Fun88 | Review and evaluate the one of the best OCS 2024

Fun88 | Review and evaluate the one of the best OCS 2024

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Fun88 is the number 1 casino in Asia. It was established in 2008, and until now, the Fun88 house has lasted a long way of formation and gone into stable operation.

Up to now, in the blink of an eye after 10 years of looking back on sustainable development, the name of the house Fun88 has become a very familiar brand with Asians in general and Vietnam in particular.

On March 19, 2019, the casino just officially joined the OG GLOBAL ACCESS LIMITED group, which is licensed in the Philippines and supported by the largest betting group in the country, PAGCOR.

Introducing Fun88 casino information

Fun88 betting company was first established in 2008, the first country to set foot in has not been found, only now that this company officially went into operation with a license on March 19, 2019 in Manila – Philippines.

The proof is that they actually created a website with a betting platform that has thoroughly studied the behavior of Vietnamese consumers long before the entire online betting industry was initiated!

With the main color of light navy blue, the Fun88 dealer interface gives players a pleasant and comfortable feeling as if they are “bathing” their eyes. Even if you play for a long time at the Fun88 website, you will not experience glare or fatigue!

In addition, the Fun88 house is also an online betting site with a legal business license, which is strictly managed by First Cagayan and PAGCOR group.

In addition, Fun88 also offers more than 10000 sporting events, and more than 100 diverse and beautiful casino games. Around, you can also see other games with a great experience!

This can help players have a multitude of choices when participating at the Fun88 house.

Products offered at the Fun88 casino

Products offered at the Fun88 casino
Products of Fun88 casino: Sports, Esports, Casino, Online Casino

Fun88 casino offers a wide range of products such as Sports, Esports, Live Casinos, Virtual Sports, Lottery and especially Poker.

To be more specific, the Asian Betting website will list and provide detailed instructions for you to read clearly!

(1) Sports betting

Sports is one of the strongest points at the casino !

When coming to Fun88’s sports betting products, players can make a deposit and get up to 0.5% cashback every day at the IBC sports lobby.

Or players can join Fun88-sports lobby, IBC-sports lobby, and IM-sports lobby to enjoy the best experience offered by Fun88’s betting system!

(2) E-sport betting

Just participating in E-sport at Fun88, players have the opportunity to get refunded up to 100% and win very attractive promotional gifts.

Every day, there are many people participating and winning many valuable prizes.

And to increase your winnings, Asian Betting thinks that you can add knowledge about e-sports betting to be able to bet more easily!

(3) Online Casino / Live casino

Live casino at Fun88 Casino
More than 100 games at the Fun88

In online casino halls, more than 100 games in each lobby at the casino can really bring experiences that will never be outdated for Vietnamese people.

Most of the other casinos only have a maximum of 30 games/lobby, but coming to Fun88, you will be spoiled for choice with 100 games in one lobby.

Currently, at Fun88 there are 4 halls including the Palace lobby, Royal lobby, EBET lobby and others.

(4) Slot games

Perfectly connected with the community of legendary Microgaming heroes, Fun88 is about to bring to users a large series of Slot games with a reserve of over 3000 games with unique combinations of special effects on different themes.

Coming to the game, players can be rewarded with up to 30% of the deposit value when registering in the PT slot.

The games at Fun88 are also quite diverse so members can change their experience every day! And when you step into each game with a new mood every day, the games with the Fun88 brand will be a great joy!

(5) Poker products

Poker is a game that many people still play at online casinos! And in Vietnam, many people call this game Poker. If it’s to play against friends, this is a completely fun game.

And for a new experience to come to you, visit the Poker game at the Fun88 house to try your hand at other players around the world!

Instructions for account manipulation at the Fun88 casino

(1) Link to the casino Fun88

Currently, according to Asian Betting, it seems that the Fun88 house is trying to shift the domain from to

When we search for information of this casino on the official google we find that all updated links return

Those of you playing games at the casino, remember to pay attention to the things I just noted. Or you can click the following buttons on Fun88.

(2) Steps to register a Fun88 account

Steps to register a Fun88 account
Register account at Fun88

Here, I will update you with the correct link to register an account at the Fun88  casino. Please note that Fun88 will not have a test registration portal.

After you have an official account, please get in touch with Fun88’s customer service staff to be provided with your bank account number, recharge, and start playing.

Note: In case you are Vietnamese, residing or studying abroad, and cannot access the link of Fun88, please change the VPN to VPN-Vietnam, then you can access the page normally.

(3) Instructions to create a Fun88 casino account

The registration form at the Fun88 casino is quite simple, you just need to provide your username, password, phone number, and email and you have successfully registered an account at the Fun88!

Then, an interface appears for you to enter your real name! After entering your real name, you can receive promotions as well as withdraw money to your bank account!

(4) Instructions for updating account information

After registering for an account at the Fun88 casino , you proceed to update your information completely by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Click on your username on the website to enter the internal interface.
  • Step 2: Then in the information page you will be able to see your correct information. Click to confirm Email and Verify phone number to make your account more secure.

Instructions for trading at Fun88

(1) Top up Fun88

If after you have confirmed your real name in the account registration step, at this step you will go straight to the deposit interface! Fun88 has various types of deposit transactions via local banks, fast deposit (Fastpay) or card deposit…

If you’re a complete newbie, choose to deposit via your local bank for the fastest speeds!

(2) Withdraw money Fun88

Withdraw money Fun88
Withdraw money at Fun88 Casino

According to Asian Betting, the Fun88 house has the easiest-to-see interface of all the current  casino s! You just need to fill in the amount, select the withdrawing bank, the owner’s name and your MASTER account number to proceed with the withdrawal!

Number of playing halls at the house Fun88

In general, Fun88 is very diverse in terms of lobby on each type of game. Here, Asian Betting will support listing all the playing halls for your reference:

Fun88 can be strong as 4 sports halls including:

  • Sports FUN88
  • Sports CMD
  • IBC Sports
  • Sports IM

Fun88 can be an ESports lobby including:

  • ESports

Fun88 can be as strong as 5 E-casino halls including:

  • Casino PALACE
  • Casino Royal Palace
  • Casino E-BET
  • Casino N2 LIVE
  • Casino Royal PALACE

Quality of Fun88 casino betting products

After surveying the experience of some users at the Fun88 casino, all of them give Asuan Betting complete satisfaction!

Betting products at the house Fun88 exceed the expectations of players and are also diverse in terms of products.

In addition, the house Fun88 also guarantees that their system will not have any problems during the playing time, even if the playing time falls during rush hour between major sports seasons in the world!

(1) The reliability and reputation

In terms of reliability, this site is rated as the leading reputable brand in the Asian betting market. So there’s no reason why a well-known, well-established brand could be so unreliable!

This is completely impossible and has been verified by a large number of players

(2) About the information security

Security is completely safe, in the process of Asian Betting standing out as a player with a large amount of investment, Fun88’s ability to keep information and security has exceeded our expectations!

Since then, we think that old or new players can rest assured because their system has been stable for nearly 10 years of operation.

Fun88 casino promotion content

Fun88 casino promotion content
Promotions at Fun88

Promotion can be said to be Fun88’s leading policy of attracting customers, overflowing with promotions from the beginning of the web to the end of the web. Many customers commented that this site must have very rich and willing investors.

There are people who enter the game to invest only 2 hundred dollars, but only thanks to the promotion they have enough money to remove the gauze and win back 2 thousand dollars. This is a profitable number that not all players will easily make at other casinos.

Fun88 is a place that attracts a lot of betting enthusiasts to join every day with more than 1000 prizes calculated 365 days a year.

Note: The Casino will give new players VND 88,000 free bet in the month when you are a new member. (Free bonus amount can change flexibly from month to month).

(1) Loading for the first time

When you are a new customer to the Fun88 betting site, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • 0.5% cashback when participating in IBC sports
  • Get an extra 100% of your first deposit when you join E-sport
  • 0.8% cashback when joining the casino
  • Get 30% more first deposit when participating in the PT slot
  • Get 100% more money when participating in Lottery.

(2) Cashback at the casino

Currently, according to the updated Asian Betting page, the refunded item, depending on the item you participate in, the refund will be flexible:

  • Sports refund about 0.38%
  • Casino and virtual sports return about 0.76%
  • Keno and Lottery with PK10 return about 0.76%
  • Other promotions.

(3) In addition, you can also refer to the “Hot” promotions below

  • Bonus every day
  • New Member
  • Sports
  • Casino

(4) Other promotions

These programs change quarterly for a year, each time with a new promotion for participants. Therefore, you can visit this section often to hunt for promotions!

Customer service at the Fun88 casino

Customer service at the Fun88 casino
Professional staff

(1) Support system

The support department, also known as the customer care department at Fun88, is rated 5 stars because of its polite service attitude, diverse knowledge, and quick and accurate information processing with the right focus of the question. answers.

This surprised us quite a bit because not a casino that is stable in terms of the number of guests can do it, even the “four great kings” of the betting village today! The connection speed is almost instant and Asian Betting does not need to wait any longer!

You can check this out for yourself by creating an account and going to live chat with the casino’s customer service team!

(2) Fun88 dealer transaction speed

The processing speed of a deposit at Fun88 takes about 4 – 10 minutes and it will take you about 30 minutes to process the withdrawal to your bank account. To automate the deposit step, you can use the quick deposit function provided by the casino!

In the process of waiting, CS will stand up to support you and talk to you to help you feel that time goes by very quickly.

Of course, you can request special support from the customer service department so that the house can process your transaction faster!

Fun88 has a mobile version/app. 

The mobile version is incorporated for users, so you won’t have any difficulty joining in the experience; perhaps with this bogus, Fun88 has done extremely well in comparison to other casinos.

If you wish to utilize the full version, you may do so easily on Adroid or iOS for a better experience.


The preceding essay has clearly stated what Fun88 is and whether or not the house has a legal basis. We hope that gamers have gained an objective perspective on Fun88 and the issues surrounding this establishment. Players should place a wager here to put our word to the test.

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