Yes8 | The Name Made You Have Amazing Betting Experiences

Yes8 | The Name Made You Have Amazing Betting Experiences

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One of the concerns of bettors when looking for places to bet for entertainment and money is confusion with new branded bookmakers.

When encountering the Yes8 brand in the gaming market, many players have the same question. However, after experiencing the services of online casino YES8, their perception of this postpartum brand changed completely.

Not only is the reputable bookmaker Singapore with strong financial potential, providing a secure online casino access portal, allowing customers to transact flexibly with the fastest speed, but YES8 also offers attractive promotions.

Therefore, despite serving the gaming market for just over 6 years, they have gradually conquered the most demanding customers, step by step to the top of the well-known gaming companies in Singapore.

Let’s find out what this online casino has to offer!

About Yes8

Yes8 is Asia’s leading online casino and sports betting company headquartered in the Philippines with a legal business license issued by the Philippine Gaming and Entertainment Corporation (PAGCOR).

YES8 is the largest online gambling brand in Asia, providing customers with a variety of interesting redemption games from online sports, online Casio, burst cans, fish shooting, lottery and more.

The company was founded by a well-known online gaming agency to provide customers with quality gaming games.

Yes8 won the title of the best online game provider of the year and was also rated as the most popular brand by players. Currently, the number of members of YES8 ranks first among other bookmakers in the market.

On average, the bookmaker has over 1,000 new members every month and regularly has over 30,000 active members on its website.

The brand is honored to receive the Best Gaming Platform Award because we provide our customers with safe, secure, and the best games. It must have satisfied all the customers while accompanying YES8.

Online casinos are constantly working hard and upgrading to get better games and bring the best experience to players.

YES8 aims to be the number one online casino in Asia, and at the same time, customers will be entertained on the safest and most modern platform.

In the current era of 4.0 technology, online casino platforms are gaining momentum and customers are always concerned about the security of these online activities.

This bookmaker offers a dedicated team of IT experts who collect and analyze data to ensure that all products we offer are 100% safe to use.

VIP Program
The bookmaker has a clear program for VIP

YES8 operates online gaming sites in Asia through expert managers in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore.

These people are constantly scouring data about online sites to discover and provide the latest trends, the best way to make money for clients to join.

YES8’s professional management team also collects data on user behavior and consumer preferences to provide tailored games. They create surveys to collect data, research, work with gaming operators, write reviews on gaming sites, and share industry knowledge and information.

In addition, it has policies in place to ensure the security of customer information. They also monitor and update legal news as regularly as possible to provide Singapore players with timely updates.

In fact, they always maintain the quality and keeps improving to become a reputable bookmaker. They have gradually managed to become the number one online casino in Asia, consistently leading the online gaming market in 5 countries in 6 different languages.


Apart from the safety factor, an important reason why YES8 online casino keeps players engaged for a long time is the attractive, diverse, and transparent betting game store. Here are the most attractive offerings from the bookie:

(1) Sportsbooks

Sportsbook is the most popular game of the prestigious bookmaker YES8. In this bookmaker, there are 3 traditional stadiums including c-Sports, m8-Sports, and Betrader.

Every month, thousands of sports events are held in these halls, from all over the world football events big and small, such as basketball, volleyball, baseball, boxing, tennis, golf and virtual sports.

Players can freely choose a variety of bets, including Asian betting, European betting, over-the-counter, handicap, full-time betting, half-time betting, final betting, penalty betting, etc.

YES8’s odds are considered quite high compared to the market. The odds are updated quickly, helping players who like this theme to easily research and make the right betting decisions.

Through this website, you can easily learn all the details about football matches. Based on this information, you can choose a bet score to ensure the best possible win.

Besides, you can enjoy esports betting at YES8. The e-sports betting area includes LOL, Dota, CS:GO, and other familiar sports games. These games are provided by c-Sports and m8-Sports.

However, players will not directly participate in the match but will predict the outcome of the ongoing match. High odds and various forms help you quickly collect the expected amount. You can bet easily on your favorite team at the big matches at this online casino.

Sports betting is the leading field at the bookmaker

(2) Online Casino

Online games are YES8’s flagship product and are considered fun entertainment. This bookmaker has a wide range of games and is the official agent of many big names like Sexy Baccarat, WMCasino, SA Gaming, Dream Gaming, Big Gaming, and Evolution Gaming.

The latest technology supports the core development to bring the most active online casino. Therefore, every member who comes to this online casino can easily integrate into the casino world with a very real experience, just like being in a real international casino.

YES8’s online casino games store is very diverse. You can play games from traditional to popular including Sic Bo, Roulette,  Baccarat, Blackjack, or Poker.

Many players said that the game rules of the online casinos are very clear and transparent, and follow the rules of international casinos.

The casino game description is also very specific, the payout rate is clear, the betting level is various, and the player will automatically update the points after each game.

What’s special about YES8 is that you’ll be greeted and played by charming dealer girls, allowing you to easily communicate and access your favorite games.

Online Casino
Online Casino also has many of the most attractive games available today

(3) Online Slots

If you are tired of the tense moments of casino games or are too nervous about sports betting, slot games are the place to relax.

With thousands of online slot games waiting for you, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try when you take part in YES8.

For slot machine lovers, you can quickly participate in progressive slot machine games with rewards several times higher than video slot machines to help you get rich!

 Online Slots
Online Slots has many famous games

(4) Shooting Fish

Fishing game is one of the most famous services of YES8 bookie. There are 2 providers offering the fishing game: Spadegaming and Jii.

Playing shooting fish games is always an option for many people. Because this game is both easy to play and creates a sense of relaxation. Not only that, when you play with YES8, you can also eat a huge amount of real money for yourself.

As one of the reputable bookmakers in the Singapore gaming industry, YES8 not only helps you experience the best gaming experience but also brings many benefits. The first benefit is being able to win huge amounts of money from this real money shooting fish game.

Why they can help you win more money than other bookmakers. That’s because only at YES8, you can get extremely high payout rates. This ratio will represent the percentage of your winnings from the game.

YES8 is proud to be one of the reputable bookmakers with the highest odds in real money shooting games in Singapore. This is also the first reason why you should play at the reputable YES8 online casino for the purpose of making money.

Fish shooting game at their system has many types and levels for you to choose from. Each game version is designed with a different interface.

The system of fish and weapons also varies from game to game. Enter this factor, and you will not be bored every time you play a fishing game with YES8.

Shooting Fish
Shooting Fish has more new forms

(5) Loterry

Online lottery is another service that YES8 offers you. Although there are not so many lottery games for you to play when compared to other bookies, the lottery will ensure that you will have the best feeling when playing at this bookmaker. Up to now, YES8 has allowed you to play QQKeno with a big jackpot.

Lottery hasn’t been invested much

Security and Privacy

Most modern security processes strictly protect all YES8 online casino portal data. Also, it’s worth noting that both solutions will help to control any software usage behavior or abnormal impact on system and website operation.

YES8’s management team always digs deep to get the best product insight. YES8 will not engage with, offer, or participate in any illegal programs or games, nor will we allow our customers to do so.

In addition, all personal information will be handled and stored with the strictest and most confidential to ensure the best interests of the customers.

Therefore, players can rest assured that all betting and entertainment results are fair, transparent, and not adjusted or influenced by online casino cheating.

Website interface

YES8 online casino games have been praised for their luxurious, minimalist design and high-quality graphics. The Smart Science of Content Arrangement. Users will easily find games, promotions or contact information, manuals, etc. when they want to start betting.

A special feature is that you can easily find the access link, easy access. Even during peak hours, accessing websites and games is smooth, fast, with no jitters and no wait times.

Sounds and images, graphics are well thought out, refined and complex down to the smallest detail. The elements are perfectly combined.

This makes anyone who comes here also fall in love at first sight. You can play comfortably for long periods of time without worrying about health issues or eye strain.

Website interface
Website interface is simple

Mobile casino

In addition to the website, you can easily access the reputable bookmaker YES8, including both iOS and Android lines, through its own mobile app.

To access the YES8 app on your phone, you can visit the website and scan the QR code to download the app. According to user reviews, the app is very light and easy to download and install, even on older or weaker phones.

Additionally, the app helps players personalize their experience by selecting and remembering their favorite games. Players can also feel secure when accessing the app using a highly secure system that allows access to YES8 using facial or fingerprint recognition.

One thing to note is that you can use the app without worrying about blocked logins and have access to betting anytime and anywhere.

YES8 application
YES8 application has many advantages

Convenient transaction

When transacting with a reputable YES8 bookie, you will receive an extremely diverse payment method, including online bank transfers, domestic bank transfers, ATM transfers, Visa cards, e-wallets, and more.

Regarding the transaction time, you can be completely satisfied because of the fast service and connection speed of the reputable bookie YES8.

Instant deposit transactions take effect within 1-5 minutes. By contrast, withdrawals are promised within 15 minutes.

This helps customers experience YES8’s services quickly and feel satisfied while enjoying the award-winning results.

Customer Service

Currently, YES8 is investing in improving the quality of manufacturers. The bookmaker is promoting the development of the player care team.

The staff is professional, experienced and very welcoming. At the same time, the answering staff will also be available 24/7 to answer all the players’ questions and difficulties in the fastest way.

Currently, YES8 has Singapore consultants to support the needs of the Singapore market. If you have any questions during the betting stage, please contact them for support.

Yes8 CS
The customer service is 24/7

Bonuses and Promotions

The prestige of bookmakers is reflected in their attention to their customers. Attractive promotions are the strongest message YES8 wants to convey to players. Here, in addition to promotions for old players, online casinos also offer promotions for new players.

After successfully registering an account, people can get great rewards. The benefit of this is that players will enhance their gambling experience.

One of the amazing promotions that YES8 can’t miss is the 100% welcome Bonus Program. Players can also get bonuses of up to 120% on their first deposit. Within each category, players receive their own promotions. That’s what makes the difference.

Lots of promotions
Lots of great promotions

Deposit and Withdraw

YES8 has always made time the number one metric for online casinos. Currently, YES8 is targeting an average deposit and withdrawal time of fewer than 10 minutes over several days in an administrative workweek.

The process of depositing and redeeming rewards at the online casino is also considered to be extremely fast and convenient.

The 24/7 automated review system should perform operations and process data in a split second. You can trade anytime, anywhere. You can transfer money quickly via local bank transfer or via EeziePay, Help2Pay. 

What’s special about what rare playgrounds like YES8 can do is that there is absolutely no fee for money transactions in player accounts.

This means that all players will not lose any fees or waste due to the online casino. However, the service provider may still charge you a small fee.

FAQs – Yes8

(1) Is YES8 reputable or not?

YES8 is a registered dealer brand and commercial enterprise. In addition, games at this online casino that work with a provider also have a primary license from that service provider.

They have gradually developed in so many countries with excellent service. The promotion or product is represented by famous players. YES8 has appeared in most Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

So, with the above information, you can rest assured that YES8 is a trusted online casino that you can join in Singapore. 

(2) How can I create an account?

To open an account with YES8, you can go to the YES8 bookie’s home page and click on the “Sign Up” section at the top right of the screen.

Then provide your complete information in the form that appears as:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Currency
  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • User name
  • Password
  • Referral agent code

After filling in the information, click the Register button below to complete your new account. Please note that players must be at least 18 years old, provide correct information and accept the terms set by the online casino.

Create an account
Create an account quickly and conveniently

(3) Is betting at YES8 leaked?

Bet on YES8 and you can rest assured that the servers are located in highly secure locations. We protect customer information and our systems with the utmost confidentiality and data integrity.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, we appreciate all the effort that YES8 brings to our customers. The brand understands what players need, removing all the complications of traditional casinos eliminating the difficulty of accessing online gambling sites.

The reputable bookie makes it easy for players to access with a simple, easy-to-use process.

In addition, transparency, safety, and a great game store have made it possible for YES8 to retain customers and attract more and more new player accounts.

If you are still wondering about the online casino, you can try it out with a small amount of money and give us more comments. Wish you will have a good experience and success with your money-betting game.

Yes8 | The Name Made You Have Amazing Betting Experiences Details

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