Zombie Party | Experience The Creepy Zombie World In A Betting Game

Zombie Party | Experience The Creepy Zombie World In A Betting Game

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What is The Zombie Party?

This is considered a game in the genre of shooting fish, but it is designed with more unique and new content. This game makes you forget about the games in the ocean in the traditional versions; in this Zombie Party game, you will be able to enter a mysterious and terrifying zombie world.

You will play the role of one of the “top of the top” zombie extermination warriors. Your main task is to kill as many monsters as possible.

For this bonus game, the content is a factor that attracts customers and the way the publisher meticulously designs the graphics, making the game more impressive and new than ever.

Compared to other fishing games in the same market, this Zombie Party redemption game is a breath of fresh air, helping players have the most unique and unforgettable experience.

 Interesting content
This is a game in the genre of shooting fish but has interesting content

How to play

To get moments of immersing yourself in the scary Zombie world, you can follow the steps as follows:

(1) Step 1: Log in to the game portal

To access and test the game, you must own a betting account on the game portal. Registration is straightforward and completely free, so creating an account will not take too much time.

(2) Step 2: Top up and access the game

Currently, to get the whole experience, it is mandatory to deposit money into the game.

The betting portal now supports players with many different deposit methods, so you will find the most convenient way to deposit money for yourself.

Once you have a balance in your account, go to the Shooting Fish game and find the Zombie Party game to access.

(3) Step 3: Choose a game room

Currently, the game has a division of bet levels into three different playing rooms such as:

  • Undertaker betting room: Bets from 10 – 500
  • Expert betting room: Bets from 100 – 5000
  • Divine Betting Room: Bets from 1000 – 50000

Based on your ability, experience, aggressiveness, and financial level, you can flexibly choose the room that best suits you.

Choose a game room
Choose a game room that’s right for you

(4) Step 4: Choose a weapon (fire intensity)

Depending on each room and depending on the shooting level you choose, the system will automatically upgrade to different weapons such as:

  • Toy Hammer: Enhance the player’s fighting ability
  • Neighbor’s Pan: Improves player’s fighting ability and accuracy when hitting Zombie
  • Haunted Violin: Enhances player’s x2 combat ability
  • Hammer of Nails: Improves player’s fighting ability and precision when hitting Zombie x2
Choose a weapon
Choose a weapon to fight

(5) Step 5: Choose the type of shot

The shooting mode in this Zombie game is also designed with a diverse game system, helping users have a more convenient experience as follows:

(1) Sight shooting mode

Shooting is the default way of shooting, and you can actively do it without changing the mode on the interface.

With this type of shooting, the player just needs to click on the position of the monster that they want to shoot so that the bullet will shoot directly at that position.

When using this method, the player must determine the direction of the bullets themselves and should only be used with big bosses and need many skills.

(2) Lock firing mode

If you feel that you do not have too much experience in aiming, this locked shooting mode is a way to help you solve this problem.

When activating the lock shooting mode, you just need to click on the animal you want to destroy. The system will automatically follow the path of that Zombie and shoot until it is wholly killed or leaves the intersection game interface.

(3) Automatic firing mode

If you want to play a game more hands-free or are busy and can’t control the game, this automatic fire mode is suitable.

Before activation, the system will ask you about the types of Zombies you want to destroy. After activating, it will only aim at the monsters you have previously selected to shoot.

Thus, you do not need to constantly interact with the game and still receive a stable reward when activating this smart shooting mode.

Instructions to play
Instructions for function keys in the game

(6) Step 6: Conduct Zombie treatment

Once you’ve chosen the right weapon for you, the last thing you need to do is try your best to defeat every Zombie that appears on your interface as much as possible.

The percentage of the bonus that you will receive depends on the bonus values ​​of each monster.


The incentives and promotions of the Zombie Party game are the factors that attract the most customers today.

In addition to the unique events held continuously at the supporting bookies, the game also offers an impressive bonus rate for each beatable Zombie as follows:

  • Zombie Schoolgirl x2
  • Zombie Teacher x3
  • Rabbit Ear Zombie x5
  • Zombie TV x8
  • Zombie zombie x10
  • Green Zombie x12
  • Ghost Zombie x15
  • Zombie Pirate x30
  • Snake x50
  • Golden Lion x60
  • Warrior x80
  • Green monster x10 – x60 with a chance to trigger a full-screen explosion.
  • Baby dragon x20 with the ability to ice all zombies throughout the game
  • Fire Monster: Gives 20 free hits
Zombies Type
Rate of payout of zombies

In addition, during the experience, you will also receive the opportunity to collect gems with corresponding rewards such as:

  • Ruby Gems with x2 – x10 rewards
  • Jade x10 – x50 reward
  • Diamond x100 – x500 reward
Special prizes
Special prizes for players

Game tips not to be missed

The games in the fish shooting genre, especially this Zombie game, are very demanding in terms of skills and do not depend too much on luck.

Therefore, the more you know about some standard game rules and tips, the higher the odds you can get.

(1) Choose the right weapon for each type of monster.

The more you experience, the more you will notice that the system of designing four different weapons is there for a reason. Each type of monster will be easier to kill if you use the right weapon and attack at the right time.

Therefore, constantly learn and find out which weapons will be suitable for which types to defeat the monsters more easily.

(2) Don’t play autoplay.

If you want to receive more bonuses, absolutely do not overuse the automatic fire mode because it can make you lose the ability to comment on each type of monster.

At the same time, your hitting skills will also be affected in the long run, no longer hitting as accurately and effectively as a beginner.

(3) Try playing the game before officially betting.

The system supports users to play on a trial betting server, so you should take advantage of this feature and spend time learning about the game before actually putting money into betting.

When you have time to experience the game, it will give you specific experiences to play it more comfortably and efficiently.

(4) Don’t miss the remarkable rewards that appear during the game.

While playing the game, your hard work fighting zombies will sometimes be sublimated with unique gifts such as Ruby, Jade, and Diamond.

Each Ruby will x2 – x10 rewards for players. Jade will be x10 – x50 reward, and the highest is Diamond will be x100 – x500 reward. When playing, be careful to bring home these free bargains.

(5) Choosing the right level of play 

When entering the game, players should consider choosing what level they will play at Junior, Professional, or Divine.

Each group will have zombies with high bonus coefficients, but with that comes the price of weapons will also be increased, and you will encounter zombies that are difficult to deal with. So, choose to get the desired effect.

Gaming area
Aim accurately at the target

Other problems

(1) System interface

This Zombie Party bonus game is one of the fish shooting games with entirely new content, different from other entertainment services on the market.

At the same time, with eye-catching visual design and fresh features, creating an incredibly unique and impressive playground for players.

The design of the monsters is not too scary, so it is suitable for most people when they want to experience it. Besides the intelligent arrangement in each feature item, this game is guaranteed to be a super fish shooting product that you need to share today.

(2) Access platform

According to the publisher, the players can be experienced Zombie Party on many different platforms. Currently, you can share it quickly at the bookie’s website and experience it on a different application version for the product.

The system ensures that users can easily interact with the game interface regardless of logging in on any platform with its unique design.

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