Sicbo | The Oldest Betting Game In Asia

Sicbo | The Oldest Betting Game In Asia

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If you regularly participate in online betting games, you will surely know about the Sicbo game. Sicbo is a game that is entertaining and thought-provoking and requires some risk and is more profitable.

However, you don’t need to know the basic information and the rules of playing this game. This will be a barrier to winning for anyone.

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What is Sicbo?

If you fan Hong Kong or Chinese movies, especially historical ones, you will often see scenes of 3 Dice rolling in casinos or rolling fields.

That’s the Sic Bo game. The game of rolling three dice – Sicbo, is popular in Asian casinos, but it has spread to many other regions, present in European and American casinos.

This is a game based on chance, but in this table game, to win requires players to know analysis and quick and flexible calculations when choosing the primary bet type. But in general, Sicbo is easy to play and does not require much strategy or skill, so it is beautiful.

Players will bet on the outcome of 3 dice after being shaken. Players can bet one or more numbers shown on the table. The Sicbo is divided into several areas, each representing different combinations of results.

The game is carefully invested
The game is carefully invested in images and betting forms

Sicbo Rules

(1) Basic Betting Rules

First of all, the player will bet within the allotted time. Players will rely on personal guesses to place bets. You can bet based on your certainty.

After the betting time ends, the Dealer will press the button to automatically shake the SicBo.

After shaking, the Dealer will enter the score of the Sic Bo seeds, and the Sicbo display interface will light up the winning area.

Players can go through here to know the winning items and the odds that match their bet content to judge winning or losing.

Place bet chips
Place bet chips on the desired position

(2) Game rules

In case the result of 3 dice is the same (Storm) if bet (Even/Odd) (Over/Under), the chance will be eaten.

In my experience, you just need to play Big Sic and Odd for easy. For the other parts, you need to calculate a little to win.

However, the win rate is not high for those cells. Therefore, the above four ways of playing are accessible and have a higher probability of eating.

Of course, once your ability and experience are enough, do not hesitate to join the more difficult parts. Although the hit rate is not high, you can completely calculate to bring yourself a win, and the reward level is also higher than usual.

The game rules
The game rules are pretty clear

Popular bet types in Sicbo

(1) Type 1: Bet over-under, even-odd

This is the basic bet when playing the game for real money Sicbo with big and small doors with attractive payout ratios, the way to bet is as follows:

Calculated according to the total of 3 buttons of Big Door (11-17) Small Door (4-10), Total Even, Total Odd with reward ratio 1:1.

Especially in the case of storms (3 identical nodes will not be counted as parity), batteries’ possibility is infrequent. Therefore, these four basic bets are still the first choice and a compelling way to play Sicbo for those new to this game.

The trick when catching these doors is to follow the bridge, follow and hurry. This side bridge is as easy to see as the Xoc disc bridge and has many platform bridges that are ideal for tailgating.

(2) Type 2: Single button bet with fold combination

With this bet, you can apply it in the following ways:

This way of playing just needs to put a button and fold up the next game if the switch has not returned.

The advantage is that it is possible to combine probability statistics to track the results of previous games to choose to raise a button. Especially in the case of that button, both two dice or even all three dice, the bonus received is enormous.

The way to play button placement is still counted if the results are about those three buttons (storm) but not lose benefits like placing Odd Odd Over and Under.

To choose a practical farming button, you can choose to take the control that is the majority on the summary board or select the button repeatedly to go back to the previous games to choose.

The disadvantage is that it is limited by the bet level (up to 5000 points) and, in a hurry, requires a large amount of capital from the player. So it requires you to have a lot of money to follow the bet.

Choose your play limit
Choose your play limit to suit your economy

(3) Type 3: Double button two-door bet

Double button doors such as (1:1) (2:2) (3:3)… have an attractive payout ratio (1:8).

To bet effectively, you need to choose which button to bet on this door, based on the statistics of which button is the majority in the previous games.

It is up to judgment and analysis to decide whether to place only one double node door or multiple combinations of two nodes simultaneously. For example, put 100K on the door (2:2) – Put 100K on the door (3:3) – If you win, 600K CZK profit.

Some people also combine the way to win Sicbo by placing a double (usually a lining) with other bets such as placing Even–Odd and placing Single Button. You can also apply this way to achieve higher efficiency.

(4) Style 4: Bet on two buttons

The payout for this door is (1:5). For example, if you place a bet (1 – 4) – If the result is correct, there are two buttons 1 – 4, then you will gain five times the bet on that game.

This type of 2-button bet has fewer players placing bets, and there are also strategies to make this bet effective.

Basic bet types to know in the game Sicbo.

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results game
The game is known the results more quickly

(5) Style 5: A set total of 3 buttons

Total bets from 4 to 17 with different payouts from (1:6 to 1:50) are also the choice of many people when playing Sicbo.

In Particular, the total bets of 9 and 11 are often preferred because there are many cases, so the probability of these two totals is relatively high.

Basic bet types to know in the game Sicbo.

(6) Style 6: Set a storm with few terrible profits

Setting the storm to hit the shower is one of the outcomes that many sic bo players desire. The storm gate has a huge profit (1:150). In the Standard mode of Sicbo Kingmakers, there is also a mixed storm with an equally attractive (1:24) bonus ratio.

Some players do not plan to put their bets on the storm door, hoping to win huge money, but in reality, they have not met the storm, but the money has already run out.

However, Sicbo players have a way to set their storm door, calculate the case with a high probability of encountering a storm, or hit an extra battery in bet combinations to win this attractive door.

(7) Multiplier method

Based on statistical probability math, the Odd-Even ratio is 50/50, so no matter how you place ten games, there will be one winning game.

If you lose all 10, you need to review how you play and change your tactics to be more suitable. And this multiplier method, if you apply it successfully, the winning rate will be higher.

To do this successfully, you need to use the following methods. First, you bet Even with a bet of 1. The next game you still choose Even, but with a chance of 2, the next game is 4…

To put it simply, you need to place your bets on the next game increasing exponentially compared to the last chance. It’s not possible to put even forever and still get Odd.

So, rest assured that you bet until you win. Summarizing the amount of money, you will undoubtedly make a profit. Now stop and start over.

This is a perfect and effective method that you should try. Many gamers have had success with this method. In addition, you also need to calculate carefully when applying.

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