs and events in the game

Special offers and impressive rewards are always the specialties that publisher JiLi creates for its children.

Therefore, if you choose to experience this game, you will be able to receive and share unique events, including:

  • Race TOP enthusiastically, receive gifts

The dragon shooting expert event gives players many impressive and huge rewards.

You do not need to do much but enthusiastically shoot the Dragon. The system will automatically accumulate points. The longer and better you experience the game, the higher your rank in this game will be.

If you successfully enter the list of players with outstanding achievements, the level of rewards you receive will be imposing.

  • Level promotion bonus

Like today’s games, bonuses depend on user experience and duration, experience accumulating rewards according to rank.

When reaching a certain level milestone in the system, the game will give players unique and impressive gifts.

The higher the level in the game, the more opportunities you will have to receive valuable gifts from the system quickly and conveniently.

  • Weekly quests, great rewards

Each week, this game system will design a particular task for the user. If the player completes it within the required time, he will receive a special system reward.

This event facilitates users to receive impressive rewards and does not put pressure on players to be online regularly at the system.

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