Viet Fish Prawn Crab | Game With Bold Vietnamese Identity

Viet Fish Prawn Crab | Game With Bold Vietnamese Identity

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Folk games are always loved by many people. That’s why programmers wrote them into online games to serve everyone, including the game Viet Fish Prawn Crab.

If you still do not know how to play this entertaining online game, do not ignore the information in the article below!

Demo Viet Fish Prawn Crab

What is Viet Fish Prawn Crab?

Viet Fish Prawn Crab is a game originating from China, introduced into Vietnam many years ago. The original name of this game is Hoo Hey How.

In Vietnam, people call it Viet Fish Prawn Crab, also known as Shake Gourd Crab, so that players can easily visualize the game content.

It can be said that Viet Fish Prawn Crab is a very entertaining online 2P2 game. Once you understand how to play, you will find that Viet Fish Prawn Crab has the same characteristics as Roulette.

Accordingly, the players will predict the animal image on the betting table and then see the results of the random rotation of the dice to determine the winner.

Like an online version of the game with a simple way to play, Viet Fish Prawn Crab has become widely popular around the world, including in France (Crown and Anchor), the UK, Belgium, Thailand, Netherlands, Indonesia, USA (in the casino there is a similar game called Chuck-a-luck or Grand Hazard).

However, the name of this game is also quite controversial for everyone, and some people like to call it Crab gourd shrimp, fish gourd crab fish, or game shrimp crab fish. Generally, you can call it by name call it another, as long as you understand its rules correctly.

Interface game
The interface is clear and has images that attract players

Instructions on how to playlist Fish Prawn Crab

Although it is a traditional folk game and many people have experienced the actual game, when it becomes an online game version, there will be certain differences.

If you still do not know how to play Viet Fish Prawn Crab, please refer to the following information.

(1) Rules of the game Viet Fish Prawn Crab

The rules of this game are not too complicated and are simulated similar to how to play the offline version.

Accordingly, the player will start with a chessboard with six boxes displaying the image of 6 mascots of the game: deer, gourd, chicken, shrimp, crab, and fish. And now, there will be three 6-sided dice, with one mascot on each side for random rotation.

Players will put money in the mascot box that they predict will appear as the result of spinning the dice and can place many mascots at the same time. At the same time, three dice will be shaken, and the result of the shake will be opened.

In case the mascot you bet is present in the result, you will get your bet back and receive an additional bonus (the bonus is calculated by the bet multiplied by the number of times the mascot appears).

Rules of game
The rules of playing the game are not too difficult

(2) The odds

The odds numbers in the game Viet Fish Prawn Crab at the quality are optimized to give players the most attractive rewards if they win. Whereby:

  • If the player chooses to place one mascot and the result appears exactly that mascot, the odds of winning the bet are 1:1
  • If the player chooses to place two adjacent mascots and the results appear both mascots, the odds of winning are 1:5
  • If the player chooses to place three adjacent mascots and the results appear:
    • 2 out of 3 mascots, the odds of winning are 1:1
    • 3 out of 3 mascots, the odds of winning are 1:6

(3) The levels of the game Viet Fish Prawn Crab

Currently, we have designed four different levels of play to suit the preferences and experience of each player. Accordingly, when accessing the game, you will have to choose 1 of 4 levels from low to high, including:

Beginner Level

  • The minimum bet is 5
  • The maximum bet is 150

General Level

  • The minimum bet is 15
  • The maximum bet is 350

High-Level Try

  • The minimum bet is 50
  • The maximum bet is 1500

Master Level

  • The minimum bet is 150
  • The maximum bet is 3500
The results
The results are clearly communicated

Steps to play the game Viet Fish Prawn Crab

Players perform the following steps to play the game:

  • Step 1: Access the game portal
  • Step 2: Players make Login/Register for an account first
  • Step 3: After logging in, you find the game Viet Fish Prawn Crab and then click to access the game
  • Step 4: A new window will open the main interface of the game; you choose 1 of the four levels you want to experience.
  • Step 5: Then, to start the game, click on the amount of bet you want to play. You can edit the bet amount in the “Rebet” icon
  • Step 6: Next, select the mascot boxes you want to bet on.
  • Step 7: Then, see the result of rolling the dice.
Choose the playroom
Choose the appropriate playroom

Probability of winning

Not everyone who plays for the first time will win or have the opportunity to win many times in a row. According to the sharing of longtime players, all must have their own playing strategies and methods to win so many times.

The probability that you can win in the current Viet Fish Prawn Crab game is calculated as follows. There can be 216 cases in all, such as 120 cases that will give three different images, 6 cases for three similar images, 90 cases that will produce two images, and one different image.

This probability calculation method has a formula and has been verified by experts, and you can completely trust this probability.

For example, all the squares you choose to bet on are 2000 coins. In case there are three different pictures, the dealer will tie with you because you lose three and eat 3.

In case there are another 1 or 2 similar pictures, the dealer must give you 4000 VND (when winning two pictures) plus 2000 (when winning 1 picture). Of course, the bookies will also eat all the bets of players who do not win any pictures.

So the chances of winning or losing and how the prize money depend a lot on how you place the bet in each box.

Tips for playing Viet Fish Prawn Crab always win

To help new players increase their chances of winning, longtime players have shared some useful tips for newcomers, such as:

  • Find the most visible dice: For professional crab players, the dice that appear a lot during the game are always the top attention.
  • Based on summing: The result of any face is high, then choose that face. For example, when opening a dish to 3 crab faces or two fish and one shrimp, the percentage of crab faces will fall to about 70%. In fact, this summing method is quite similar to the method of finding the frequency of the faces appearing many times above.
  • Mass betting on experienced players can help you increase your odds of winning. Take the time to observe the first games, discover the positions that often appear, and choose accordingly.
  • Play in the style of raising a single capacitor; although the win rate is low, when you double the number of capacitors, the win rate will also increase. But you need a stable playing capital and must consider the most reasonable bet to play this way.
  • Besides, players need to keep a calm mind when playing the game, don’t be too proud when they’re on a winning streak and don’t be afraid if they lose a lot. Psychological instability will greatly affect your ability to calculate and reason.

Finally, know when to stop to avoid getting into the game and losing empty-handed in just a few plays.

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