Thai Fish Prawn Crab | The Oldest Betting Game In Thailand

Thai Fish Prawn Crab | The Oldest Betting Game In Thailand

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Thai Fish Prawn Crab is a popular dice game among the people of the land of golden pagodas, which can be played in online and live casinos in Asia.

The game has similarities with the game Viet Fish Prawn Crab, so it is quite close and received when introduced into Vietnam.

Demo Thai Fish Prawn Crab

What is Thai Fish Prawn Crab? 

Thai Fish Prawn Crab is a dice game that originated in southern China. Then gradually spread throughout Southeast Asia, modified to suit many territories, including Vietnam and Thailand.

Therefore, Thai Fish Prawn Crab is the name to distinguish it from the traditional Thai fishbowl.

Game Thai Fish Prawn Crab requires only a simple set of dice and a betting table. The dice have six faces, but instead of being cut into the usual round dots, they are replaced by the following six mascots: Gourd, Crab, Fish, Tiger, Chicken, Shrimp.

These symbols are used to represent the outcome of the game. For this reason, many people often call this game by the name “Tiger Crab Crab” to refer to 4/6 of the above mascots.

The P2P game offers a wide variety of bets and a high probability of winning, which makes the game popular. With the changing social conditions, the developers have launched the online shaking game Thai Fish Prawn Crab, helping players no longer have to go to the casinos anymore.

As long as players register to play through the mobile system, computer, or tablet, devices with an Internet connection can participate in the fun game 24/24.

A variety of betting
A variety of betting areas to choose from

The easiest way to play Thai Fish Prawn Crab

(1) Rules of the game

Introducing the set of playing cards to play Thai Fish Prawn Crab

  • Three dice (or dice): On it are symbols of 6 mascots Chicken, Fish, Tiger, Crab, Gourd, and Shrimp. They are arranged with the following positions:
  • Chicken facing Fish
  • Tiger opposite Crab
  • Gourd opposite Shrimp
  • The set includes one bowl and one plate. Used to place three dice inside; The dealer holds the shocks to shake and produce random results.
  • Betting table: Divide into six cells, each box representing one symbol, in order from left to right and top to bottom as follows: Crab – Fish – Gourd – Tiger – Chicken and Shrimp.

The arrangement on the betting table also corresponds to the dice, i.e., Crab opposite Tiger, Fish opposite Chicken, and Gourd opposite Shrimp.

Introduction and instructions
Introduction and instructions on how to play from the beginning of the game

(2) Rules of Thai Fish Prawn Crab detail

  • The dealer shakes three dice vigorously with the shaker kit. After shaking, place gently on the table so that the three dice remain in place. At the same time, keeping the results secret, players will not know in advance which dice will appear. Ensure fairness and transparency for the game.
  • Players must randomly guess which mascot image will appear when the dice are rolled and place bets within the time specified by the dealer.
  • There are many different betting methods on the table. Depending on the difficulty of the prediction, the payout ratio will be proportional (the harder, the higher the reward).
  • At the end of the betting time, the dealer opens the dice. If the returned result matches the prediction, the player will receive a reward according to the given ratio. Otherwise, the player loses and loses the bet amount.
  • After each round, the game will start the next round again.

The rules of the game are quite similar to Vietnamese crabs, Shrimp, and Fish.

Four betting limits
Choices when playing games according to bet limit

(3) Types of bets

The game Thai Fish Prawn Crab has only two extremely simple bets. Thanks to that, even new players can easily understand and play right away.

Bet on any one symbol

Is to predict any mascot that may appear in the shake result. There are six bets for this form, including Shrimp, Crab, Chicken, Fish, Gourd, and Tiger.

The player won when the result announced has at least one occurrence of the bet mascot.

The more times the mascot appears, the higher the reward the player receives.

Bet on two different symbols

Predict 2 out of 3 symbols of the dice. These two icons must be different. Thus, 15 instances will be created.

Includes: Shrimp – Crab; Shrimp Chicken; Shrimp and Fish; Shrimp – Gourd; Shrimp – Tiger; Crab – Chicken; Crab – Fish; Crab – Gourd; Crab – Tiger; Chicken – Fish; Chicken – Gourd; Tiger Chicken; Fish – Gourd; Fish – Tiger; Gourd – Tiger.

The player wins when both the mascots he predicts are in the dealer’s result. Conversely, if only one or no mascot appears, the player loses.

Place a bet
Place a bet on the icon you want or place it between two icons

(4) Odds

Bet on any one symbol

When betting on a single mascot, if in the result there is a dice shaped like that mascot, the player is paid 1:1, i.e., 1 to 1 bet.

If in the result there are two mascot dice to bet, the player gets 1:2, i.e., one bet 2.

If the result of all three dice is the mascot symbol of your choice, you will be awarded up to 3 times your stake, i.e., 1:3 ratio.

Example: You bet 100 on Shrimp.

  • If the output is: Gourd, Crab, and Shrimp, then you get 100 bonus (because there is 1 Shrimp dice)
  • If the output is: Gourd, Shrimp, Shrimp, then you get a 200 bonus (because there are 2 Shrimp-shaped dice)
  • If the output is: Shrimp, Shrimp, Shrimp, you get up to 300 bonus (100 x 3 times Shrimp appears).

Bet on 2 different symbols: 1:5

When betting on two mascots that both appear in the results announced by the bookie, the player wins the bet and receives a bonus equal to 5 times the bet placed.

For example, You bet 500 on the Chicken – Shrimp door. If the dealer’s result is Bau – Chicken – Shrimp, you win because, in the result, there are both Chicken and Shrimp. At that time, you get 500 stakes back, plus a 2,500 bonus (500×5 times).

Result when opening bowl
Winning results will be made public very clearly

Redeem reward

When participating in the game Thai Fish Prawn Crab and winning the bet, you will be redeemed for real money. This amount of money can be used for any purpose.

You just need to check your available funds in the “History” section, which is located right next to the withdraw button in the upper right corner of the main screen.

Then, withdraw the amount you want (which must be lower than the amount currently in your account) in 2 ways: Withdraw to any bank account, or convert to cryptocurrency at the rate offered.

Tips for playing Thai Fish Prawn Crab

  • Do not place large bets as soon as you enter the casino. Don’t just hope that your first-round high bets will quickly get you a big win. Instead, the players in the gambling world always advise you to play slowly. Collect small wins, then gradually expand the betting range.
  • The same bet should be placed, i.e., guessing only one mascot. Predicting this way has a very high chance of winning. The payout ratio can be up to 3 times, depending on the number of dice that match the bet box. A small tip for you to choose the right mascot is to rely on the statistics of the results of the previous games. And bet on the high-frequency symbol for an easier chance of winning.
  • Bet according to the folding formula. Example: If you bet 100 and that game results in a wrong guess, then in the next round, you increase your bet to 200. If you continue to lose, you raise your bet to 300 again in the next round. Until you win, return to bet 100. Note the trick to using this formula effectively is to choose a low initial bet. And the required condition is that you have enough financial strength and patience.
  • The most important thing at this time is to stop the game when it is profitable. This is related to discipline and capital management. Because most players always expect to make more profit. But the important technique is to stop before a loss occurs; otherwise, you will not only easily fall into a situation of losing all your profits, but even a heavy capital loss.

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