188Bet | Top rated online casino in Singapore 2024

188Bet | Top rated online casino in Singapore 2024

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188Bet is a bookmaker very familiar to football bettors and online casino players. When you browse reputable bookmakers online you will easily come across 188Bet.

This is one of the top-rated and well-known bookmakers today.

So is this online casino really reputable or not?

Let’s find out in this article.

About 188Bet

Online casino 188Bet is one of the leading bookmakers in Asia and Singapore today. It provides online casino games and betting services. The bookmaker was established in 2006 and is managed by UK-based Cube Limited. An experienced professional team brings you an excellent online entertainment experience with quality products.

About 188Bet

188Bet is owned by Cube Limited, licensed by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. They have a team of qualified and experienced professionals to bring you a great online entertainment experience with excellent products and top-quality customer service.

188Bet is an internationally licensed and certified online bookmaker. It always secures a budget in the tens of billions of dollars.

Player deposits and winnings are held securely with Kleinwort Benson and Standard Bank Isle of Man UK. This means that the money you play at 188Bet is always absolutely safe and transparent.

188Bet Success Factors

Overall, 188Bet’s success factor comes from its long history and numerous stable products. In addition, the licenses issued by the Isle of Man itself attest to the value of 188Bet’s gambling operations in almost all of Europe and the Philippines.

Due to this scale of operation, many members and players are very safe when making long-term investments in the online casino market.

In addition, bookie also offers a mobile version of wagering to help you experience the online casino from the best perspective without doubling up and down each section like the desktop version.

Plus, an easy-to-use, fast, and clean interface helps get the most out of players—from the most casual to the most luxurious.

Moreover, the focus on aggressive advertising and big sponsorships has helped the brand become the most receptive name in the gaming market.

From there, players have grown more confident in the online casino’s prestige and dedication to participating members.

188Bet game
Trusted Online Casino in Asia


We go directly to their homepage to observe and discuss products with customer service. Among the products of Esports, Online Casino, Sports Betting, Lottery, the strength belongs to Sports and Online Casino. These are also advantages for any bookmaker operating in Europe.

Therefore, other by-products are added to accommodate the Asian gaming business.

Live casino

Players will have the greatest choice and profits when playing at 188Bet Casino with many different online casino clubs.

Today, many popular casino types, including blackjack, table games, slot machines, slot machines, and more, are available for players to choose from. The Online Casino is home to the best and most attractive casinos for the best players.

188Bet offers so many online casino games divided by different arcades. All games are played directly in real-life casinos, with image quality and high-speed transfers.

You won’t miss a game while playing at the famous online casino. Professional and simple betting interface, players don’t have to spend too much time getting used to it, coming to 188Bet today is the right choice.

You can play online casinos on any device from your laptop, tablet, mobile phone. They develop super apps on iOS and Android platforms. You can easily download the app and play the game on your personal device anytime, anywhere.

Live Casino 188Bet
Live casino lobbies

Sports betting

Sportsleading partners offer sports betting. 188bet is basically the most prominent product in its sportsbook. They also sponsor many professional footballs such as Chelsea, Liverpool or Bolton Rovers, Wigan Athletic, or are involved in sponsoring national and global sporting events.

Online casinos have around 1000 to 2000 football betting odds every day. As of now, 188bet is the online casino with the largest number of football bets in the Asian market.

This advantage helps players have a lot of options based on their personal preferences.

188BET is definitely the number one bookmaker for betting on all sporting events, from World Cup, European Cup, C1, C2, Premier League, FA Cup, La Liga, Serie A, Football League 1 to ATP Tennis Championships, Wushu UFC, NBA Basketball, and more Wait.

One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of prizes that you are interested in and want to bet on.

The online casino promotion program is extremely diverse. New members will receive a 188Bet bonus on their first deposit.

188Bet regularly refunds lost bets at high odds to members who have joined and have other special offers. The bookie website is very stable. 

Sports Betting 188Bet
Sports betting

Virtual sports betting

188Bet is one of the best virtual sports betting sites. 188Bet is a pioneer in the field of virtual sports betting, it is like sports betting in real life, but popular subjects such as football, volleyball, racing, horse racing, greyhound racing will be programmed by the computer.

The beauty of virtual sports compared to real-life sports is that you don’t have to wait for a game. Because virtual sports games are played continuously.

This way you can play anytime. You can watch live virtual sports directly on the online casino app.

At here, virtual sports betting is separate from traditional sports betting. A number of tables to play with many tournaments and even live tournaments.

There are 2 providers that supply this category at 188Bet – LEAP and Betrader. Games are divided into categories to help you better categorize your games. If you are a gamer and gambler, this is the section for you!


At the same time, it is the leading bookmaker that provides lottery systems (iLotto, Keno) in the current gaming industry. Online lotteries are the most popular product on the 188Bet website. This is the leading bookmaker in the form of online lotteries.

With the advantage of easy participation, you can choose the numbers you want through the website and stand a chance to win the jackpot.

Online lottery is also a strong product, where you will have access to many different types of lottery to fully meet the needs of players.

You can play a lot of exciting games such as 7Star, SEA Lottery, Super Lottery, Keno, Lotto, Lucky28, P3, Lucky 5.

When participating in the lottery, you can play on any device such as a computer, mobile phone, etc. Especially 188Bet has a great app on your phone’s iOS and Android platforms that allows you to play any game.

Lottery 188Bet
Lottery games

Website Interface

Overall, the interface of the online casino 188Bet is quite prominent, with black and orange as the main tones. You will immediately see online casino promotions and recommended games.

This arrangement is comfortable and not distracting.

Not only is there a website for computers and smartphones, but bookie also develops separate apps for Android and iOS. What if you just use a regular phone? bookie still has a special web version to cater to these mobile lines.

188Bet’s network speed is extremely smooth and stable, providing players with the best experience.

Mobile casino

188BET has always won the trust and satisfaction of players, so helping bettors to have the best experience whether using a computer or mobile device is a must.

Players who want to access and participate in betting from their mobile phone can directly access the mobile version of the website similar to the computer, with an interface optimized for devices of all screen sizes.

You can visit the homepage and download the mobile-specific app in the mobile section.

The app is available in iOS and Android versions, and users can install it directly on the device and start using 188BET’s services conveniently and quickly without going through the network. 

188Bet App
iOS & Android versions

Trust level

As mentioned, the bookmaker has certificates from the Isle of Man and GLI. Therefore, you can bet with this bookmaker with confidence. In addition, the original business source from Europe also makes 188Bet’s brand stronger and stronger.

In addition, as a strategic partner of numerous product suppliers, the bookmakers have received accolades from numerous partners. So it’s only natural that their brand is quite famous in Europe.

However, “slow entry” into an exciting market like Asia with a European style of operation will make online casino 188Bet slower than other local Asian bookies.

In general, bookmakers from Asia, are facing such a dilemma! Hope they can step up their activities in this competitive Asian market in the future!

Security and Safety

By joining 188Bet, players can rest assured of information security. All player information provided by 188Bet is absolutely safe. As Singapore Gaming has not yet been legalized, they always put the security of customer information first.

When joining play at 188Bet, all you need is your bank account number and username. Online casinos use foreign servers, so security is absolutely guaranteed.

Betting odds

Odds are something that gamblers are very interested in. Players will get a lot of attractive odds when playing 188Bet.

Therefore, you will have many opportunities to choose the odds that suit you. A comparison with other bookmakers shows that the odds here are quite high. So the reward for the winner is definitely not small.

Bonuses and Promotions

However, the online casino is not diverse and there are quite a few promotions when it comes to promotions. Apart from the first deposit refund promotion, there seem to be few or no other promotions.

We’ve also made several attempts to contact customer service and ask about upcoming promotions, but in general, they don’t pay much attention to promotions (which most European bookies usually do). 

Regarding demo deposits, they have no demo policy for members who want to experience it. So, you can play the games here by depositing some money in 188Bet’s system.

You can get:

  • 100% bonus on first deposit
  • Unlimited bet refund for when playing live casino, sports betting.
  • Daily betting bonus 

All these promotions apply to all products. After receiving the promotion, you can play all the games offered by the online casino.

Online casinos do not have any restrictions on how you can use your bonus on the games they offer.

188Bet promotion
Promotions & Bonuses

Customer Support

During the game, you sometimes encounter unexpected problems. Are you confused and don’t know what to do?

Don’t worry because 188Bet always has a very dedicated consulting team waiting for you 24/24. Regardless of the holidays, this team will still serve you as quickly as possible. If you don’t like chatting online, you can email, call, etc.

As for customer service, the time to contact the customer service staff from Asian bookies is very fast. The warmth and courtesy of the staff should please us.

The staff was also fully supportive with courtesy and courtesy when we asked external questions.

In addition, the customer service staff of 188Bet also chatted with us while waiting for the withdrawal to the bank, with a warm attitude.

In general, the customer service department of this gaming company is more diligent and professional. European-style online casinos must be like this!

Members & Agents at 188Bet

Regarding the agent program, the 188Bet online casino has a network of many and many agents. The percentage (%) paid to agents is a whopping 48%, which is a high number for someone who has been active in agents for a long time.

And the proxy registration part is pretty straightforward. You can contact customer service and transfer the information to the dealer’s agent service department.

Approval of your agency application can be quick or slow depending on the completeness of the information you provide to the bookmaker. From there, the bookmaker will arrange to discuss the affiliate program with you.

As for members, these bettors at 188Bet estimate that more than millions of players come from their total market. That’s a scary number for a stable market in terms of betting and revenue.

Register an account

Registering an account with 188Bet is easy in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Click the REGISTER button at the top right corner of the 188Bet homepage or 188Bet mobile app.

Step 2: Complete the SIGN-UP sheet by answering simple questions to create your login account. The requirements include:

  • Email Address – This is the communication channel for 188Bet to contact you about your account, as well as notify you of new website updates and the latest promotions.
  • Username – is the username for 188Bet to uniquely identify, consisting of 5 to 15 characters.
  • Password – case sensitive, consisting of 6 to 15 characters, consisting of letters (a-z) and numbers (0-9).
  • Country of Residence – You will select your country of residence from the drop-down menu. This is the country you live in.
  • Currency – You will choose your preferred currency from the drop-down menu. This is the currency of your choice. All your deposits and withdrawals will be made in this favorite currency.

Proper reporting information is required for valid account registration. This policy is designed to ensure the safety of the funds in your account.

Except for the account holder, no third party may use the correct bank account to make deposits or withdrawals from the account.

Step 3: Most importantly, You must confirm that you are over 18 years old and have read the Terms & Conditions to use the 188Bet website and its services.

How to deposit

Before starting the deposit, players can choose one of the following transfer methods: Skrill, local bank, Neteller, SMS/Mobile Banking, etc.

If you want fast and no fees, you should choose a local bank deposit, follow these steps:

  • Login > select “Deposit” in the corner of the screen.
  • Update user information on first deposit
  • Get the account number of 188Bet
  • Select local bank transfer, enter the amount, select the transaction bank, etc.

How to withdraw

After logging in to your account and selecting the withdrawal item, you will continue to perform the following steps:

  • Tap “Local bank transfer.”
  • Select the transaction bank name, enter the withdrawal amount, and press “Send.”
  • Fill in the remaining information > press “Continue” to complete.

Some important notes:

  • You need to update correct and complete information in the first deposit/withdrawal to ensure safety.
  • 188Bet account name and bank card representative name need to match.
  • Users can only deposit/withdraw according to the chosen method.
  • Depending on the deposit/withdrawal method, there will be different minimum and maximum amounts.

Transaction speed

In our opinion, deposits and withdrawals at 188Bet are relatively fast and the procedure is fairly straightforward. Just wait 2 – 5 minutes for deposits and 15 – 30 minutes for withdrawals.

If it takes longer, it means that the bank has an account that needs to be updated or maintained. You can give feedback to customer service to understand the reason for being late!

FAQs (Frequently asked questions) – 188Bet

Q1: How long does it take to withdraw 188bet?

Transfer times vary depending on the withdrawal method. Typically, transfers through your local bank take approximately 30 minutes to 24 hours.

If more than 24 hours, please contact customer service for support.

Q2: What is KYC Verification?

Account Verification (KYC) is part of the commercial commitment 188BET must make in order to provide services to its customers.

The account verification process needs to verify member information in accordance with the law to ensure that 188BET members operate in good faith.

188Bet | Top rated online casino in Singapore 2024 Details

eSports Bonus Reward!:
Up to MYR 127
Only X5 Rollover Requirement
** Please Check Out Bonus Play Conditions
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Please Gamble Responsibly
Strictly 18+

Gambling is for over 18s only Read More Responsible Gambling If you think you have a problem you should get help

*it's only entertainment
Trust & Fairness
Games & Software
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
2.8 Overall Rating

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