Mega Fishing | A Fantastic Fish Shooting Game For Professional Players

Mega Fishing | A Fantastic Fish Shooting Game For Professional Players

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Mega Fishing is one of the brainchildren of the famous provider JiLi. With unique designs, bringing impressive experiences to users when experiencing products, this game is one of the games that are most interested in the redemption market during the period of time recently.

A special feature of this game is not only the unique bonus rates it can provide to players but also the impressive and innovative features that users can experience throughout the game process.

In general, compared to the common ground, the Mega Fishing game has a lot of advantages in terms of design, features, and reward rate, so it will be one of the formidable opponents as well as a certain game. Must try the experience at least once.

Start the interesting fish shooting game
Start the interesting fish shooting game with beautiful images

How to play Mega Fishing

To understand more about the rules of the game here is some information that you need to know:

(1) Specific rules of the game

Like every other game in the genre of shooting fish, the rule of this game will be that the more fish the user shoots, the higher the reward will be.

This game requires players to spend a lot of time experiencing, learning, and destroying the big creatures and bosses in the game to earn the corresponding reward rate.

Of course, the game also has a lot of different outstanding features designed so that users can experience and bet the game more fully and easily.

Choose the right game room
Choose the right game room

(2) Fish shooting modes in the game

This game system understands that many users will have different needs when experiencing the game. Therefore, the system has provided three different shooting modes for players to experience more fully as follows:

Normal shooting mode

With this mode, users can arbitrarily adjust the intensity of the gun flexibly. At the same time, players can also easily choose the direction to shoot easily without being affected by anyone. To apply this mode fully, Mega Fishing is imperative that the player is an experienced person to be able to accurately aim and shoot fish.

Target shooting mode

For those who are not natural with their shooting abilities, this is a shooting mode designed to let the system recognize the target and help you destroy the object of your choice with ease.

This type of design is suitable for many different audiences, most suitable for boss fights, and helps new users get high rewards right from the first experience.

Autofire mode

If you do not have much time to experience the game, this mode will certainly help you get a pretty heavy reward rate without having to do much.

When you want to activate this mode, the Mega Fishing system will allow you to select the object you want to aim at.

After opening the automatic fire mode, the system will automatically search for the fishes that you have previously specified and continuously destroy them to bring you an unexpected bonus.

The downside of this shooting mode is that you cannot optimize the number of bonuses you can get in the same amount of time in the other two shooting modes.

The interface and playing area
The interface and playing area are specifically guided

(3) Types of features and weapons in the game

The system of diverse features and the richness in the design of items to increase damage in the system is invested by the game system in order to give players the most complete and impressive experience.

Weapons Treasure

Here, users can receive special weapons in many different forms, including:

  • Torpedo: Items upgrade weapons and firearms power many times.
  • Electromagnetic Cannon: Creates laser lines with powerful destructive power and easily destroys other fish in the interface
  • Frozen: Used to activate the freezing feature of all creatures on the game interface.
  • Storm Starfish: Destroy this monster to unlock the explosive bomb feature with critical damage
  • Explosive continuous crab: The ability to create a high-intensity explosive mode, helping to destroy many fish in the area quickly
  • Drill Crab: When successfully killing it, it will create projectiles capable of randomly killing fish within its range.

It can be said that the arsenal of weapons, as well as power upgrade items in the system, is very diverse. If you take the time to use it and use it properly, the reward rate you get from the game will be very impressive.

Types of features
Types of features and weapons in the game

Special features in the game Mega Fishing

Here are some of the most special features in the game that you can refer to:

Energy accumulation feature

This is an automatic feature in the game, and every time you successfully defeat any monster, based on its value, the system will accumulate a certain amount of energy for you.

When this energy bar meets the requirements of the system, within 3 minutes, if you do not use it, it will automatically activate the large area explosion feature.

The extremely powerful damage of this feature can make all creatures on the interface quickly fade away.

Note when applying this feature that you must be in a betting hall, do not change the lobby arbitrarily; otherwise, the energy will be restarted recalculated from the beginning (even in case of exiting the system).

Big boss hunting, high rewards

For this feature, you need to search for undead bosses from the system. If you successfully impact and deal damage to these bosses, the reward you receive will be continuously increased.

There’s no need to completely destroy it to still get the bonus, so make sure you use lock-fire mode when you spot undead bosses.

Awakening the Sea King

To participate in this feature, you need to search for the ancient Crocodile boss. If you are lucky enough to defeat it, you will be activated with a multiplier of value for the fish that are eliminated afterward.

Specifically, when this boss is defeated, the fish after you are rewarded with a lower value of the former (the system will automatically multiply the bonus) during the time this feature is activated.

This is considered a feature that can bring you an extremely high bonus rate that any player should try once.

Rotation luck

With this feature, you will have a chance to spin the wheel of fortune if you kill the Mega Octopus boss. When this boss is defeated, the system will display two lucky spins for the user to redeem.

The bonus rate that the player receives will be equal to the bonus of 2 spins multiplied by each other.

Many species of fish
Many species of fish with the attractive payout ratio table


Mega Fishing currently owns and offers its users the following unique promotions:

(1) Race TOP to receive great gifts

During the limited time of the event, just log in to the system, experience the game, and enthusiastically kill fish. The system will automatically calculate the number of creatures you have defeated.

Every week, the achievement statistics will be updated, and if you succeed at the top of the hard-working players in the game, you will receive special gifts from the system.

(2) Level climbing bonus

Like many other games, Mega Fishing also has a hierarchy for members based on the user’s playing experience, experience time, etc.

The higher the level in the game, the more valuable the system will give the player.

(3) Weekly quests

Specifically, each week, the system will design and create a common task for all players in the system.

If the user performs the task within the specified time, the player will receive a reward from the system.

These tasks and rewards will be updated and changed constantly, so it will create a new and impressive feeling for users when participating.

Huge variety of bosses
Huge variety of bosses and unlocks many unique features

Tips for playing Mega Fishing “top of the top” that you should not ignore

The game belongs to the shooting fish genre. In addition to the experience that must be accumulated for a long time, players also need to learn some tips to improve the amount of money that can be eaten as follows:

(1) Option to shoot angle when playing game

In the four corners of the game’s interface, it is commented that the shooting point is suitable and gives players the most impressive bonus rates.

Just put the barrel fixed in that position; you can easily hit much different fish easily.

At the same time, there is also a “reflection” mode, so that you only need to spend one shot and can harvest two fish easily.

(2) Please use special weapons often

The types of items to collect are not said, but in this fishing slot game, you just need to spend a small amount of money to be able to buy some powerful weapons.

Therefore, in necessary situations, do not hesitate to use and buy it to upgrade your strength and easily shoot large, high-value bosses.

(3) Participation in in-game events and offers

For this game, the system has designed many different incentive programs. If you are a newbie and do not have too much experience shooting fish at a high rate, then spend time participating in events.

The bonus from these offers will be able to bring you a higher bonus and a stable source of capital than you think.

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