What exactly is the KOG game? Learn more about KOG

What exactly is the KOG game? Learn more about KOG

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The KOG – What is this game?

KOG – King of Glory is a type of game designed specifically for the Chinese market. King of Glory, also known unofficially as Honor of Kings, King of Glory, Kings of Glory, or Honor of King in regions outside of China, is a massively multiplayer online battle arena developed and developed. Tencent Games operates on the iOS and Android mobile platforms. 

Tencent’s mobile game masterpiece, “King of Glory,” is the world’s first 5 vs 5 mobile game! “King of Glory” has a lot of features that set it apart from other MOBA games.

Enjoy the most exciting fun with 5 vs 5 King Canyon, 5 vs 5 Abyss battle, 3 vs 3, 1 vs 1, and various modes of one-key experience.

In 2017, King of Glory had countless daily active players and millions of monthly active players. It is also the most popular and highest-grossing game of all time and the most downloaded app worldwide. 

With the strict account registration regulations of these two platforms, King of Glory has successfully prevented most foreigners from wanting to experience the game and have fun with this.

The ARPG mechanism, like other MOBAs on the mobile platform, displays skill and movement keys on both sides of the screen to help players download KOG more conveniently when exploiting it on 5vs5 maps, 3vs3 maps, or 1vs1 maps.

Tencent, on the other hand, respects skill depth when the majority of the moves are used in the form of “oriented skills.” 

King of Glory’s main style is bold MOBA, but the control mechanism is based on the action role-playing genre. There, the game will introduce players to the need for movement as well as the system of virtual buttons corresponding to the attack as well as the attack’s execution.

This is a popular combination formula in new generation games, as it allows gamers to quickly adapt to the traditional control mechanism of real-time strategy games.

The KOG - What is this game?
The KOG is this game?

Despite the changes, KOG retains the characteristics of a true MOBA game. There, gamers can still see familiar images such as the map divided into three “lanes” with defensive towers strategically placed throughout, or, more importantly, extremely tense battles and roars between extreme hero strains. poison. 

KOG also has a visually appealing 3D graphics background with an animated design style reminiscent of well-known MOBA representatives on PC.

The game’s color is also clearly defined by powerful skill sets, demonstrating the weight and impact on the surrounding environment. This factor provides a great deal of motivation to players engaged in battle with the enemy on the battlefield.

What to do and how to play KOG?

King of Glory’s tactical gameplay is very similar to that of LOL. The map is divided into three sections: main roads, secondary roads, and secondary roads.

Players follow those three basic paths and provide an infinite supply of gold for players to purchase items and gain experience.

To participate in a battle, players can command their generals. Gladiator, assassin, mage, blocker, and gunner are the different elements of the generals.

The teammates also made a significant contribution to the game of KOG‘s victory. Teammates take on equal roles and work together to achieve victory.

Playing Instructions for newbies

What to do and how to play KOG?
How to play KOG for newbies

It is not difficult to learn how to play KOG. The six generals are: gunner, support, parry, gladiator, assassin, and mage. Substances each have their own essence.

  • Gunner

A champion with high late-game damage but who is fragile should go with support or block.

  • Support

For the gunner, the champion substance can heal and control enemies.

The champion can withstand and protect the gunner, or he can go his own way.  A champion who has both resistance and damage is ideal for going solo rather than parrying.

  • Assassin

The wall substance can deal damage to quickly capture the gunner, but its resistance is extremely low.

A champion who specializes in magical damage and has mid-lane control.

The goal is so simple and straightforward, it is to destroy the enemy team’s main house; to win, you simply need to destroy the house. 

Note for playing King of Glory

Note for playing King of Glory
What do you need to know to play KOG?

When playing KOG, take the following notes to play better as well as betting more efficiently:

  • The quality of the wifi/3g connection remains an important factor for King of Glory players, as it can influence the outcome of the game. Please pay attention and ensure that the network remains stable while fighting with teammates.
  • You should visit the forums to learn from the experiences of other senior players.
  • Alternatively, you can gain more experience playing King of Glory by watching YouTube videos. Many well known players share their own experiences in their videos.
  • You should play a champion or a single lane to become acquainted with that champion. Alternatively, that road avoids the wrong path and confuses the generals’ skills.
  • You should use a microphone to communicate effectively with your teammates.
  • Calmly fighting to win does not lead to conflicts with teammates. Let’s work together to get to the main house!
  • The minimap is extremely useful; please learn how to observe and pay attention to it so that you can quickly assist teammates.
  • Dodging skills are extremely important in team fights. Do not stand still indefinitely; instead, move to allow the enemy attack to slip and give you the opportunity to counterattack and win.
  • Limit leaving teammates so that teammates can assist in teamfights in real time. because it has a significant impact on the match’s outcome.
  • Keeping your distance from your opponents is also very beneficial in team fights. If you’re low on health, don’t rush in, and if you’re a tank, don’t stay behind your teammates forever.
  • Soldiers, an infinite source of gold, attempt to earn a large amount of gold in order to build equipment to aid you.

Prospects for expansion

When it was released, the game received a lot of positive feedback. The market in mainland China is expanding rapidly. It is expected that the game will continue to evolve in the near future.

However, MOBA games are becoming increasingly popular in Vietnam, and there are games that can rival KOG, such as LOL and others. As a result, King of Glory’s future development in the Asian market remains uncertain.

The most efficient method of betting on the King of Glory

The most efficient method of betting on the King of Glory
How to play KOG betting effectively

Below are the ways to bet efficiently for players, please consider them thoroughly to win all the bets.

(1) When betting, consider the possibility of risk

What is the simplest way to win the KOG? First and foremost, before betting on King of Glory, please keep in mind that no decision is perfect or 100 percent accurate, and even if someone has a lot of experience in betting, they can still make bad decisions.

As a result, you must prepare for the possibility that something bad will happen to you.

(2) Smartly betting 

Betting tips and advice on how to play King of Glory state that you should select matches that have a chance of winning. You should not put all of your money into one bet because you will lose it all if you place it incorrectly.

However, that is not why you invest in everything, because the money collected is insufficient to cover the capital spent.

(3) Understand the significance of odds

Knowing the value of the odds is an important betting tip and piece of advice for playing King of Glory. The odds are usually the inverse of the possible odds.

However, the results cannot be guaranteed, so players must pay attention to this ratio if they want to win the prize.

Some betting experience on KOG 

To gain experience with this betting game, you must be well-versed in the game’s most popular bets, from which you can choose more easily. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have if you don’t know the odds.

(1) Betting on the moneyline 

This type of betting is simple and easy to understand. You simply need to predict which gamer or team will win the match. Injury time or extra time will be added to the final result. 

Moneyline bets change depending on how the game progresses and how long it lasts. The odds favor the stronger team, while the odds favor the weaker team.

If you want to win a bet, your best experience is to learn as much as you can about the two teams in the match, including their play styles and tactics, so that you can make an informed decision.

(2) Handicap wagering

Handicap bets are calculated by adding the players or teams who perform worse than a predetermined handicap.

This method is much more intense than the other bets because you never know if the weak team will turn the situation around or if the strong team will overwhelm the weak team in many cases. 

With handicap bets, the stakes are usually higher. However, the experience here is to carefully study how to read the odds, information about the odds, and the strengths of each team in order to increase the win rate.

(3) Bet on the Over/Under odd  

This format focuses on predicting whether the total number of maps, rounds, or turrets in the match will be greater than or less than a certain number.

This necessitates that players have gold in terms of KOG betting knowledge, an understanding of the team’s ability, and match information.

How to Place a Phone Bet on the King of Glory

How to Place a Phone Bet on the King of Glory
How to bet KOG by phone
  • Step 1: Download and install the King of Glory betting app for smartphones, then log in to your account. If you do not already have an account with the online casino, go to the Home Page and create one right away.
  • Step 2: On the main menu, select “Sports” (main menu) Then, top up to begin the game.
  • Step 3: Then, select “ESports” (meaning Many tournaments in the game genres of Dota 2, King of Glory, et al. will be displayed below. Please select the King of Glory tournament of your choice. If you want to place a wager, go to Then, using your best judgment, click on the odds number.
  • Step 4: In the blank box, enter the number of bet points. Below the empty box will be suggestions for you, such as +10, +100, or +500, etc., which you can click on without having to enter the number => Click the “Confirm bet” button.

Following the confirmation of the bet, the message for successful betting will appear; please click on the item implying successful betting to confirm the bet again.

Betting on King of Glory with a computer

  • Step 1: Open your computer browser and navigate to the homepage of online casinos, then log in to your account. If you do not already have an account, you can register for one here.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the “Sports” section with the mouse.
  • Step 3: Select “ESports” => A list of games appears, which includes CS, DOTA, King of Glory, and so on. => Select “King of Glory.”

A list of bets appears, with a variety of bets ranging from single to combo. Choose your favorite bet by clicking on it.

  • Step 4: Select the odds for the match area you want to bet on.

Continue to the betting section and enter the amount you want to bet; 1 point equals 1,000 VND.

  • Step 5: After completing step 4, click “confirm” on the ESports notification for the first time.

In the “Successful betting” message, the player presses confirm a second time. After confirming twice, bets are saved in the system and cannot be canceled. As a result, please double-check before clicking the confirm button.

Final thought

All of the information about King of Glory has been provided above. I hope that players can grasp the basics of this game, how to play it, and how to bet on it. Always try to learn new things and play smart.

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