Number Matka | The Most Exciting Betting Game From India

Number Matka | The Most Exciting Betting Game From India

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Number Matka is a reasonably new name in the betting village in Vietnam. The game is based on a lottery to generate random sequences of numbers. From there, players can freely predict and seek luck. Both entertainment and can earn a decent profit.

So do you know this Number Matka game yet? Let the article help you understand this exciting betting game thoroughly below the following article!

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What is Number Matka?

Number Matka is a traditional Indian betting game with long roots and a simple way to play but quickly see the results; winning and losing are divided, so it was once the most popular betting sport worldwide.

Number Matka was created by Mr. Kalyanji Bhagat (of Indian origin). Many different names know the number Matka. In India, people call it Satta Matka or Ankada Jugar.

Over the years of development, Number Matka has had many transformations.

The origin of the game is a form of randomly drawing votes from a clay pot (in India, clay pot means Matka, later on, although the game no longer uses clay pots, this game still retains the word “Matka” ” in the name).

Whoever owns the number that matches the number on the ballot will be the lucky winner. After that, the votes are replaced with cards.

And to this day, we know Number Matka as an online lottery game that players can easily experience right on their phone or laptop with just a few simple steps.

New game
This is a fairly new game

Number Matka’s development story

It is known that this game began to appear during the period of the exchange of cotton (textile material) between India and the US; betting will take place based on the opening and closing rate of cotton when transferred from the New York Cotton Exchange to the Bombay Cotton Exchange.

By 1961, the New York Cotton trading house was closed, but the game Satta Matka was still popular, so people were looking for a way to move the “base” of the game.

And a person named Ratan Khatri – an emigrant to Karachi, Pakistan, came up with a new idea that does not depend on actual trading activities anymore but turns it into a betting game with abstract numbers.

At this time, the numbers are written on paper and put in a Matka pot; the host will randomly draw the numbers and declare who is the lucky bettor to win the prize, thereby paying the dividend or collecting the money-losing bets from other players.

The story of the development
The story of the development of this game is quite interesting

The way to play, draw three numbers, and then some as today is an upgraded way of playing, becoming a more intelligent game, but the name Matka is still kept today.

By 1962, a new figure of the Matka world, Kalyanji Bhagat, gave birth to Worli Matka – the public was quite fond of playing with him because the odds he offered were more favorable to the player.

And when two Matka games clash, some people like to follow Worli Matka, and some like the traditional style, so TV programs have to divide the day between the “kings.”

In the heyday of cotton factories, the workers of these factories often played Matka on their breaks, and on holidays they also poured money and time into the Matka casino that mushroomed around factories in southern Mumbai time.

From the 1980s until the 1990s, Matka was seen as a way to make money; the monthly stakes on this game were so huge that the Mumbai police had to step in to prevent the evils from spreading here.

This time is considered a period of ups and downs for the game Matka; the strict police make it difficult for the casinos to make money; they have to disguise themselves as shops, set up layers of security guards, and even move operations out of the city, to suburbs like Gujarat or Rajasthan.

Instructions on how to play Number Matka

Satta Matka or Number Matka will have many forms to play.

Through the history of ups and downs of the typical Indian Number Matka game – the gambling that made the name of many gambling kings, we can see that there are three ways to play Matka:

  • Play at commodity rates
  • Traditional play of drawing cards/papers with numbers from Matka
  • Modern online play

Number Matka online or traditional Matka both have a simple way of playing as follows: the host will let the player choose three numbers in the sequence of natural numbers from 0 to 9, then calculate the sum of the three selected numbers and take Numbers in the row of the unit in the total to base bets.

The sequence of numbers starts the second time with the selection of 3 numbers from 0 to 9; then, this total will be calculated and taken as the number in the units row of the capacity to continue as a bet base.

Players will then officially bet on the sequence of numbers; if the result drawn from the host’s hand is the same as at least 1 of the numbers you bet, you will be awarded money, with no loss of bets.

On the contrary, there is no return in the numbers you have bet on; then the chance will lose all to the house.

The betting area
The betting area has a lot of cells to choose from

Types of bets

(1) Bet on an even number

You predict that the outcome of the spin of the wheel will be an even number. The unit digit (on the smallest wheel) is the number 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8.

For example, if The spin result is 128, 534, 022,… then the player will win when the bet is even.

(2) Bet on an odd number

This bet is similar to the even chance. But the unit number of the result will fall in 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9.

For example: When the bet is odd, and the result is numbers like 123, 479, 621, etc., the player wins.

(3) Big bet (or Big chance)

Is to predict the outcome to fall between 500 and 999.

For example, whoever bets on Over will win with numbers like 519, 674, and 952.

(4) Small bet (or Small stake)

Is to predict the outcome to fall between 000 and 499.

For example, with numbers like 005, 236, and 451, whoever bets on Under will win.

It can be seen that with Odd/Even bets; Over/Under bets, the chances of winning will be 50/50. Therefore, they are the form chosen by many players; although the win is not significant, it is safe and sustainable.

(5) Bet on three numbers

Is to predict the outcome will fall within a certain range of the ten intervals below. These ten intervals are evenly divided from 1000 possible cases of the outcome (from 000 to 999).

Specifically: About 000 – 099; 100 – 199; 200 – 299; 300 – 399; 400 – 499; 500 – 599; 600 – 699; 700 – 799; 800 – 899; 900 – 999.

In this bet, the player has a 10% probability of winning.

(6) Bet on two numbers

Similar to betting on three numbers, but in this form, the calculation of the result is only based on the last two digits (i.e., tens and units). For example, if the game result is 351; then, we only consider the number 51.

Players will predict the two-digit number above will fall into one of the ten cases below; the odds of winning in 10 cases are the same, so the win rate is 10%.

Bets include: 00 – 99

(7) Bet on 1 number

In this bet, the player will only predict the digit in the unit row of the roulette wheel result. There will be ten possible causes, ranging from 0 to 9. The player wins the bet when the number of units matches the number of chances.

(8) Bet on the exact number

The player correctly predicts the spin’s outcome to be 1 out of 1000 numbers from 000 to 999. The player wins the bet only when the development completely matches his prediction.

As is known, the Number Matka game will create combinations of up to 1000 cases. Therefore, the chances of winning with this type of bet are meager. However, in return, you will be paid highly handsomely. So if you are confident in your luck, it’s worth a try.

The results are prominently
The results are prominently displayed and there can be many winning odds

Tips for playing

Number Matka is a simple game that is easy to understand with a high hit rate. With a modern way of playing, both the player and the house benefit, the probability of winning the lottery is equivalent to each player’s bet.

  • The trick to playing Number Matka is to bet according to the lucky person, who is red, I follow to “enjoy.”
  • Pay attention to choosing the sequence of numbers before and after to avoid many overlaps so that you can win the lottery more easily.
  • Don’t bet on too many hands at once, and don’t take the risk of just betting on one hand with large amounts of money.
  • Calmly watch how the numbers appear; they often come out and try to follow them.

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