What is DOTA 2? How is DOTA 2 betting?

What is DOTA 2? How is DOTA 2 betting?

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Ever since the launch of DOTA games has become an explosive phenomenon around the world and become electronic sports with the main fan of the main fan, so the casinos have quickly grasped this to bring DOTA to the list of eSports betting games to serve the player’s needs.

Attraction comes from the match simulating battle, combined with dramatic moments from losing winning doors, making DOTA 2 always get the support of many people. Where do DOTA 2’s attractions come from?

DOTA 2 is a game that receives a large number of attractions, favorites of many players today. So in this DOTA game is there something interesting that many people are like? How do betting always win? Just read this article to find out the tips for this attractive game.

What is DOTA 2?

What is DOTA 2?
DOTA 2 games have 2 teams and each team consisting of 5 people

Before going into Learn the players position in the DOTA game 2 we should also learn through the game DOTA 2 what it is and how it means. As one of the emerging games, DOTA 2 has captured the love of many players.

The game always gives people feeling comfortable to relieve stress and take them into its own world. DOTA 2 is the participatory online game of many players from everywhere. It can be seen that this is an extremely attractive game when you always fight with my partner.

DOTA2 is built on a talented combination between a famous mod game Defense of the Ancients with Warcraft III game: REIGN OF CHAOS and its extended version The Frozen Throne.

This game was developed by Valve Corporation based on a famous game and was released on October 23, 2010, which was also launched in recent years. 

DOTA 2 games are described as consisting of 2 teams and each team consisting of 5 people, dividing to closure to occupy the two parties. In the middle of the map, the fortress is called “Ancient” to win each team to break the enemy fortress. Like going to invade, occupying neighbors to expand its range. 

Attraction of this game is highly rated in terms of form as well as the content of the game, when critics are assessed that this is a game that takes up many young people’s feelings, along with the upgrade during the play.

The Valve company always throws and innovates playing content, upgrading military power, membership, squad, battle, which makes the game attractive and players must offer their ability to win this game. 

Creating upgraded versions, but in the DOTA 2 community, it is still assessed that lack of friendliness in the process of playing. Anyway, this DOTA 2 game has also pleased a lot of players playing with a total number of players up to more than thousands of players. 

Learn about the positions in DOTA 2

DOTA 2 is a game that is released with the public, the most attractive is the lineup, the position of the characters in that game.

Often players will want to find out what role, strength, weapons, techniques that can make the character in the game bring them interesting and interesting moments with the strength equipped with elaborate strength with other titles at the same time. 

So the positions in DOTA 2 have so interesting things, find out right below.

(1) First position POS 1 – Location Carry

First position POS 1 - Location Carry - Dota 2 betting
Carry position are the top leaders and are important key positions

As we can understand its name, we also know that it must be an important position in the battle, with the name “Carry”. Actually POS is the acronym for this position and its full name is “position”.

Each team has 5 members and with each position with different functions, requires players to have logical knowledge and thinking to arrange the plan so cleverly to win the match. Carry is known as an important position during this attractive game. 

There is usually a support to aid Carry and Carry will always have a Safe Lane to go to, which can be said that this is the most preferred position.

But you should keep in mind that Carry has a slightly weak power at the beginning so it always needs support from the Support team and a special weapon equipment to help this position survive in the battle. 

But after the fulfillment of experience, the position of Carry became the most effective place to take care of the team and often put the team to win every battle.

So we also understand this Carry position, usually for heroes such as: AM, Phantom Lancer and so on. They are the top leaders and are important key positions. This position will command, support his copper hill, become the last Best of the game.

(2) Pos 2 position – MID or Solo MID position

It can be called “solo”, it is definitely independent in the process of fighting very high, there is always its own lane and often goes in the middle lanes, this position always scrambles the fighting position of Opponent.

This position is extremely “childish” that makes the enemy messy and lose the direction of fighting, it can be seen that this is an interesting position completely important like  the POS 1 position for the whole team. 

This position is usually undertaken by nukers, in addition, the healthy heroes are taken by the health or the capable to change the Lane, in addition to the hazard attacks that make the enemy die on the spot. This position is an important position, so the player is smart and knows the warship Logic match.

(3) Third position POS 3 – Offlane position

This position is like a shield that supports the team, attacking the enemy and often participates in the 1st-round line. Heroes who choose this position are often stealthable or heroes with great attacks.

Like position 2, this will also destroy the squad of the enemies and because the team shields should always be attacked by the enemy enemy, you will take the first 5 minutes to not do your mission when in this position.

Synonymous with what you need to survive in this first 5 minutes. In the process of attacking the opponent, you should try to call for support from positions 4 and 5 along with the combination of experience to be able to deflect the opponent’s carry, fast lane for the position 2 (MID) of his team Attack to destroy.

(4) Fourth POS position 4 – Support

Fourth POS position 4 - Support
This position is always capable of instant combat whenever you need

Bring the team support function, this is a mobility position, regularly reversing lines to support your team, supporting your team members.

Most of these positions are often undertaken by leaders, players will have to focus on grasping the situation that took place in the game to support their teams.

The lineup of this position usually takes place to be 2-1-2 or many other locations to serve flexibility during the combat process.

Just like its name, this position is always capable of instant combat whenever you need support from your team’s members.

(5) Fifth POS 5 position – support position

This position is to support the team, because it is not enough to just have the fourth position- support, the whole team will need the support from another.

So to be fully supported, the game producer decided to design the fifth position. This is a main support position meaning that this position will support and maintain the pace of their team. 

This position is considered playing a normal role that is not so important but the team will need the help from this position if it wants to win.

What is DOTA 2 betting? 

DOTA 2 betting is a form of betting based on the active analysis board between the two teams in a match. Based on the ability of the team to participate in the competition, the betting player will analyze and proceed to select the right guards. If you win, you will receive a bonus equivalent to the odds given by the casino.

What is DOTA 2 betting? 
How to play Dota 2 betting at the casino?

The most favorite DOTA2 bets are now: the casino will provide a variety of different bets for players based on demand. You should remember, the more players there are, the more likely to win. Therefore, we will aggregate and list you the most popular DOTA 2 bets.

  • Winner: This bet is also known as a bet for the winning team. Before the game begins, the player has to judge 1 of the two teams capable of winning higher and betting. If you catch the right team, you have been eating the bet, otherwise it loses.
  • Over/Under: It is a very common bet genre in sports betting in general, not alone DOTA2 and especially the global bet players enjoy this type of bet, shortly calling this type of bet that the casino has a ratio and you will choose over or under the ratio. If right, you will win.
  • Handicap: Handicap is very popular in many Esport subjects at home. The deacon request to the player predicts the ratio of the door will be able to attend the door below. The final result will be based on the score of 2 teams after the end of the match. For example, you expect a team A team with a ratio of 1.5 is given by the casino. Thus, to win bets, team A must win by 2 points or more, you will win the bet.
  • Correct Map Score: This bet requires the player to predict the official score of the match. If the ratio matches the match result, you win.
  • Team to Draw First Blood: The betting requires the player to predict the team will draw First Blood.
  • Team to Destroy The First Tower: Which team betting player will break the opponent’s pillars first.
  • Team to Slay The First Roshan: The bet is predicted that the team will defeat the strongest monster – Roshan first. If Baron is the strongest monster in lol, Roshan is the goal to conquer when playing online arena games. Roshan has a feature that owns a shield that can revive once, so all teams are as long as they desire the lord to win the advantage.

The above are the most popular bets at the casinos. There are still many other bets depending on each casino you join. Therefore, let’s find out carefully to avoid misleading bets and build appropriate betting tactics.

In addition, you can also choose other special types of specials as follows:

  • Draw 5 First blood
  • Draw 10 First Blood
  • Draw 15 First Blood
  • Draw 20 First Blood
  • Lower Melee Barrack Soldiers First
  • The Team has the highest remaining total Blood?

The online arena game attracts a large number of participants. Especially in Asia and the North American region, online arena games are very popular and have valuable tournament tournaments up to millions of dollars making the betting gender day and night sleeping without bucking away to make money.

Can name some DOTA2 tournaments you might be interested in such as Dream League, Professional League, Major and International Award. 

In particular, the International Award is a fierce tournament and a dream of many gamers as a competitive playground of the 16 strongest teams in the world, the total prize value of up to 40 million USD.

Final thought

The Dota 2 version retains the same charm as the first version. It is thought to have increased the game’s appeal by expanding the list of generals and improving skills. 

According to many experienced game players, in order to control this fascinating online game, players must be able to coordinate with teammates in addition to their observation and control skills for the best possible match 

Because this is a team game, the final outcome will always be determined by the strength of the whole team. There will almost certainly be no group that can win solely, so to win in this game you should work with other members together.

Besides, DOTA 2 betting is also a good way to make money and reduce stress. If you are looking for a game which satisfies both your passion for Esports games and earning money, please learn more about DOTA 2. Don’t too be.

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