Jackpot Fishing | A Fish Shooting Game Not To Be Missed In 2023

Jackpot Fishing | A Fish Shooting Game Not To Be Missed In 2023

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Jackpot Fishing is one of the money shooting games that achieves the most impressive achievements with the unique features it can provide to users.

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What is Jackpot Fishing?

Jackpot Fishing is a game that shoots fish to change rewards, and this game will provide players with both familiar and new experiences.

In it, players will be entertained with a very knowledgeable form of fishing slot that almost anyone can start having fun with without worrying too much about the game’s rules.

In addition to meticulous attention to eye-catching effects that players can feel, the game also offers impressive features, making it very easy to increase the reward rate received in the game.

At the same time, the new features integrated into the game will give players more advantages than the usual shooting fish games on the market.

In this game, you can test your gunner skills with new types of fish with high reward value.

The providers of this fish shooting game also regularly organize inter-game events so that many players shooting fish of the same supplier can compete.

The prize money for these events is usually the fish. The number was huge, so a lot of people participated.

For games of the fishing slot genre, the supporting weapons in the game are essential. Of course, Jackpot Fishing will not disappoint players because of the richness and meticulousness that the system can provide to users when experiencing this service.

Start the game
Start the game with a beautiful image

How to play Jackpot Fishing

To help you quickly understand more about how to bet and experience the game faster, here is the basic information about this real money shooting game.

(1) Specific rules of the game

Like every other game in the shooting fish genre, the only rule that you need to follow is to try to destroy as many fishes as possible.

The ratio of each fish in the game will also be designed differently, so if you know the reward rate of each creature, you will quickly grasp and calculate the amount of bonus.

It can be said that Jackpot Fishing does not have too many rules and rules, so once you log in to this game, this ocean world is yours and owned by you.

(2) Detailed game modes in the game

Shooting mode in the game is designed to be flexible, giving players more options when experiencing the following:

Normal shooting mode

This is the fixed shooting mode in the game. To activate, you just need to click on the position of the fish you want to aim at, and the system will automatically fire and shoot bullets to that position quickly.

This fish shooting mode is suitable for long-time players who have a lot of experience in aiming and are ideal for shooting large fish, requiring many skills.

Target lock shooting mode

If you are self-deprecating about the ability to identify targets and standard shooting, please refer to this option of shooting mode.

When activating the target shooting mode, you just need to click on the animal you want to defeat.

The system will automatically recognize and continuously shoot in the direction of that creature’s swimming until it is destroyed entirely or timed out must leave the interface.

Area to participate
Area to participate in shooting fish game

Autofire mode

If you are busy and can’t continuously interact with the game, the automatic fire mode is a way to help you score a lot of bonus points easily.

Specifically, you will need to choose the creatures corresponding to the reward you want to eat when activating this mode.

After successful activation, the game system will automatically shoot at those animals without your interaction.

This type of shot is convenient and gives you easy, stable bonus rates.

(3) Features – Weapons Jackpot Fishing

Currently, the game is designed with various weapons, both making the player’s experience more convenient and creating a lot of fun in the game. Specifically as:


When the Torpedo is collected and activated, the system will trigger an explosive bomb feature and destroy all creatures within the operating range of this great weapon.

The destructive power of the Torpedo is extreme, so it is guaranteed that users will get extremely impressive bonuses.

Shooting fish mode
Shooting fish mode with torpedo


Activate this feature, and you only need to spend 30 gold to buy it. When activated, all creatures in the game interface will be frozen.

At this point, you can complete easily aim at any object that appears in the interface without having to worry about it swimming away or not being able to aim and hit.

Electric artillery

Specifically, when you experience the game and successfully shoot fish, the system will automatically accumulate a particular energy source.

When the unique accumulation threshold is reached, the system will give you a full interface explosion feature.

At that time, all creatures in the game will be destroyed, and you will earn yourself stable and impressive bonuses.

Bao Bon Capacitors

When you see a Dragon carrying a pile of gold and successfully defeat it, you will be able to receive a bonus up to x3 or have a chance to receive a unique feature – Smash the Great Bounty with the money bonus of up to 888x.

Special bonus feature

When successfully exterminating the animals include:

  • Five-Colored Dragon
  • Five-Colored Fish
  • Bao Bao
  • Immortal Neptune (King Squid and Golden Shark)
  • Particular Fish (Armor Fish, Ankle Finfish, Skilled Turtle)

You will get a chance to be rewarded with gift chests of combined value at random.

Lightning chain

Upon locating the Function Fish and successfully killing it, this fish will activate lightning chain mode and randomly lock surrounding fish, leaving you with a special bonus rate.


When successfully eliminating the Torpedo Crab, you will be able to receive an item called Torpedo with mighty destructive power.


When you successfully kill Hai Quy, you will receive a whirlpool item that helps trap fish within the range of this trap.

The table of payout
The table of payout ratios varies by type of fish

(4) Promotions Jackpot Fishing

In addition to the impressive bonus levels that you can get during shooting fish, the game publisher has also created several other outstanding events, allowing you to open a remarkable gift chest as follows:

TOP racing events with rewards

Specifically, when you join and experience the game, with the achievements you can win while playing the game, the game will calculate points and divide the ranks for each user in the system.

If you are strong enough, you will be in TOP of skilled members with high rewards in the system. From there, depending on the rank you achieve, you will receive unique gifts from the game portal.

Golden hour offer

When playing the game in the time frame from 15:00 to 20:00 every day, when successfully shooting down the fish, you will have the opportunity to open a gift chest prize worth up to x200 stake.

Lucky wheel event

During the game experience, the system will randomly give you the system’s lucky spins based on the amount of bet you have spent in the game.

Detailed instructions
Detailed instructions on the buttons in the game

Tips not to be missed

For games of the fish shooting genre, luck is not what you need the most. What you need most in this game is the skill and small fish shooting tips when playing to upgrade the rewards you can get. 

(1) Attend as many in-game events as possible

The unique events in the game not only give you stable rewards but also give you many opportunities to improve your skills.

In addition, this is also an important bridge, helping you find teammates who can accompany you for a long time and fight giant bosses in the game that you alone cannot destroy successfully.

(2) Adjust the shooting angle that suits you

The shooting angle in the game is quite essential, and it will determine whether your shot rate is accurate or not. Be always changing; experience constantly to find a shooting angle that gives you the highest accuracy to own the bonus you deserve.

(3) Don’t take advantage of automatic fire mode.

This firing mode brings absolute convenience to the user, but you also pay a lot of money to apply it too often.

Because it is an automatic fire system, it will not shoot accurately and control the amount of ammunition (corresponding to the amount of money you need to pay), so it will be costly to use this shooting mode for a long time.

In addition, it also reduces your shooting skills if you deliberately take advantage of this shooting mode often.

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