Hearing about Tai Xiu, longtime gamblers, or those who only occasionally sit at the casino, will also know how this game has a betting form. However, knowing is not necessarily understanding. In this article, Online Casino Singapore will help you to will learn more about this age-old betting sport.

Demo Tai Xiu

What is Tai Xiu?

Significant and low is one of the entertainment money betting games with a long history of development and is one of the “ancient betting” games still loved by everyone today. In the big and small casinos worldwide, any casino has this most popular game of Tieu and faint.

Origin of the name Tai Xiu:

“Finance” is the name “given” by the Vietnamese to this game originating from China; some other words for this game are SicBo, Pontoon, or Vingt-et-un.

In the Philippines or Thailand, people also call Tai Xiu fainting game Hi-lo – an English acronym for the words High (High) and Low (Low).

After many years of establishment and development, thanks to the migration, immigration from the population of regions to China, and people from China to the other areas, Tai Xiu is now present almost everywhere in Asia.

Tai Xiu is a betting table games that uses three dice (also known as dice) to move into shakes/shocks in each match. The main task is to correctly predict the heads of the dice.

This game has many versions to choose from, such as playing live streams with real people or through computer systems. Regardless of the form of the game, the game of Tai Xiu also adheres to the following rules:

  • Over:The total score of 3 dice is from 11 to 17.
  • Under: The sum of the heads of the dice is 4 – 10 points.
  • Even doors: The dice points are 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16.
  • Odds: The total score of dice heads is 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17.

In essence, Tai Xiu is a gambling game of lousy luck when no one can guess the numbers that will appear when opening the bowl. However, with short playtime, simple operation, and high payout, this is still the most popular casino game.

The gaming area
The gaming area is extremely beautifully designed

Instructions on how to play Tai Xiu

(1) Rules

The game rules are the same, i.e., if you think that the three dice of the house after shaking will result in Big, then bet on the big.

If you believe the total of the three dice is under, then bet on the underside. Winning and losing will be known as soon as the total score of 3 dice is announced. You will receive your rewards if you win, excluding the bet amount; if you lose, you lose your bet.

However, the above simple way of playing is the traditional way to play Tai Xiu and faint; if you are looking to try your hand at online gambling, the way to play will be a bit more complicated.

But do not be afraid, because this complexity mainly comes from many different forms of betting; with a small amount of money, you can also try to understand more about Online Tai Xiu.

With Online Tai Xiu, you need to understand the layout of a betting table. It looks confusing, but this is the most intuitive way for players to choose the door they want.

The dice shown on the table are all listed in full; as long as you take the time to observe, you will quickly understand the rules.

The rules of the game
The rules of the game are shared clearly

(2) Types of bets

There are many different types of bets to help players get winnings, such as regular Tai Xiu, double bets, triple bets, total bets, pair bets, and number bets. etc. Expressly, the types of bets are stated as follows:

  • Tai Xiu bets: the most traditional chance is over or under. If you predict the result of the last three dice to have a total of less than 11 (between 4 and 10 points), then place the door under, the result comes out low, then you win. And if the result is greater than 11 (between 11 and 17 points), it is Over; if you bet under, you lose. Note that if the dice roll results in an identical triple, you lose no matter how big or small you bet.
  • Number bets: this is the simplest way to bet; if you are familiar with how to bet on fish, then the method of betting on numbers is similar. If you bet only 1 number, and if the dice roll results, the number you placed appears on one die, you are awarded 1:1; if the number appears on two dice, then you are awarded double; If that number appears on all three dice, then you are awarded three times the amount bet. However, the payout ratio for three dice when betting on numbers is entirely different from the payout for the identical triple bet, which will be mentioned shortly,
  • Identical Triples bet: the similarity between this bet and the number bet (with the result that the bet number appears on all three dice) is that you will bet on a specific number, and the result will be shaken. If the dice roll out the exact number you bet, and all three dice are drawn at once, then you win big. You can also bet “generic,” which means that there is no need to specify a specific number, but just assume that the outcome of this table will be a random set of 3 of the same numbers on the three dice.
  • Identical Doubles: This bet is generally easy to win but also has a lot of risks. Players will bet a specific pair of numbers; if the result turns out two dice with the same number as the number you bet, then you win. On each table, you can bet as many matching pairs as you want, but if that game results in a matching triple, then no matter what number you bet, your identical team loses.
  • Total bet: this is how to bet on 3 sides of 3 dice; for this bet, you can only bet the total number from 4 to 18 points; the remaining counts outside this range will coincide with the result. Of the identical triplet “1” and “6”.
  • At the end of the pair: this is the simplest and most concise way of betting on Tai Xiu; you will precisely predict what two numbers will appear in this roll of the dice. If 2 of the three balls produce the same result as you expected and bet, then you win. Otherwise, you lose your bet.
Wide variety of bets
Wide variety of bets for players to choose from

The odds

The original game was modified, a complex system of multiple doors was established, with different odds of winning but the same general principle: the higher the probability of winning, the lower the payout, the better the door.

For those who have a low chance of winning, the reward rate is usually very high, specifically as follows:

  • Tai Xiu bets: the odds of this form of Tai Xiu bets are 1 to 1 if you win. If you lose, you lose your bet.
  • Number bet: depending on the specific number you bet appears many times due to rolling the dice. In 3 dice, the number you roll out one time is 1:1, if you roll two times, the ratio is 1:2, and if you roll three times, the balance is 1:3.
  • Identical Triples bet: if the exact triple bet is any number, the payout ratio is 1:30. On the other hand, if you place a triple bet on a specific number, the payout ratio is 1:180 – this is the highest payout in Tai Xiu bets.
  • Match Doubles: With any matching pair in the result, if you bet on this door, you will receive a reward at the ratio of 1:11.
  • Total bet: This bet depends on the probability of the result when the result is returned when rolling three dice. There will be a different ratio at each door that you place; players need to monitor and observe closely to improve their chances of winning.
  • At the end of the pair: with a pair bet, the player who wins will receive a bonus at the ratio of 1:6.
Results dice
Results after opening the bowl of dice

Tips for playing Tai Xiu

(1) Choose a reputable bookie.

The first and most important thing when you bring money to an online gaming account is that the house must be reputable, have a valid license,

(2) Choose a table with a large number of players.

You are a horizontal hand and do not know before how the over-fail results will be. A multiplayer table will be a wise choice for you to follow them, With a small amount of money, to slowly get used to the rules of paying results at this table, then you can place your bets.

(3) Plan your budget from the start

If you are sure you have only $100 to play, how much are you expected to win or lose if you have won to your desired amount or lost to your desired amount? If you can still stand it, then stop. This is a way for you to not lose momentum and still preserve your money.

(4) Should change doors

Experts often tell newcomers not to place multiple bets at the same door; you should pay attention to other entries and put money in; if this door closes, the other door will be recovered.

(5) Rush play

The important thing about the rush play is that you have to know where to start, where to be in the middle, and where to end.

The quick way to play is game one you put 10, game two; you put 20, game 3 set 40, game 4 put 80. If game 4 wins, you take the money, and game 5 puts 10, and so on. This way of playing will help you get your capital back.

(6) Play calmly

Don’t rush to forget the way back because of winning, nor should because of loss try to stick to the casino to remove, especially with a hasty course of playing, don’t know the rules but just keep trying to play; it’s easy to get a negative budget.

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