Discover about Hearthstone

Discover about Hearthstone

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Part I: Overview of Hearthstone 

(1) What exactly is Hearthstone?

Blizzard has released a new game called Hearthstone – Heroes of Warcraft. The game was announced in March 2013, and after several successful testing stages, it was officially released on March 11, 2014.

As a free-to-play game, anyone can play Hearthstone and get the same card collection, but collecting cards with real money will be much faster.

Overview of Hearthstone
Hearthstone – Heroes of Warcraft – The game is loved by many people

Hearthstone is a PC game that has recently made its way to the iPad. Hearthstone for Android and iPhone is still in the works and is scheduled to be released in early 2015. 

Hearthstone quickly became a storm, making any other game publisher in the world envious of its disastrous growth.

Hearthstone has over 20 million unique accounts in just six months of release, and despite being a free-to-play game, Hearthstone’s in-game merchandise sales have already ranked among the top ten highest-grossing games in the world. in the year 2014.

(2) Gameplay of Hearthstone

Gameplay of Hearthstone
Hearthstone Game Guide

Hearthstone, a Blizzard game, is also a depiction of the Warcraft universe. Players can compete against the computer (AI) or against other players.

The goal of the game is to destroy the opponent’s Hero by using spells (spells) and monsters (minions). Furthermore, some Heroes can arm themselves with weapons to attack. 

Hearthstone is a game that was created with the intention of creating a simple card game that played quickly and provided a lot of fun for players, but it is gradually becoming a new eSport with many great prizes. tens of thousands of dollars 

Hearthstone currently has nearly 500 cards for players to collect, and this number will continue to grow in the near future.

Players can get those cards by purchasing packs with real money or in-game currency earned by competing against other players and completing daily quests. 

All of the heroes and cards in the game are from World of Warcraft, so fans of the Warcraft Series, World of Warcraft, or even DotA 1 will recognize the game.

The Vietnamese Hearthstone community is also expanding. Hearthstone grew quickly, becoming a must-see game during this time period.

Part II: The First Steps for Newcomers

(1) When you first start playing the game

The First Steps for Newcomers
The first step when playing the game Hearthstone

The most difficult challenge for a new player who has never played Hearthstone is being overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge the game requires you to have before you begin.

The first is that you will feel as if there are too many cards and that you will not be able to remember all of them right away, as well as that you will not know how to use them or arrange the Deck. 

Despite the fact that Blizzard has created a very specific tutorial to help us get acquainted with the most basic moves such as minion stats, summoning minions, attacking with minions or using spells, and even stacking.

There are basic Decks available for each Hero, but not everyone understands the game’s principle right away and must learn a little bit. 

You will be REQUIRED to complete the tutorial when you first create an account and enter the game for the first time. Each section of the game will introduce you to the game’s functions and how to play a normal game.

Although simple, that part of the tutorial is extremely important, so don’t just ‘yeah click click through’ like you do when entering other games (turn off the instructions as soon as possible), but read and understand what the game is trying to tell you. 

Following the tutorial, you should be aware of information such as the mana of each card, how to use mana effectively, summon minions, and cast spells, as well as some similarities.

Basic minion effects such as buff attack, mutual HP, defensive minion (with Taunt status), as well as knowing how to trade (trade) minions with opponents (use your weaker minion to destroy your opponent’s stronger minion) players).

And most importantly, know how to win (kill all the HP Hero of the opponent as quickly as possible). You will then have complete access to your account. 

Completing the play guide, you are equipped with only one Hero, Jaina (Mage), and some basic Neutral cards (Hearthstone includes nine Heroes, each with their own set of special cards).

Any Hero can use the Symbol and Neutral cards). You can play with other players right away by clicking Play Mode, but since I’m a newbie, it’s more important for me to learn the basics of the game, right? 

The first step is to go to the Solo Adventure section and play with the machine. In the Normal section, you will find that you can fight all 9 Heroes.

In addition to the Hero Mage you already have, if you win any of the remaining eight Heroes, that Hero will be added to your collection.

As a result, the first step is to defeat all of the remaining 8 Heroes in order to unlock all Heroes for your account. You can either use the game’s built-in Deck or create your own new Deck by going to Collection -> New Deck. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, it’s best to stick to the Deck. 

Next, you’ll notice that when you complete a match, you gain experience for that Hero, and as you level up, the game rewards you with more dedicated Hero cards.

These are the basic cards of each Hero, and you don’t need to buy packs to level up. When you reach level 10 of a Hero, you will have amassed a sufficient number of that Hero’s base cards. 

After defeating all nine Heroes in the Normal section, the system will notify you that you have successfully entered the Expert AI section, where you will still be fighting with nine Heroes but the difficulty will be more than doubled.

At this point, you will discover that using the game’s built-in Deck to win them is quite difficult, so you should also begin learning how to build a Deck for each Hero using only the cards provided. 

Please note that before assigning a Deck to any Hero, please go to the Normal AI section and level up that Hero to 10 and get all of their basic cards! Those are crucial cards for maximizing the power of each Hero.

When you’ve mastered stacking your own Deck, hitting yourself, and defeating all of the Expert AIs, it’s time to move on to Play Mode with other players. 

Hearthstone will pair you with players of a similar rank to you, so you won’t meet players much stronger than you. 

(2) Amass Gold and acquire new cards

Amass Gold and acquire new cards
How to accumulate gold when playing Hearthstone game
  • Gather new cards from the Pack and Arena

In addition to the basic cards that can be obtained by leveling up your Hero to 10 and completing the tutorial, you’ll notice that many powerful and important cards can only be obtained by learning how to open a pack.

To be able to open the pack without losing money, you must first accumulate a large amount of Gold – the game’s currency. Each pack you open will contain at least one card of the rare level (Rare) or higher. If you’re lucky, you might be able to unlock the extremely valuable Epic and Legendary levels. 

When you first start playing the game, you will notice a lot of tasks appear, such as when you upgrade 1 Hero to level 10, you will receive 1 pack, or when you open all 9 Heroes, you will receive 100 Gold. That is one of the two ways to get Gold in Hearthstone that you should not overlook.

The server will calculate a new date and assign you a new task every day at a specific time. The maximum number of quests you can accept at once is three. When you complete the quest, you will receive the corresponding reward. 

Furthermore, competing in Play Mode allows you to earn 10 Gold for every three wins (not in a row), for a total of 100 Gold per day.

Gold can only be used for two things: purchasing packs and competing in Arena. Arena is also where you can get Gold and the second Pack, which is what the majority of players prefer. 

After you’ve unlocked all ten Heroes, the system will activate the Arena function, allowing you to compete in the Arena for the first time for free.

After this free period, joining will cost you 150 Gold (can also be paid in cash). So, what exactly is Arena, and how do you get Gold and Pack from it? 

Arena is a game mode in which players can build their own decks out of random cards. When you enter the Arena, you will notice that the system has chosen three Heroes at random for you to compete against, and you must choose one of those three Heroes.

Following that, the system will show three cards at random, which can be normal, rare, or legendary (Legendary). 

Although luck is an unavoidable factor, Arena also necessitates a high level of card selection in order to form a successful Deck.

How to choose cards in Arena is a hot topic that attracts even long-time players, because the rewards are extremely appealing if you succeed. Most importantly, Arena is a very interesting and entertaining part. 

When you join Arena, you will have three ‘lives.’ That is, if you lose three matches in a row, you will be eliminated and given a reward proportional to your number of wins. The more you win (up to a maximum of 12), the better your rewards.

Even if your score is 0-3, you will still receive 1 pack and a small reward such as 25-30 gold or dust (what the dust is, I will introduce below).

It usually only takes 3-4 wins to payback (you get 1 pack and 45-55 gold, which is equal to the 150 gold you pay to join Arena), but if you achieve higher results, you may have a better chance of winning. If your guild achieves a total of 12 wins, you will receive one pack and 500 gold.

As a result, Arena is like a golden opportunity that no one wants to pass up. Cultivating Arena skills is a topic that always piques the interest of the community. 

  • Collect by Craft
Collect by Craft
Collect by Craft in Hearthstone

If you are not fortunate enough to be able to open rare or required cards, the crafting function will assist you in satisfying your desire. This is the most important function of the game, assisting free players who work hard, allowing them to ‘equal’ with players who spend money. 

To be able to craft cards, you must first obtain Dust, which can be obtained in two ways: as Arena rewards or, more commonly, by discarding cards you don’t use.

When you enter Crafting Mode (in the Collection menu), each card (other than the one given to you by the game) will give you two options: Craft or Disenchant. 

Crafting a card from dust is referred to as crafting, whereas disenchanting a card is referred to as disenchanting. Of course, the cost of crafting a card will be significantly higher than the cost of disenchanting a card of the same level.

A Common craft level card depletes 40 dust, but disenchant only receives 5. A Rare level card depletes 100 – 20, an Epic level card depletes 400 – 100, and a Legendary level card depletes 1600 – 400. 

Final thought 

When deciding to play a CCG game or any other game, especially one for free, you must mentally prepare yourself to work hard in order to compete with the experienced players. If you work hard enough and are lucky enough, you can build the majority of the popular Deck in less than a month. 

However, professional players from all over the world have demonstrated that you don’t need a large number of Legendary cards to achieve the highest ranking: Good Legend in the game. Even the most popular Decks in the world do not contain a single Epic or Legendary level card. 

As a result, your lack of cards will not cause you to become bored during the game. The main issue is determining how far you can adapt and learn.

Reading more, watching professional player streams, and participating in Hearthstone communities in Vietnam to learn and exchange will help you progress much faster. Because, while Hearthstone is an individual sport, it is still an eSport, and playing alone will put you further behind the rest of the world.

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