Fantan Classic | The Game That Holds Its Value Throughout History

Fantan Classic | The Game That Holds Its Value Throughout History

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Classic Fantan was popular not long ago, but Fan Tan shows his irresistible charm when any online casino floor is always bustling with players.

So what makes this game so appealing? Let’s discover all about how to play and experience to easily win in this game!

Demo Fantan Classic

What is Fantan Classic?

Classical Fantan is an ancient betting game born in the late 3rd century in China. After that, it was popularized all over the South in the Qing Dynasty.

Dating back nearly 2,000 years, it was not until 1850 the 19th century that this game was immigrated and widely distributed to other countries by the working people of Guangdong, China.

Fantan was developed by a group of farmers who needed to entertain after hours of work in the fields.

Therefore, the P2P game uses trendy and easy-to-find items, including a bamboo stick or chopsticks or a bowl with tiny, round seeds such as beans, nuts, pebbles, and tamarind seeds…

After that, a random number of sources is drawn and divided by 4. Players will guess the remaining seeds and place a bet to try their luck.

From the above basis, many places call Fantan by other names such as Po Nuts (Po in Chinese means rich, Nuts refers to beans) or Fantan Hot Me (because tamarind seeds are commonly used as part of the game).

Later, when the Classic Fantan flourished, people replaced tamarind seeds with buttons, beads, or coins. However, the gameplay remains the same as the original.

Has been around for a long time
This is a classic game that has been around for a long time

Rules of the game

(1) Rules of playing Classic Fantan in living

First of all, there will be about 200 – 500 beans (tamarind seeds, …) prepared in advance. The Dealer will use the small bowl to pick several beads on the table at random (at least 20).

This bowl must be covered and cannot be seen inside. The player can then place a bet to predict the remaining beads after dividing them by 4.

Next, the Dealer opens the small bowl and arranges the beads into four rows using a long bamboo or wooden stick.

This is the method of splitting the dots with a post so that the movement of the beads is not touched by the Dealer’s hand. Make sure the game is pure fair, without any cheating.

The number of seeds remaining after the Dealer finishes sorting will determine the winning number. Here, note that if the number of sources is divisible by 4 (i.e., there are no remaining seeds), four will be counted as the winning number instead of 0.

As can be seen, the way to play Classic Fantan is quite laborious to prepare, and it is also very time-consuming due to separating the seeds into parts.

So there was a time when Fantan was forgotten and replaced by other simple games using cards or dice.

However, today, to experience the game Fantan anytime, anywhere, without preparation and waiting, you just need to visit a reliable online casino in Singapore, and you can play it right away.

Rules of playing
Rules of playing Classic Fantan

(2) Online Classic Fantan Rules

Fantan Classic online has relatively simple rules of play and is not much different from live play. The items featured in this game:

  • Firstly, to keep the tradition of this game, we need a pile of white beads.
  • Second, one large transparent bowl and one smaller bowl.
  • Third, one betting table, with betting doors for players to bet on, including 14 entries. Each door is a different form and odds, which will be explained in more detail in the next section.
  • The last and indispensable is the Dealer – the distributor, the person who represents the house to carry out the sequences of the game.

The sequence of a Fantan game will be conducted as follows:

  • Before starting the bet, the dealer shuffles the white beads in the large bowl and then randomly picks out an equal amount of the dots in the small bowl.
  • Next, the player has 15 seconds to place a bet; the player can optionally choose the bet value he wants to put on the best door that the player predicts, with no limit on the number of entries.
  • When the time is up, the white beads are poured out, and the computer system will arrange them in rows of 4 beads.
  • The Dealer will determine the outcome of the bet based on the number of seeds remaining after it is almost finished. The final result can be one bead, two, three, or four beads.
Bet area
Player’s betting area has many choices

Types of bets

(1) Even bets / Odd bets

  • Even: Predicting that the number of remaining beads after the Dealer has finished dividing is an even number, i.e., 2 or 4 dots. A player wins when the result is 2 or 4. Otherwise, the player loses his bet.
  • Odd bet: Similar to an even chance, but a result is an odd number, i.e., 1 or 3 seeds, the new player wins.

(2) Fan Bet

It is a form of accurately predicting the number of remaining beads. There will be four bets as 1 Fan, 2 Fans, 3 Fans, or 4 Fans.

The player wins when the announced result matches his bet box. Otherwise, the player loses his bet.

(3) Chun Bet

Players will choose any set of 3 numbers, including 4 cases: 2 3 4 Chun; 1 3 4 Chun; 1 2 4 Chun, and 1 2 3 Chun.

The player will win when only 1 of the three numbers he selected matches the Dealer’s result. Unfortunately, if the outcome falls on the remaining number, the player will lose the bet.

(4) Kwok bet

Quite similar to the Chun bet, but the player only chooses a set of 2 numbers instead of a group of 3.

Since the two pairs of Even (2-4) and Odd (1-3) have been excluded, the Kwok bet will have only four doors of 1 2 Kwok; 2 3 Kwok; 3 4 Kwok, and 4 1 Kwok.

The player wins when the result matches 1 of the two bet numbers. Otherwise, the player loses.

Final results
Final results when placing bets are clearly announced

Odds and redemption

(1) Odd/Even Bet: 1:0.9

When you win, you are paid 0.9 times your stake.

For example, if You bet Even on 100 coins, the result announced is 2 or 4 beads, so you win and receive 90 coins. If the result is 1 or 3 beads, then you lose money.

(2) Fan bet: 1:2.85

If the result matches your prediction, you are paid 2.85 on one bet.

For example, you bet 100 on the number 1. The result after dividing is also one seed; you==the house will pay you 285. Otherwise, if the result is different from 1, you lose 100.

(3) Kwok bet: 1:0.9

Kwok bets are similar in nature to Odd/Even bets, so if you win, you bet 1 to get 0.9.

For example, if you bet on 1 2 Kwok 100 coins; the result is 1 or 2 beads, you get 190 back (including bet + bonus); If the result is 3 or 4, you lose 100.

(4) Chun Bet: 1:0.3

Although this form has a relatively low payout value, only 0.3 is received when betting 1. However, the probability of winning is up to 75%.

For example,y, you bet 100 coins on door 1 2 3 Chun; unless the result is four beads you lose, you will receive a 30 coins bonus in the rest of the cases.

(5) Redeem reward

Classic Fantan Game has the form of exchanging prizes with real money. The winning amount is converted at the ratio of 1:1000. That is, for every one win, you are exchanged for 1000 real coins.

There are two ways to redeem rewards: Through a bank account or the USDT electronic money system.

There are 4 limits
There are 4 limits equivalent to 4 rooms for you to choose

Tips for playing Classic Fantan

Tip 1

For those new to Fantan betting, the first piece of advice is to choose a betting method with a high winning rate: a triple bet (Chun bet). You will have a chance to win up to 75%.

Although not a way to win big, this is a game that takes place in less than 30 seconds. Should collect gradually from small profits, your pocket is also vibrant!

Tip 2

When choosing Fan bets, you should review the statistics from at least 30 rounds ago. From there, filter out which number has the most remarkable ratio.

If there is no number with a higher win rate, you should not bet on Fan. Instead, go for the ultimate 3rd tip below.

Tip 3

For the Kwok (pairs bet) method, players should choose 2-3 bets. Because according to a survey from the players, it is shown that the case of 2 & 3 numbers occurs more often than 1 or 4.

More authentic information is obtained from the statistics of more than 200 bookmakers that provide Fantan games, then for every 35 bets, 21 games fall into 2 or 3. There is a small calculation, as follows:

In 35 bets, you bet 200 for 2 3 Kwok each game. Total invested capital is 35 x 200 = 7,000.

In which, there are 21 wins, the total amount collected will be: 200 x 1.9 x 21 = 7,980 (1.9 times the bet + 0.9 times the bonus)

So every 35 games (it takes about 30 minutes), you win 980. It’s a bargain, isn’t it?

Finally, remember that no formula will ever be 100% accurate because Fantan is still a game of chance after all. Have a reasonable bet plan compared to your capital. And know when to stop!

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