Learn about PUBG and how to place PUBG bets

Learn about PUBG and how to place PUBG bets

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What is PUBG?

PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This is a survival shooter game known as the Battle Royale game genre, inspired by the Japanese Battle Royale movie circa 2000, which was released in beta in March 2017 and officially in December of the same year.

PUBG was developed by PUBG Corp, a subsidiary of Game Bluehole in Korea, and was only available on the computer platform at the time of its release.

Until September 2018, the new game had official versions for iOS and Android mobile platforms, and until 2019, it was officially available on all platforms, including PC, Android, and iOS, and game console systems such as Xbox One and PS4.

What is PUBG?
PUBG is an interesting fighting game

There will be two game modes: solo and team play.

PUBG, with its individual solo format, will revolve around the player’s own confrontation with 99 other players on the same battlefield. Players will need to find the necessary equipment, weapons, and items for the survival battle.

To be able to survive in team survival mode, a team must have at least two people and a maximum of four people.

To become the last survivor, you must be skillful, smart, and make the most of your weapons. 

However, if that’s the case, it’s possible that this type of game isn’t challenging enough for players, so PUBG has been pre-set with obstacles that are limited to circles. As a result, you must constantly move, rather than being fixed or hiding in one place.

What is the most impressive aspect of the PUBG game?

What is the most impressive aspect of the PUBG game?
Highlights of PUBG game

It’s more than just a shooting game. The most impressive aspect of this game is that players must demonstrate their bravery in front of 99 other players.

In PUBG, information such as the player’s name is not displayed; no one knows who you are. When they first enter the game, all players have the same starting point of 0, and they are given the same chance.

The beautiful and realistic graphics are also a factor that contributed to PUBG’s becoming the best survival shooting game and being remembered in comparison to other games released at the same time.

How difficult is PUBG? How to play?

How difficult is PUBG? How to play?
How to play PUBG game online

The majority of people who are unfamiliar with the term PUBG are concerned about this.

When each match officially begins, that is, when players simultaneously parachute from the plane to the map area, there will be a range of sizes ranging from squares with an area of 4 x 4, 6 x 6, or 88 squares, depending on the map you participate in.

Weapons, armor, vehicles, and other healing items can be found in buildings when you land. Specifically, the device’s good vs. poor quality is determined by the difficulty vs. ease in each individual area.

When playing the game, you will have the option of selecting the first or third shooting angle. Each point of view has advantages and disadvantages.

When you completely defeat a player, you have the ability to take all of their weapons and equipment.

When you are defeated in team mode, other teammates can revive you so that you can continue fighting together, as opposed to being shot down instantly when fighting solo.

The survival area will begin to shrink in scope after a certain amount of time has been counted down on the map. Anyone who is outside this area at that time will lose blood and be killed if they do not move into the survival area within the allotted time.

There will be bombed areas during the battle. Bombed areas, on the other hand, will always appear red on the map, and you will always have enough warning time to move into a safe range before the bombs explode.

Furthermore, you will receive special items that can only be found on the map when dropped by an airplane.

Those special items are affectionately referred to as “hearing” by gamers in Vietnam, because whenever a box of “hearing” is dropped, a large number of gamers congregate in order to obtain their own equipment.

The high level is in that crate, so new players must be extremely cautious as well as have quick reflexes in order to contest that “hearing” crate.

Each match will last approximately 30 minutes. Following the completion of the match, the amount you receive is determined by the number of people killed and the amount of damage you cause.

You can spend this money on personal items such as clothes or weapon skins, depending on your preferences.

A few points to consider when fighting in PUBG

A few points to consider when fighting in PUBG
What to keep in mind when fighting in PUBG

Whether you’re new to PUBG or a seasoned veteran, there are a few things to keep in mind for the most enjoyable and longest-lasting experience:

Always be mentally prepared to lose. Simply because you have to compete against 99 other players in this game. Is it really that difficult?

Because this is a survival game, do not rush to join the group play. As a result, you should arm yourself with the necessary items and rely on yourself to overcome the game’s challenges.

Choose an appropriate drop-off location. Before you begin the game, use the shortcut M to open the map and select the location where you believe you will have the best start.

Start landing from places where there are no opponents if you’re new to PUBG. Although the busy downtown area contains a lot of equipment, weapons, and ammunition, there will be a lot of enemies, so stay away to avoid being ambushed and prepare for the next game sooner than expected.

Currently, PUBG is a popular video game in Vietnam and around the world, and there have been numerous major PUBG tournaments on mobile and PC.

By creating an online PUBG betting game based on these tournaments, the casino has created conditions for game enthusiasts to participate in predicting wins and losses and demonstrate their faith in their gambling luck.

PUBG betting is a type of betting in which players bet on who will win a PUBG game that is taking place in a tournament. The casino is where all of the betting and receiving takes place.

There are currently numerous PUBG tournaments in which players can compete. These tournaments allow many players to interact with and entertain one another while also being competitive when participants bet on PUBG.

What exactly is PUBG betting?

What exactly is PUBG betting?
How is PUBG betting understood?

It can be seen that the PUBG game is a match that is difficult to win or lose due to the high level of competition.

The player’s experience with guns and aiming to shoot other opponents is also very important in order to survive. A large-scale battle in which hundreds of people clash in search of the last survivor. The viewer’s task is to proceed and predict who will win the game.

There will be bombed areas during the match, but you will be warned in advance, giving you enough time to move to a safe location. Passing flying planes can also drop gift boxes containing items that you cannot obtain during normal gameplay.

A match usually lasts no more than 30 minutes. At the end of each round, you’ll be rewarded with in-game currency based on how long you survived, how many people you killed, and how much damage you inflicted on other players. currency that can be used to purchase character customization crates.

If PUBG appeals to dramatic gamers, then betting on PUBG is an online game that will provide you with a lot of profits. At the same time, it opens the door for you to acquire attractive gifts and large sums of money.

It is very simple to bet on PUBG tournaments. You only need to predict which team will win, and if you guess correctly, you will win the bet, and the casino will pay you immediately after the match ends.

How to Bet on PUBG in an online Casino?

To participate in any e-sport betting game, you must first create a personal account with that online casino. The following are the specific steps:

(1) Step 1: Go to the casino’s website.

To begin, find the eSports casino link and choose the PUBG game genre from the website. To fund your account, you must first log in to your previously registered account and link it to your bank account.

(2) Step 2: Select a game to wager on.

The interface will display the matches between the participating teams after you select the PUBG game.

These matches will be sorted by time, making it easier for players to stay up-to-date and choose which matches to wager on.

After selecting a match on which to bet, the player will be redirected to another link by clicking on that match.

This link contains specific information about the competing teams; players use it to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the two teams and then place bets.

The interface will display the matches between the participating teams after you select the PUBG game.

(3) Step 3: Make your wagers.

Players select their favorite team (the team they have previously researched and watched), then select the type of bet, check again, and click “Place a bet.”

There are several types of bets, one of which is as follows:

  • Singles: This is a type of betting that rewards players with large sums of money. To make accurate predictions, you’ll need a lot of skills and in-depth knowledge of the PUBG game.

Players have the option of selecting who they believe will survive to the end and bring back a worthy victory for you to bet on recklessly.

  • Doubles: A double bet is similar to a single bet. Instead of picking just one person, players can place bets on two people they believe will win.
  • Handicap: Players will select a winning team for themselves and bet on that team.
  • Over/under: the game is only played once every 2-3 matches to determine who wins or loses.
  • The winner: The player must bet on the most recent winner, the team that has won the most matches in a row.
  • Betting on the first team to kill 5 people: bet on the first team to kill 5 people.
  • 1 time period Game Bet: Place a bet on whether the game will last less than or more than 35 minutes.
  • 1 winner game bet: bet on the team that wins the first game.
  • Killing First Blood: Place a bet on the winning team to be the first to kill the first blood.

(4) Step 4: Determine the odds

Following the selection of the bet type, the player proceeds to the selection of the odds on which he wishes to wager. When finished, click the Confirm button to finish all operations.

Why should you bet on PUBG?

Why should you bet on PUBG?
Reasons to play PUBG betting

Many players prefer PUBG in many betting games because of the following benefits:

(1) A large number of people are interested.

The most appealing aspect of PUBG betting is that the number of interested subscribers far outweighs the number of players, possibly up to a factor of 20.

This is not something that all gambling games can do. Because of this, PUBG betting is always exciting and crowded.

(2) A lot of appealing odds

When compared to other types of bets, PUBG betting gives you access to the richest and easiest odds on the market.

(3) Matches are available

Bettors can find a suitable match to bet on and satisfy their entertainment needs whenever they feel the need to participate in betting.

Popular PUBG betting methods:

Betting on an FPS shooter like PUBG will be a little different than in most other sports. It bears no resemblance to MOBA game genres such as LOL or DOTA 2. You can learn more about betting in PUBG by reading the section below.

Some of the most recent major PUBG tournaments

Any PUBG competition event with a special attraction attracts the attention of bettors from all over the world, usually some of the following tournaments:

(1) Mobile Star Challenge

It is a large-scale tournament co-organized by Tencent and Samsung, with players from North America, South America, China, and other regions participating.

The only requirement for this event is that a total of 1000 new registrants are allowed to register.

In exchange, the winner will receive a prize of up to billions of dong, as well as be sponsored by PUBG Mobile to promote it and have the opportunity to become an official streamer.

(2) Global Championship

The PUBG Global Championship is a tournament in which nine regions from around the world compete. It is held every year in the fall. This arena is regarded as the most “ferocious” competition for the most well-known esports teams.

The number of followers exceeding the 10 million mark, which has been revalued year after year, has partially demonstrated the unique appeal of this appealing tournament.

Experience in PUBG betting always wins

Experience in PUBG betting always wins
How to play PUBG betting easy to win

It’s fantastic if you’ve ever played PUBG or are familiar with the game. The information you already know about the game will serve as a foundation for you to make accurate judgments about the upcoming teams and also raise the odds.

(1) Learn about the team/player as well as the game’s rules

You should familiarize yourself with the PUBG rules as well as the teams you will bet on in the tournaments ahead of time (playing styles, ability to play in teams, etc.) This allows you to place your bets more precisely.

Capture the information of the team (or character) you are betting on, just like in other eSport betting games.

Only when you have a clear understanding of how strong or weak this character or team is, will you be able to make the best decision. Knowing that team information also aids you in determining the best bet for you.

To better understand the gameplay of the teams, you should research the players you want to bet on online and watch their previous matches via video or live broadcasts, etc.

Tracking the results of recent matches will also assist you in capturing the performance of each team. Make more accurate predictions about the match results to bet on from there.

Learn more about each player’s playstyle in addition to the team’s general match commentary. As a result, gathering information about the team competition will make it easier for you to make a decision.

(2) Financial management

This is comparable if you are a beginner, know your strength, and bet the appropriate amount. 

At this point, it’s mostly about testing, learning from one another, and gaining gaming experience; once you know the rules of the game and how to play it, you can gradually increase the number of bets over time.

In addition, your bet should be small enough to fit in your pocket. At the very least, it assists you in lowering your risk ratio.

Remember that online betting is primarily about entertainment; focusing too much on winning or losing can introduce a significant amount of risk into the betting process.

It is preferable if you have never played PUBG or if you have played this game in order to gain more experience from which to choose the best betting experience.

(3) Continuous updating of the odds ratio

If you have not placed your bet, the odds can change, but once placed, the information cannot be changed. When the game begins, a new odds casino will appear, which distinguishes PUBG betting from other types of betting.

The unique aspect of PUBG is that the odds change very quickly. As a result, you should keep track of the odds published by the casino of your choice for each match. This is a very similar experience to online football betting.

After you’ve deposited your funds, think and observe carefully before deciding which is a safe bet and which is a trap.

A small note for you: when the match begins, a new odds casino will appear. Unlike other types of bets, this is a unique feature in the PUBG game.

Final thought

We’ve shown you what PUBG is and how to bet on PUBG tournaments. If you enjoy PUBG games and betting games, don’t miss out on this extremely appealing PUBG betting genre!

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