Boom Legend | The Most Popular Game In The Online Game Market

Boom Legend | The Most Popular Game In The Online Game Market

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Boom Legend is one of the most attractive games in today’s prestigious bookie system. The gameplay is similar to the fish shooting game and only differs in the object to destroy.

Although it is a game with simple gameplay, you should apply the whole experience to win attractive prizes.

It can be seen that, right from the moment of its launch, Boom Legend has created a big storm in the redemption market because of the unique features it brings. If you want to learn more about this impressive fish shooting game, do not rush to skip this article. 

What is a Boom Legend?

Boom Legend is a game in the genre of fishing slot games with unique gameplay, designed to bring a more impressive experience to users when experiencing.

Set in a mystical world, when the creatures you need to destroy will be monsters in the fantasy world, you will become a more substantial and more impressive monster slayer than the standard fish shooting version. 

More unique, the game has designed and given users several features to help players optimize the number of bonuses they can receive quickly.

Boom Legend is built and set in a battle scene, and you have the task of defeating as many different monsters as possible.

In general, the game can bring a more exciting and novel experience for those who have fallen in love with this genre and want to find a match that helps them get a new feeling.

Category of shooting fish to exchange prizes
This is a game that belongs to the genre of shooting fish to change rewards

3 Reasons to help Boom Legend emerge on the market today

Here are three main reasons why this game can successfully score points in the eyes of users with a concise period since its launch:

(1) Interface Eye-catching and intelligent design

To judge the professionalism of a game system or the meticulousness of that provider, one must look at the way they design the interface.

In this game, the layout of the features of the fire button of the game is exceptionally logical, creating certain advantages for users to easily interact, even on the mobile version or on the computer.

This intelligence also helps users better grasp when the game has unique events and participates in time, receiving impressive rewards.

(2) Rich and creative content

With the first access, you will find the game is set in a mystical world with fascinating and mysterious creatures.

Forget about other boring underwater shooting fish games here, and you will have the opportunity to adventure, learn and discover a new, unique, and more exciting sky.

The game’s content is created and upgraded according to each outstanding feature, helping users get unexpected, impressive, and surprising experiences every moment of enjoying this game.

(3) Big Deals and Promotions

The supplier for this Boom Legend game is their extremely heavy-handed offers.

Coming to this game, you can comfortably enjoy the “extreme” promotional events along with the impressive bonus levels that the game system provides.

The most remarkable thing is that the game will be unlimited and discriminatory, so as long as you are a member of this unique game, all rewards are divided equally as long as you can afford and have enough determination to get those impressive rewards.

Instructions for everyone to join
You can also easily access and learn the game’s information

Summary of the most important 

To become a professional player in this game, here is some of the most basic information about the game’s features that you need to know.

(1) Special weapons in the game Boom Legend

Helping players have more chances to receive impressive bonuses; the game portal has created a variety of unique items and weapons as follows:

(2) Collected Weapons when killing.

Box Goblin

When successfully defeating this monster, the system will automatically activate the detonation feature right in the area where the Goblin Bom is dominated.

The impact and damage of this bomb can knock down and quickly discolor the surrounding monsters easily.


If you find and successfully defeat Medusa, there will be many monsters around that area that are petrified and can’t move.

Opportunity to quickly aim and shoot more effortlessly.

In addition, when petrified is also the time when the monster becomes weakest, so catching it is also much more straightforward.

Black Knight of Hell

Successfully defeating the Black Knight of Hell, you will activate the ability to throw swords and destroy large numbers of animals around its range.

Many types of monsters
Many types of monsters to destroy

Weapons in the game

(1) Weapons purchased with stakes

Flying Hammer

To own this weapon, you need to pay a stake of x5. It can buff the power of the gun you own many times.

This weapon is suitable for improving your fighting ability when meeting the boss and creating an easier chance to receive rewards.

Electric Lightning Mace

This particular weapon can create a vast diffused electric current, helping to attack a wide area around the area where it appears.

You need to spend x15 of the stake to own and activate it to use this weapon.

(2) Chest-Opening Weapons

When you successfully defeat the monsters, you will have a chance to open the Mysterious Treasure Chest and own 1 of 2 unique weapons, including:

Penetration Fist

This weapon can create consequential damage capable of penetrating two monsters on the same path that it moves.

Water Lightning

This particular weapon is capable of creating a sizeable explosive bomb. The ability to damage is excellent, so it can defeat bosses with high defense.

Outstanding features in Boom Legend

The game download features must surely be unique to help players have a complete experience.

Currently, the developer of this game has provided and designed a variety of features, including:

(1) Regeneration enhanced monster feature.

During the random experience, when successfully defeating a monster, it will regenerate.

At this point, if you successfully defeat it again, your reward rate will be doubled.

(2) Great Giant

If you see and successfully defeat three monsters, including:

  • Eyed
  • Giant
  • Six Giants

Players will be able to receive some unique bonuses. In addition, players are also given extra x5 bonuses to improve their fighting ability.

Most significantly, collect enough rewards, and you will be able to open a treasure chest with hefty bonuses.

(3) Accumulating Thunder God Strike Energy

Specifically, this feature will help you create a stormy wind, blowing away all creatures in the interface if you accumulate energy in the completion bar.

Energy accumulation will be calculated based on the value of each monster you destroy. The higher its value, the higher the amount of stored energy.

When the energy bar is complete, you have the right to activate it immediately, or after 3 minutes without receiving information from you, the Thunder God Strike mode will automatically attack.

Note that because this is an automatic accumulation feature, if you have trouble getting out of the server or actively changing the betting hall, the accumulated energy will disappear and be calculated from the beginning.

Many interesting mini games
In the game, there are also many interesting mini-games

Events and promotions from the game Boom Legend

To give users many opportunities to receive unique rewards and impressive gratitude gifts, now, when accessing the game, you can experience four events. Big ones include:

(1) Good TOP racing, receiving gifts

With this program, based on the number of monsters you have destroyed during the event, the system will automatically summarize and calculate a corresponding number of points for you.

If you own enough points to enter the TOP of the excellent players in the system, the gift will have different large and small values based on each level you have achieved.

Currently, this is the event that gives players a huge bonus. If you have participated in this game, you should not miss this unique offer.

(2) Climb the ranks quickly, get hot rewards

The more you experience a Boom Legend game, The longer, depending on the number of monsters you have successfully defeated, the system will reward certain experience levels.

When you reach all the critical milestones in the system, the rewards you receive will be impressive and rich.

The higher you climb and the stronger the rank you have in this game, the more valuable the bonuses you can get.

The auto-fire mode
The auto-fire mode in the game is a great invention

(3) Do passionate tasks, and reward weekends.

Specifically, open every week, the Boom Legend game system will automatically provide players with a task for users to perform.

This mission will be launched and changed every week with an impressive reward, suitable for many users.

(4) Hunting Event

Different creatures you can defeat will receive a chance to open special gift chests from the system.

The higher you go, the higher the chance of encountering rare monsters will be.

However, if you can successfully defeat these rare monsters, you will unlock unique rewards from the gift chests that the system provides.

Boom Legend the present is a new wind, giving players a lot of exciting and unique experiences. Not only being successful in the Vietnamese market, but Boom Legend in the future will also be able to develop and expand even more worldwide with its innovative features.

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