Royal Fishing | Provides The Most Eye-catching Game Experience

Royal Fishing | Provides The Most Eye-catching Game Experience

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Royal Fishing is a super product that creates a new wind in the current betting market. With unique features and special events, this game is considered an entertainment service that should be experienced in 2021 until now.

What is Royal Fishing?

Currently, the game Royal fishing is a game in the genre of shooting fish to exchange rewards with many new features, giving players an authentic experience with impressive payout rates when betting for a long time.

It can be said that the current Royal Fishing game series has successfully caused a storm in the betting market with its imposing design that it can bring.

In addition, the game also conquers players through the unique events that come with it, helping to improve the chances of an impressive and fast reward exchange when experienced by users.

The publisher meticulously cares for this fish shooting product in every detail, highlighted through eye-catching effects, helping players have authentic experiences and not feel bored when betting for a long time.

Not only successfully conquer users by developing its content, but Royal Fishing also scores points in the game design system.

With an awe-inspiring 2D style along with realistic visual effects, your fishing slot experience will be like conquering the vast and dark blue ocean.

Most significantly, it must be mentioned that the meticulous care in the design of the sea creatures in the game creates a colorful playground filled with eye-catching effects.

In addition, the preferential events in this fish shooting game also help you get the opportunity to earn money very quickly. Just participate to win.

If you want to play a game in the genre of shooting fish to change rewards that are safe and unique, but the chance of exchanging real money is high, indeed, shooting fish Royal will never let you down.

 A shooting fish game
This is a shooting fish game with beautiful graphics

How to play Royal Fishing

To get an honest overview when experiencing this game, you can refer to how to redeem rewards at the system with detailed regulations as follows:

(1) Detailed rules of the game

Like many games in the fish shooting genre, when participating in this game, the user has only one task: to try to shoot as many creatures as possible under the sea.

The more you destroy creatures with a high reward rate, the more impressive the money you will receive.

Currently, the house has flexibly built a lot of new features so that players can apply them to their games. If you want to get impressive exchange rates, you can use these features wisely, which will be how you receive unique rewards from the game system.

(2) Game modes 

When betting at the system, if you go to the main interface, you will see that Royal fishing provides users with three flexible shooting modes, including:

Free shot

Choosing this form of fire, you need to adjust the betting intensity of the gun and click on any point on the interface to fire successfully.

The advantage of this type of fire is that you can easily adjust the bullet path. However, the downside is the only thing you can hit is if you aim.

Therefore, if you are a new player, you need to learn slowly to use the free-firing style effectively.

Shooting fish area
Shooting fish area is easy to choose the target

Shot automatically

When choosing this shooting mode, the system will ask you to select the types of sea creatures you want to put in the sights. You can select all the fish in the game or choose only some you want to destroy.

Currently, the game will also support you with some other automatic features. If you choose this mode, you can flexibly choose to use it or not, and it’s up to you.

If you choose to fire automatically, the system will proceed to take control of your gun and shoot all the creatures you have previously selected.

The advantage of this is that you do not need to constantly shoot fish, making your hands tired during the experience. Its disadvantage is that the hit rate will not be too high.

Shoot the target lock

By choosing this shooting mode, you can actively select exactly one fish on the interface so that the system automatically shoots until it leaves the interface or is successfully eliminated.

If this is the first time you are in Royal Fishing, you can use this shooting feature because the system will help you successfully shoot the fish you want with a high accuracy rate.

On the contrary, if you are a long-time player, you should not use it because you cannot flexibly adjust the intensity of the bullet, which can cost more money than self-aiming.

Great bosses
The game has many great bosses

(3) Shooting Features – Weapons

In addition to adjusting the number of bullets that can be fired with a (-); (+) At the gunshot in the interface, the game also has a design for users with some special weapons, making it easier for players to destroy creatures in the ocean more easily as follows:

Drilling shrimp

When successfully collecting this item, in addition to being added from x20 to x80 the bonus amount, you also receive a weapon.

The ability of this weapon is that when used, its warhead will pierce the fish and explode. The fish in its explosion range will be easily destroyed, and the valuable number of those creatures will be yours.


When you get this product, for 15 seconds after activating, the number of bullets you shoot is free, and you do not need to pay any money no matter where the ammo limit is.

Lightning eel

When acquiring this weapon, it will activate an aura to attack all the fish around until they are eradicated.

In addition, you will also receive an additional x60 bonus amount when you get Lightning Eels.

Shooting Features
Shooting Features helps you shoot more fish

Crab Grenades

Successfully collecting crab grenades, you will be awarded an x70 bonus. Successfully activating this item will cause a continuous explosion, quickly destroying all creatures in the range.


This is a weapon that freezes all sea creatures in the interface. Unlike other types that need to be collected, for Frozen, you only need to spend 30 gold coins to buy and activate it.

There is no limit to this product to experience it with peace of mind.

Redemption Table
Reward value of each type of fish

(4) Royal fishing guide

If, after learning the impressive information about the Royal fishing game and you are ready to join this exciting fish shooting war, here are some steps that you can refer to when betting for the first time:

  • Step 1: Access and create a game portal account

Currently, to be able to experience this game, you can log in directly to the game portal you like. Then proceed to create an account here with some simple information that the bookie requires.

A betting account at the game portal will help you fully experience the service most comfortably.

  • Step 2: Login and choose the game Royal fishing.

After successfully entering the betting portal and depositing money, choose to find this game in the Shooting fish section to change the house’s bones.

  • Step 3: Choose the fitting betting room

When you first enter the main interface of the game, you will have to choose 1 of 4 betting rooms with different betting levels, including:

Pleasure Room: The feature of this room is the Immortal Neptune program with exceptional and completely random redemption opportunities.

  • Regal Room: If you want to participate in the summoning event of Dragon’s Wrath, Immortal Neptune, and Former Dragon King, then join this room.
  • Qianlong Room: This room will have a special event where the Dragon King comes out every week with a reward rate of up to x1000 along with other special occasions.
  • VIP Room: A game room for those with high capital and not afraid to take risks
Choose the right room
Choose the right room for your budget and skills
  • Step 4: Choose a shooting style

To conduct shooting fish, you can flexibly choose 1 of the three shooting styles outlined above. Then, choose the best level you want to use.

  • Step 5: Conduct the experience

Shooting fish for reward is a game that requires a high level of experience. Only when you experience and shoot fish enough can you quickly increase your reward rate.

Therefore, the last thing you need to do is test the system. The more you experience, the more likely your game will be.

Many promotions
The game has many promotions

Tips to play

A fish shooting game is a game that requires a lot of skill, so the more experience you have, the higher money in the game you get.

Therefore, you probably won’t want to miss these three tips for shooting fish:

(1) Focus on shooting fish in groups

Shooting fish in groups will help minimize the situation of misfired bullets, wasting money unnecessarily. If you shoot fish in groups, you will hit another one if you don’t hit this one.

In addition, it also creates an opportunity to shoot wholly and once destroy 2-3 animals quickly, saving money for players.

(2) Don’t shoot Big Boss alone

Coupled with the impressive rewards a boss can bring, its defense is not an easy thing to do.

Because the game is designed with four players who can enter the same room, you should always wait for your teammates online to shoot when you want to hunt the boss.

Trying to defeat the boss alone can cost you both money and not defeat the boss quickly.

(3) Choose your playroom wisely

The secret of sound financial management when playing shooting fish is to choose the fitting room for you.

If you choose a reasonable bet, even playing for a long time will not hurt your financial level. On the contrary, if you try to start playing in high-paying rooms, you will always be in a stressful situation because you do not know when to lose your color. After all, your bets are out.

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