AW8 | An Entertainment World That Blows Your Mind

AW8 | An Entertainment World That Blows Your Mind

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*it's only entertainment

AW8 is no stranger to a variety of enthusiasts who find their interest in the field of online betting games. This site was established with the mission to bring a colorful world to attract viewers with desirable betting services.

It is the thoughtfulness and quality service that has helped this bookie get on the list of the most impressive bookies of 2022.

What can this site offer you? What experiences can you get through it? Everything will be revealed right off the bat.

About Aw8

AW8, also known by the abbreviation for Acewin8, is one of the bookies with a full range of betting services that are both attractive and commercially valuable today.

AW8 provides specialized services on not only football betting in particular and other sports in general but also services on the online lottery, e-sports, Live Casino, etc. 

The above-mentioned has created a top-notch playground that few bookmakers on the market can provide. If you have any questions or requests for support when using the betting services of this bookmaker, you can directly contact us through the online chat channel on the system’s website.

The representative of Acewin8 is none other than Fernando Torres, a famous Spaniard who has played for big clubs in the world such as Liverpool, Chelsea, Atlético de Madri, to name but a few.

This partially reinforces the trustworthiness of this site. Moreover, thanks to the huge investment of the development team, in the future, Aw8 is expected to develop more services and more unique betting games. 

At the same time, AW8 is proud to be one of the official agents of major betting brands in Asia, such as CMD368, Allbet, Playtech, Spade Gaming, etc.

The bookie system is located in the Philippines and is certified to operate by PAGCOR. Therefore, the quality of service here is of international level, and the prestige is beyond controversy.

This bookie has a modern interface
This bookie has a modern interface


Online betting players often worry about the experience as well as the quality of the games they engage in.

However, you do not have to worry about this problem when experiencing AW8, because it cooperates with many popular providers such as Playtech, Microgaming, CMD368, BTi, eBET, JOKER, WM Casino, MEGA888, AG, GDG, Sexy Baccarat, and so on.

You can easily find many familiar and new betting types at the bookie. Here is an immense list that will surely never let you down.

(1) Live Casino

The casino is so popular that it is used regularly and appreciated by millions of people. Currently, along with the great development of technology, there is a new form of casino that is the live casino.

Therefore, playing online casinos must not be a strange activity for many gamers anymore, and the acceptance of this new type is not inferior to its predecessor, the traditional casino.

Regardless of age, gender, or profession, anyone can participate without breaking a sweat. The way to participate is simple, and gamers can make real money as long as they choose a really reputable bookie.

Live casino is likened to a miniature casino, and each game lobby is an extremely “attractive and beautiful” dealer leading the game. Players will have moments of “pleasing the eyes” in the true sense.

AW8 cooperates with many players in the online casino Singapore category, such as WM Casino, Asia Gaming, SA Gaming, Dream Gaming, Sexy Gaming, and more.

Each publisher will offer one or more different card games, such as Baccarat, Sicbo, Roulette, Fan Tan, Dragon Tiger, Crab, Blackjack, etc.

Live casino comes from many well-known vendors in the market
Live casino comes from many well-known vendors in the market

(2) Sport

AW8 makes its name thanks to cooperation with 4 main publishers CMD368, MAXBET, BTI SPORT, and BETTRADER.

On a daily basis, AW8 constantly updates the odds of more than 5000 football matches, originating from many attractive tournaments such as Serie A, Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa, EURO, to name a few and many other sports such as volleyball, tennis, racing, tennis, hockey, rugby, horse racing, etc.

As long as you are passionate or knowledgeable about a certain sport, you can apply it to bet and win valuable rewards. Besides, there is also a “virtual sports” lobby for the “ignorant”.

Virtual sports are pre-programmed on the computer; when participating in betting, you can only rely on either luck or your observation skills, or both. Thanks to that, it divides the chances of winning equally for everyone.

Exciting sports betting
Exciting sports betting

(3) Esports

Esports games only appeared in the online betting market a few years ago. If you are a lover of fighting and attacking games like LOL, CS: GO, Dota 2, etc., then don’t miss Esports betting at Acewin.

The attraction when betting on Esports at AW8 is that, in addition to the odds, the bookie also updates the team/individual performance so that players can make better decisions.

Special eSports Betting
Special eSports Betting

(4) Poker

Poker is so famous for the feature of the game’s instrument – the 52-card deck. AW8 cooperates with two main publishers, GO Mobile and ENJOY Poker, to create a high-class playground that promises to bring explosive experiences to players.

There are many Poker styles here for you to choose from, such as Texas Poker, Five-card draw, Omaha hold’em. The dealer divides into many tables with min-max bets corresponding to the player’s ability.

For this category, if you have no experience or a small amount of money, you should choose tables with low handicaps. Conversely, if you are already a super connoisseur in this game, you can try your hand at larger tables.

Create a separate poker lounge
Create a separate poker lounge

(5) Fish shooting game

It will be an unforgettable experience when you immerse yourself in the vast ocean world at fish shooting games. Here, you will admire many sea creatures with cute shapes and mascots that only appear in myths, such as dragons, mermaids, or pirates.

The bookie offers two basic fish shooting games, Fishing War and Fishing God. The difference is the graphics, sound, and payout ratio in each sea creature in the game.

The common point is that there will be three levels for you to choose from before starting, including Undertaker, Expert, and Divine.

Fish shooting game
Fish shooting game

(6) Online Lottery

Online lottery is not only safer and faster than traditional methods, but the payout level is also highly worth trying. Each game in AW8 will have different rules, so it is recommended that you learn carefully before placing a bet.

Online Lottery Variety
Online Lottery Variety

(7) 3D Games

This game lobby is like a second casino. The only difference is that the games here are developed under the graphics model.

Players will have the opportunity to participate in betting with many other online players. Many featured games like Rock Paper Scissors, The Ladder, PK10, Thor, or Lucky Derby.

 3D Games has loads of novelty games
3D Games has loads of novelty games


AW8 stands out from the crowd remembers the partnership with well-known partners in the betting game market. Indeed gamers are familiar with famous names like Microgaming, Mega888, 918Kiss, Playtech, Allbet, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, Play ‘n go, Asia Gaming, Top Trend Gaming.

In addition, Spade Gaming and Microgaming are also on this list. Besides, you can also expect more from Dream Gaming, Sexy Baccarat, Ebet, Evolution Gaming, Mega888 UFABet, IDNpoker, Fishing War, Fishing God, GG Fishing, and WM Casino.


To create attraction and bring convenience to many betting players in the market, the development of applications for users to have a more convenient playing field is increasingly supported and expected.

To explain, this is the factor that stimulates the current betting industry. Therefore, AW8 also owns its own online betting application.

In parallel with the development and investment of the gaming community at the website, it seems that the mobile betting system also makes its own mark.

To download the application from the system, you can choose one of two options:

  1. Number 1: Access the AW8 website. Look at the right corner of the system => Select download. There are three versions for Android, iOS, or PC, depending on which device you want to download to use.
  2. Number 2: If using a phone, you can access the Apple Store or CH Play on the device => Search for the keyword “AW8” to download the application and proceed with the installation.

Spend about 5 to 10 minutes, and you can immediately have the mobile version to enjoy the experience. This is the perfect solution if you are afraid of the website crashing or suddenly unable to access the link to the system.

When experiencing the mobile application, we rate it better in terms of convenience. At the same time, the features of the website are also completely inherited by the application.

Responsible Gambling

Transparency and quality in terms of safety are the factors that make users feel secure in playing games and using online betting services. A reputable bookie can help dispel worries about unsafety and poor quality.

Of course, no one wants their money case to disappear without a trace. Therefore, finding out and choosing a reputable bookmaker is of increasing concern. If there is a guarantee of safety and quality, then the game portal system will be used and loved.

AW8 is such a playground. Since its launch in the market, this bookie has become a highlight in the betting market, bringing a new breath of life and excitement.

Not only providing quality betting services but also the safety and security of the system can’t fault a single point.

Regarding the AW8 system, it can be said that it meets the criteria of a leading bookie and possesses more potential for future development.

Although the AW8 dealer information is not displayed and provided as fully as many bookies today, the support team contacting directly is very easy. The support time is also fast and the reply is complete and friendly.

At the same time, this casino also provides information, including licenses and operating certificates issued by Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, so it further proves the quality and reputation of this gaming portal system.

👉 About Responsible Gambling:


The AW8 dealer system can be said to have a very thoughtful level of investment in its VIP system. The eye-catching interface would be offered when clicking on services and articles exclusively for the VIP system.

However, there is only information about those promotions or some offers without knowing how to register or how to be VIP.

According to the information on the website, it can be seen that the VIP membership level is divided into four classes: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. VIPs’ exclusive rights are access to specials and offers and access to their exclusive club.

Promotion And Awards

Incentives are likened to “powerful weapons” that bookmakers launch to attract players. AW8 is no exception when it launches many attractive return policies/incentives such as:

  • Predict the champions of many attractive tournaments such as Serie A, Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa, EURO  with prizes up to USD 22000
  • First deposit brings good luck
  • First deposit bonus
  • Special 5% cashback weekly up to USD 740
  • UEFA Champions & UEFA Euro lucky draw with total prizes up to USD 100000
  • 100% sports/casino/slot welcome bonus
  • 12% daily bonus sports/casino/slot
  • Bonus for referring friends
  • Happy birthday bonus

Besides, if you become a VIP member of AW8, you also enjoy more attractive incentives.

Promotion And Awards attracts hundreds of players every day
Promotion And Awards attracts hundreds of players every day


AW8’s deposit system is also very simple and convenient to operate. There are two ways you can make a deposit such as Express Payments and Local Bank.

Currently, the minimum limit you can deposit is $6.6, and the maximum is $13.2 per transaction. There is no maximum limit for the number of times/daily deposit amount.


AW8 currently stipulates the minimum limit that you can withdraw per day is $11, and the maximum amount is $26.4. When making a withdrawal, you can only withdraw money to the correct and correct card with the Full name information that you registered at the beginning.

AW8 supports withdrawing money through many different banks. In case the bank is not named in the selection list, you can directly select Other Bank and then enter your bank’s name.

After filling in the correct information and the amount to withdraw from the account, you select “Withdraw” to let the system receive your information and needs. Normally, it will take about 15 minutes for you to receive money in your account.


Currently, the interface of AW8 supports many different languages, including English, Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese.


Membership registration is considered a prerequisite. The process of creating an account is very simple since players just need to click on the Register box in the right corner of the screen and fulfill the requirements such as:

  • User name
  • Password and confirm password
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Select currency
  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Agent ID (optional)

Then click the Sign-Up box at the bottom and you’re done. As long as the information is correct, the account will confirm in less than 3 seconds.

Fill in the details here
Fill in the details here

To re-login to the dealer, F5 again on the page, then enter: username and password, then click the Login box next to it.


The current customer support team of this bookie only answers and advises through two online channels including online chat and via networking apps.

Although there are not too many diverse support channels, the time to answer and consult customers is also very fast and quite dedicated.

You can directly contact through the system’s website or proceed to save your number for easier contact and support requests.

The AW8 bookie’s customer care team is professionally trained, working 24/7, ready to support and answer all questions for players such as account registration, deposit, net banking information.

In terms of information security, all customers’ personal information, money transfer transactions are absolutely secured with 128-bit SSL security technology that meets the world’s leading standards, ensuring to prevent all attacks from outside. And even access from the inside is strictly controlled.

Q&As – Aw8

(1) Is AW8 trustworthy?

Yes. It can be said that legitimacy is the top criteria that online betting players set when looking for a bookie. Unlike betting on land-based casinos, you have to know the address of the organization.

If something goes wrong, you can go to the place to sue. But online betting is different, and all transactions take place online. If you encounter a poor-quality bookie, you will be in trouble.

The bookie AW8 has legally registered its business at PAGCOR (short for Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation), roughly translated – Philippine Gaming and Entertainment Corporation.

This is a corporation established and controlled by the government. Not stopping there, AW8 Casino also “invited” Fernando Torres – Chelsea striker, to be the 2020/21 brand ambassador.

(2) Is the AW8 dealer’s security mode reliable?

There is a compliment to the system security model of the AW8 bookie today because since joining and registering as a member of the system, we have not received any “junk” information or been bothered by other services.

This means that the customer’s personal information is not provided or sold for anything.

At the same time, while using the services here, the system does not have a server crash or game interruption while experiencing.

Therefore, it can be said that AW8 Casino has done a very good job in maintaining the system in a smooth and stable way.

Wrapping Up

Are you looking for a reputable bookie to place your bets and increase your chances of winning big? AW8 is really an ideal place for you.

We hope the above information can help you have an objective assessment of the AW8 bookmaker. What are you waiting for? It’s time to create an account and start enjoying great betting experiences at AW8.

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Gambling is for over 18s only Read More Responsible Gambling If you think you have a problem you should get help

*it's only entertainment
18+. New players only. Your first bet is risk-free - SGD 200 for your first bet. Members are required to make a FIRST deposit of SGD 100 into any BK8 CMD368 provider wallet to be entitled to this promotion.

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Strictly 18+

Gambling is for over 18s only Read More Responsible Gambling If you think you have a problem you should get help

*it's only entertainment
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