The traditional Thai game Hilo has always retained its charm, the number of betting players is constantly increasing. This is one of the online game series with a high reward rate, so it is always attractive to game believers.

So what is Thai Hilo? How is it different from traditional Sicbo? This article will give you information about Thai Hilo.

Demo Thai Hilo

What is Thai Hilo?

Thai Hilo, also known as Tai and Fa, is a game of the Thai version with the Dealer wearing a unique traditional costume.

This P2P game offers players a fascinating experience thanks to the more special features of the high win rate along with simple bet types.

In this game, there are four different dice pieces. At the beginning of the game, you will predict the outcome of the three dice and proceed to place bets on whatever Bet you are confident of as the Dealer shakes the plate face down and the outcome is kept secret.

At the end of the time, the Dealer will open the bowl to display the results of 3 cards on the screen. If the result matches the bet table with the original three dice rolled, then you win and receive the Bet.

The biggest difference is that Thai Hilo offers more chances to bet and win, so many players feel more comfortable and loved.

Nice interface
Thai Hilo has beautiful pictures

Terminology in Thai Hilo

Thai Sic Bo in general and Thai Hilo in particular use many specific terms. If you are not a simple player, you may encounter difficulties when playing.

Here is a summary of commonly used terms:

  • Dice, dice: These are 6-sided cube dice. Each set has a corresponding number or number of dots from 1 to 6. Dice is the “soul” of this Thai Hilo game. Many other betting casino games also use dice as a game tool.
  • Big: The sum of the three dice on the table is from 11 – 17.
  • Under: The sum of the three dice is between 4 and 10.
  • Hilo bet: is a bet on the sum of 3 dice based on the specified value of each bet type. This type of bet is quite difficult, so the payout ratio is high and can change depending on the probability of each outcome. In Thai Hilo, it is also divided into 6 Hi, 5 Hi, 1 Lo betting forms, .etc.
  • Single Bet: Bets on whether a number (from 1 to 6) will appear at least once out of the three dice. The more times you bet on the number, the bigger the reward.
  • Double Bet: Bet on whether or not a pair of numbers will appear on the three dice. The payout ratio is quite high.
  • Pair bet: Bet that 1 pair of exact numbers will appear on 3 dice. This bet is quite difficult, so the payout ratio is high up to 1:10 or 12.
  • Set of 3 bets: Which three of the same will appear on the same 3 dice? The probability of returning is very low, so the payout ratio is very high.
  • Raffle bet: Only bets on whether the result of 3 dice is the same set of 3 or not.
Bet limit
There are different levels of bets

Types of bets in Thai Hilo

The highlight of the Thai dice game is that it offers a variety of bets, including:

(1) Hilo bet

Like the total Bet in traditional Sicbo, the Hilo bet is the sum of the 3 dice. The player who bets on the same final result and does not commit a crime wins.

Commit when the result on any of the 3 is the same (111, 222, 444,…) or the sum of the 3 dice is 11.

Example: When betting Hi 15, the result is 6, 5, 4. Player wins.

When betting on Lo 7, the result is 2, 1, 4. The player wins when betting on a total of 9 Hilo. The dice roll to 333, and the player loses.

(2) Bet 11 Hilo

In contrast to Hilo bet, the player bets that the total of 3 dice is exactly 11. If the result shows a total of 3 dice, 11, the player wins.

Example: Player bet 11 Hilo, the result is 4, 5, 2, the player wins.

(3) Bet 6, 5, and 1 in Lo

Bet on the occurrence of that dice, and the sum of 3 dice is called Lo. If the result is on a triple dice, including 666, 555, or 111, the player loses.

Example: Player bets 5 Lo, the result is 5, 1, 2 (total is 8) then wins, but if it comes to 5, 6, 4 (total is 15), loses.

Place bets
Place bets on the answer that you think is correct

(4) Bet 3 Lo

Bet on the occurrence of dice 3; Lo is the sum of these 3 dice (9). If the dice result is 3, including 3 3 3, the player loses.

Example: Player bets 3 Lo,

If the dice land on 3, 5, 6 (total 14), you lose.

If the dice land on 3, 4, 1 (Total 8), you win.

(5) Bet 6 Hi

Bet on the occurrence of dice 6, Hi is the sum of these 3 dice. If the result is a set of 3 dice, including 666, the player loses.

Example: Player bets 6 Hi,

The dice are 4, 5, 6 (Total 15), the player wins

The dice reach 6, 2, 1 (Total 9) then the player loses.

(6) Bet 4 Hi

Similarly, a 4 Hi bet is a bet on the occurrence of dice 4; Hi is the sum of these 3 dice. If the result is a set of 3 dice, including 444, the player loses.

Example: Player bets 4 Hi,

Dice on 4, 6, 5 (Total 15), the player wins.

The dice reach 4, 2, 1 (Total 7) then the player loses.

In addition, Thai Hilo also offers other bets similar to traditional Sicbo dice such as Bet on a specific number (Will return at least 1 time in 3 dice, the more you return, the higher the reward rate), Bet on 2 specific numbers (About 2 numbers out of 3 dice, the odds of winning are very good),…

The odds table
The odds of winning are diverse and attractive

The sequence in the game

The Thai Hilo table usually includes quite a few players participating and betting with different forms.

Players at the casino will need to change to Chips to bet instead of cash. Dealers only accept bets in chips.

If you play Thai Hilo at online casinos, the house will convert your bets directly from your account balance.

First of all, the Dealer (Dealer) will roll the dice in a bowl, then face down, and no one knows the result.

The players at the table take turns predicting the outcome of the 3 dice and bet the corresponding amount.

Note that Thai Hilo tables often have a minimum and maximum Bet. You need to find a table that suits your finances.

After the player chooses the best type and stake within the allotted time, the Dealer will open the bowl. Everyone will see the exact results of the 3 dice.

If the dice result matches the prediction, the player wins with the bonus calculated according to the house rate.

Results table
Notification of specific results

Tips for playing Thai Hilo

Sic Bo in general and Thai Hilo, in particular, are both games of great chance, bringing a very stimulating feeling, so sometimes it also causes players to lose control. Especially new players, eager to win money or get rid of the lost money.

In fact, if you do not control your mood and emotions well, you cannot become a winner in this dice game.

Each player’s playing skill is different, not to mention the same skill, but applied in two players also has different results. The biggest reason is that each person’s psychology, it affects both luck, thinking, and wise decisions.

Here are some experiences that Thai HiLo players should have:

  • Do not make decisions based on emotions, or temporary preferences, but always based on arguments and analysis.
  • By choosing a table with a suitable bet level and a large number of players, you will have more luck.
  • When catching the dice rule, boldly bet the opportunity does not come much.
  • Keeping your mind comfortable, remember entertainment is the top goal when playing, so don’t try to put all your playing capital to the end.

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