Dragon Tiger Game | Information You Need To Know

Dragon Tiger Game | Information You Need To Know

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Dragon Tiger is always at the top of the most popular online casino games at the house. Because the number of people participating in Dragon Tiger is quite large.

Besides, Dragon Tiger’s game rules are easy, and the chances of winning are also high.

What is Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger is also known as the Dragon (Long)/Tiger (Hu) game. This is a new card game genre that originated in China but is now quite popular in most Asian countries.

In particular, this game will help your card playing skills increase, and you can choose any casino to play. In fact, the Dragon Tiger card game is considered to be quite similar to the Baccarat card game.

However, if you learn carefully, this table game is much easier to play and win than the other games.

Up to now, Dragon Tiger has been interested in bookmakers and included in online casinos. Thanks to that, you can play bets whenever you want, right on your Smartphone.

With the development of science and technology, people now often tend to play Dragon Tiger online games more, especially at reputable online casinos. You can both save time and effort and get a higher win rate than other online card games.

At the same time, the current online Dragon Tiger tables are designed with an eye-catching interface with professional dealers to facilitate interaction between players.

To play Dragon Tiger, the dealer will have to use from 6 to 8 decks of cards. These decks will be played with a 52-card deck, discarding the Joker. Playing Dragon Tiger is different from other online card games in terms of fighting.

Players do not have to fight the Dealer like Bull Bull or Baccarat. The player will directly bet on the Dragon or Tiger side. If you have ever played Casino War, you will easily understand how to play Dragon Tiger.

Attractive Sicbo
Sicbo is an old game but always available at every bookie

Things to know when playing the Dragon Tiger game

(1) Terminology in Dragon Tiger

Before learning how to play the Dragon Tiger game, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is to understand what the terms used in this card game are. Basic terms include:

  • Dealer: Is the person who performs the task of dealing cards
  • Dragon: The bet you place is Dragon (On the betting table red symbol)
  • Tiger: The bet you place is Tiger (On the betting table, the blue symbol)
  • Tie: Tie (Green sign on the table) Low odds

(2) Betting doors in Dragon Tiger

  • Tie: When a player places a bet on this tie. Suppose the result of the cards of the Dragon and the Tiger are equal. At this point, you will be counted as winning the bet with the odds of 1:8.
  • Dragon Gate: In case the player places a bet, and the Dragon door wins the bet. When the Dragon side owns a card with a higher score than the Tiger side, at this time, your bonus interest received will be calculated at the rate of 1:1.
  • Tiger door: In case the player places a bet, and the Tiger door wins the bet. When the Tiger side has a card with a higher score than the Dragon side, at this time, your bonus interest received will be calculated at the rate of 1:1.
  • Even/Odd bet: This means if you place a bet on the even Dragon square. When the card is dealt and unfolded, it is even. At this time, selling will be counted as winning and vice versa.
The game rules
The game rules are very simple

(3) Payout rate

In each betting door, there will be different payout percentages according to regulations. Usually, when you place the tie is the hardest, so the payout is always the largest.

The Dragon and Tiger doors correspond to each other and have a 50/50 chance of winning. Specifically, there will be the following bonus levels:

  • Ratio of Dragon = Tiger is 1:1. For example, if you bet ten bets, if you win, you will receive ten more bets. If you lose, you lose ten bets.
  • The odds of getting a tie is 1:8.
Paytable of game
Most attractive payout ratio

How to play Dragon Tiger

Any player who wants to participate in the Dragon Tiger game needs to log in to the house.

(1) Step 1

Log in to your account when you have registered your account information with the bookie, in case players who do not have an account need to follow the registration steps.

(2) Step 2

Deposit money into the house account according to the instructions. In addition, you should choose the deposit method to receive the bonus promotion.

After depositing is complete, you can completely join Dragon Tiger.

(3) Step 3

Choose the game hall that’s right for you. Dragon Tiger game halls that players can choose from are:

  • Perfect lobby.
  • Oriental hall.
  • Western lobby.
Select Limits
There are many limits for the player to choose

(4) Step 4

After the player chooses the lobby and is allowed to enter the hall to play the game, at this point, the bookie will ask you to bet on the game you participate in.

Usually, the house will divide three available bet levels for players to choose from if you are a new player, inexperienced, and want to learn about Dragon Tiger.

We recommend choosing only the lowest bet to wager. On the contrary, those who have experience and master the games they participate in. You can bet up to a limit depending on your probability of winning.

(5) Step 5

After placing the bet, the game will begin immediately. The dealer will deal with both Dragons and Tigers. Each side will receive one corresponding card. Of course, the victory will belong to the side with the card with the higher score.

After dealing cards to the Dragon and Tiger side, the dealer will perform the card calculation to determine the winner and loser. The calculation of cards in Dragon Tiger is calculated as follows:

  • The smallest card in the deck, an A, is counted as 1 point.
  • The largest card in the deck is the K, which counts as 13.
  • Cards from 2 to 10 will correspond to the number of points.
  • The Q Card is 12 points.
  • The J card is 11 points.

For each door, the payout ratio will be different. You should, based on the situation of each game, choose a reasonable bet door.

Nice graphics
Nice graphics and technique

Tips for playing Dragon Tiger

In order to play Dragon Tiger easily and win big, players also need experience. Especially the acumen in observing the dealer. Specifically:

  • Players should only bet on Dragon or Tiger. For Draw, it is not advisable to bet without a calculation. Because the probability of the player winning when betting on the Dragon or Tiger door will be high. For the house, the probability of winning is only 3.73%. However, placing these two doors, you must accept a low ratio of 1:1.
  • Players should apply more card counting techniques. That is, you can observe how many 6s have returned, for example. Then you will rule out the six cards already out. From there, make a judgment about the possibility of dealing with the following cards.

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